How To Make A Chair Slip Cover

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How To Make A Chair Slip Cover – Who would have thought that fabric and staples would be scarier than circular saws and 2x4s? What if you have to use a sewing machine??!! No way!!!

Like when you build a slipper chair to build a slipper chair (click here for plans) then don’t document the upholstering process to build a rocking chair.

How To Make A Chair Slip Cover

How To Make A Chair Slip Cover

The baby chair ( click here for more info or click here for plans ) was built purely to document the upholstery process, but then I had to repurpose my Target slippers (thanks cats and kids – click here for more info).

Stockholm Easy Chair Cover Slipcover Hand Made With Multiple

So if you decide to build an upholstered arm chair (I’ll have a little more info on that in a future post if you’re interested).

Unfortunately, the cats and kids struck again, so my already soft Target-slips chairs were in dire need of another reupholstering.

This time I had some criteria that I wanted the result to meet. At first I wanted them to be covers so I could take them off and wash them (and if we leave overnight so the cats don’t decide to get scratched). Second, the sleeves had to fit snugly because I don’t like loose sleeves. They ended up having to be made without a pattern because I have trouble transferring patterns to paper, then fabric, and then sewing them.

And as is the case with almost all of my upholstery projects, let’s try some curtains from Target.

Marge’s Custom Slipcovers

The first thing most people do is wash the fabric…but not me. You probably should. I draped the fabric over the chair and made sure there was upholstery on each side of the chair and the front and back. 84 inch panel will cover Avington slippers from Target.

Then I went over and sewed the front corners together (sound familiar. That’s how I started my previous two tutorials).

Once the front corners are sewn, it’s easy to pull the fabric nice and tight around the back of the chair. I then smoothed it back over the seat and sides and pinned it in place. In my experience, it’s easier to work on one side of the chair at a time.

How To Make A Chair Slip Cover

The pins should be where the seat joins the back of the chair. This is important to do because the scariest part comes next.

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Ccs 08 Stretchable Chair Slip Cover

You need to cut the fabric. I cut the fabric almost all the way to the top of the seat, but after doing it four times (both sides of both chairs) I can tell it can reach the seat or be under the seat. Accuracy is not required. When sewing, leave about 1/4 inch where the seat and back meet for seams.

Once you’re past the point of no return, tie the fabric to the top of the chair and pull the sides tight (put the “wrapped” fabric into the chair seam, if there is one. This is where it will go when you’re done with the cover anyway).

I liked the fit in place so I didn’t have to worry about fabric shifting as I pulled and tightened everything.

Now you need to join the fabric that falls over the top and the fabric that you pulled to the back to make a seam that runs from the top to the bottom of the back of the chair. The fabric may bunch up a bit above this seam, but it will look good when sewn on the inside.

Sure Fit Stretch Pinstripe Box Cushion Dining Chair Slipcover & Reviews

When you get to the end of the shorter piece, you will realize that there is a lot of fabric left on the back. I attached the center to the back of the chair, pulled the fabric to the side I was working on, and cut around a slit where the shorter piece of fabric ended (hope this picture helps clarify what I’m trying to say).

What you need to do is use this fabric to “fill” the square you made after the first cut. Pin it to the top of the back and side and sew.

Here’s a picture of how it’s sewn together, with the excess fabric cut away (at this point I also cut off the excess from the front of the chair) to show how it should look.

How To Make A Chair Slip Cover

If you do what I did and leave a random gap where the two stitches meet, it’s easy to fix when you pin the stitches (or you can go back and do it before you go any further… I didn’t).

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Slipcover Design & Creation Services In Canterbury, Nh

And that’s really all. Do the same on the other side, making sure to pull everything tight as you pin/sew.

Once everything is done and all the excess fabric is cut off, you can turn the bottom cover inside out and try it on a chair. If any adjustments are needed, now is the time to do it…!

Now it’s time to think about sewing. Go back and pin all the seams and sew the seam (reinforce as well). You can do a ruffle (just don’t ask me how), a straight hem, or steal the velcro from the removable bottom cover and sew it to the bottom of the sleeve so you can velcro it in place. nice, well fitting cover.

I used velcro but even after making two chairs I still didn’t get it. My suggestion is to lay the velcro loosely in place, pull the fabric over it and pin it in place. Then it had to fit perfectly.

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Just make sure you follow the care instructions for the fabric (or curtain liner if you used one). Slipper chair. You may know this little armless upholstered piece as an accent chair. I think of it as a chair everywhere.

Thanks to its universal design and small size, the Slipper Chair has become popular as extra seating in living rooms, bedrooms, reading nooks, living rooms, hotel lobbies, waiting rooms and offices.

And for your home decorators, this is one of the easiest chairs to update with a custom cover. Yes, you can do it yourself. At the bottom of this post, you’ll find some helpful tutorials to help you get started.

How To Make A Chair Slip Cover

Above is Leyland with cover by Ballard Designs. This is such a beautiful example of a classic slipper chair with a skirt. If your chair has such beautiful legs and feet, show them off.

Malibu White Slipcover Chair

Some slipper chair designs are reminiscent of a bygone era. You have to see the before image of Twin Fibers to fully appreciate the design of this thoughtful cover (above). Jessica has done a fantastic job creating a cutout that highlights the unique features of the chair. And he did it all with a drop cloth.

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I admire Pam Morris’ work. She is a master at creating quilts that fit like upholstery. This pair of Ikat quilts is no exception.

Think of your square, comfy slipper chair as a blank canvas. Just because the profile is smaller/lower than other chairs doesn’t mean you’re limited to a solid color or small print. Try a bold pattern in a big way and make a statement.

The slipper cover can be designed as simply as you like. Karen at Slipcovers by Karen Bean used canvas cloth (above) for this project. He created a relaxed cut with as few seams as possible, emphasizing the elegant lines of the chair.

Opulent Cottage: How To Slipcover A Slipper Chair, Tutorial Part One

I love that she uses a little striped drawstring and the placement of the pleated holes in the back corner. Two small details that have a big impact. See more of Karen’s work here @slipcoversbykarenbean.

Okay, now it’s your turn to make the slipper chair new again. Below are some tutorials that I think you will enjoy.

Kim Chan-yeon of Kim’s Upholstery shows you how she upholstered a slipper chair in this DIY YouTube video.

How To Make A Chair Slip Cover

Jen at Tatertots & Jello covered her slippers with curtains. Here’s how he did it. How to Make DIY Chair Covers Published: May 11, 2019 · Modified: September 26, 2019 by Christina Dennis · This post may contain affiliate links · This blog earns through advertising · 8 comments Making chair covers is a great way to completely change their look. without having to buy a whole new set of chairs. Learn how to make your own slipcover pattern, cut fabric scraps, and sew your own beautiful chair covers with these step-by-step instructions. Revelation. This post is sponsored by The Brick. As always, all opinions here are my own. If you have a quality chair or pair of chairs that you love, upholstering them is a great way to give them a new look on a budget. I love my pair of Wynn Accent chairs from The Brick because they have beautiful classic lines and I think the quality is amazing.

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