How To Make A Computer Chair Cover

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How To Make A Computer Chair Cover – Do you remember when I first started blogging how I transformed my office chair with fabric home decor? That office chair repair – now it needs a makeover. I covered the bed with black and white pictures about 6 years ago.

The fabric holds the back well – the seat is a thin fabric that I saved. It’s more worn than I thought, but it’s time to change it up with a new color scheme in my craft room…

How To Make A Computer Chair Cover

How To Make A Computer Chair Cover

This black and white checkered seat cover has served me well for years… but it’s getting a little old. Say goodbye to black and white chairs.

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Hello new summer colors! I found a woven cotton rug at HomeGoods for $7 and used it to make the back cover. The green fabric below is from Joan.

I used cotton fabric for the seat and a fabric rug for the back of the chair.

I also used colorful towels to replace the work chairs. So don’t feel like you can use fabric from the fabric store.

1. Fold the sheets in half, right sides facing each other, and sew each side.

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1. Place the fabric right side down on the work surface. medium pillow. Start at the front of the cushion – pull the fabric up and around the seat and then turn the raw, hanging edge. Repeat on each side of the pillow, making sure to keep the fabric tight and straight if it has a pattern.

3. Pull the fabric around the corner and attach, pull the button. Continue around the corner until all the fabric is inside and there are no knots or knots.

If you have lips – pull a little and it’s gone. If you are working with a square chair, you can fold the fabric in the style of a corner gift and then glue it. Cut off the excess fabric and then fold the raw edges and tuck them down. Repeat in other corners.

How To Make A Computer Chair Cover

Attached to the chair. It is – smooth and narrow so that you sit and the fabric does not move.

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If you want to change the color of the office chair, the easiest way is to use paint.

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Since the bottom of my chair is mostly plastic, I used Rust-Oleum plastic paint. It has a subtle beauty to it and I love how it drapes and drapes.

I put a drop cloth on the seat and sprayed the seat outside. I put the cushions in first and then removed them so I could paint all the seat stones. The cushion is easy to remove with a screwdriver.

I used the first one after I got it, but it should be used on plastic unless you have special plastic paint. Rust-Olume Plastic Paint says on the label that no primer is needed.

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I sprayed and dried one coat first and then moved on in the afternoon – I added about 4 lighter coats until all the black was covered.

Now that my chair is done, I’m moving on to the other work I want to do in this room – shelves – file cabinets – carpet – and checking the wiring. I’m ready to start them.

If you want to see the tutorial on the first frame I made for the chair, you can find it here:

How To Make A Computer Chair Cover

. You see a white and pink office chair. It was black and red. I washed the white bottom and covered the chair and back with a white and pink cowhide cloth. Today I’m happy to be a part of the DIY Hop where all the projects are chair related. My DIY project is to cover my ugly office chair. I can’t replace it with something better because it’s so good.

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You only need basic sewing skills to make this easy shirt. You could probably do it with fabric glue, but I think it would take too long. This seat cover requires no skill other than sewing a straight line to join the edges of the fabric. I reused an old comforter cover, but a set of pillows would work just as well for this simple slide cover.

I decided to reuse the rug because a lot of the sewing has already been done for you. If you don’t have extra pillows to reuse, you can also buy a set to use.

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I made a cover for the back and a cover for the seat. Can be made using one of each mattress.

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First, measure the length and width of the back of the chair. Slide the cushion onto the back of the seat and make sure it is closed. Return seat width plus 1.25 inches for seam allowance. Cut the seat length and add 1.25 inches for the seam allowance.

You will use two stitches for your pillow, one for the sides and one for the bottom. Measure the length of your seat from the bottom of the cushion and note. Add 1.25 inches for the seam.

Measure the width of your seat from one side of the cushion and note. Add 1.25 inches for the seam. According to this measurement, cut the pillow and one side.

How To Make A Computer Chair Cover

After cutting the fabric, turn the pillow so that the right sides of the fabric are together. Pin the two open sides together and sew along the two ends. Try to keep your face less than 1/2 inch from the edge.

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After sewing the two seams, turn the cover right side out and place it on the back of the seat.

The seat cover is a bit difficult. If your seat is large, there are many things under the seat that will get in the way. Start by measuring the width and length of your saddle.

Use another pillow and place it on the bed. Fold the ends to fold under the seat.

Cut the pillowcase to one side. You will want to keep the edge that you have already used as one side of the cover. The width should be equal to the width of the seat plus 1.25 inches. Place the right sides of the fabric facing each other. Sew the other side. You now have a seat cover of the correct width.

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Place the cushion back on the seat to see how far you need to tape the seat. Turn the fabric so that the right sides are facing out.

Determine how many ties you want under the seat. I decided to use three. Fasten the tape so that the excess is on the right side of the fabric.

Sew the open end of one end. Turn the fabric right side out and attach the ribbon to the other side in the same way (with the ribbon on the right side of the fabric).

How To Make A Computer Chair Cover

Turn the fabric so that right sides are facing again. Sew 2/3 of the way on the other side. Then turn the fabric so it’s right side out and you can hand sew the rest of the opening (or leave it open, it will be at the bottom of the seat). One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Poor. But let’s just say SAVE. He recently gave me this office chair for my sewing space, and it’s the same office chair I’ve been using (metal cushion chair), hall and everything is much bigger. fix. I’m sure someone dropped it and he got it. Thanks, Con Marie 😉

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The other day, when I walked into my sewing room and was totally ready to “work”, I looked at the holes in this chair and then at this beautiful fabric I bought for the sofa cushions (that didn’t work in the room. ). I can’t have a job until I do that! By “it” I mean the cutest seat cover ever! It only takes 30 minutes and less than a yard of fabric and glue. Let me show you how easy it is to make your own chair cover.

Start by stretching the fabric over the seat. Make sure the fabric is hanging on both sides so it wraps about 1″ around and under the seat. The other two sides are longer.

Size and