How To Make A Cover For A Chair

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How To Make A Cover For A Chair – Phew!!! I’m feeling a little poopy, but I pushed that I ended up with chair #3 for my chair cover project! I started this about 2 weeks ago (sad) but I was busy sanding and painting our table and restoring Alex’s by the bathroom. So, when I started on the 3rd chair, I felt very confident with the steps and decided to take a photo while making the quilt so I could share.

Before I start, I should mention that I had to cut 2 pieces of fabric. I realized after the first chair that I cut a lot of pieces and it was very difficult. You only need 2 pieces of fabric! I picked up the linen fabric from Joanne’s for $3.99 a yard (I also had a 40% off coupon, so make that $2.39 a yard!). Let’s go now!

How To Make A Cover For A Chair

How To Make A Cover For A Chair

First, cut one piece of fabric to cover the face and back of the chair (so that the fabric is facing up). Next, sew all the sides together leaving where the chair meets the seat. I tried to show by gluing the sides so this is inside the lid

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Second, after the sides are sewn, fold up to make the corners of the top seat (it looks like a small triangle). Make sure to sew a smaller corner than you think you need, it’s easier to sew to fit later than to sew a tear and start over.

This is where the hard part begins. So since we are working with only 2 pieces of fabric, you should leave the seat on the whole side, but cut the fabric on the side of the seat to finish on the seat.

This is how the piece looks on the outside (in the photo you can see that I left the back piece whole and cut the front piece short).

This is the second fabric for the seat. I cut a small rectangle in the middle of the fabric that is half the depth of the seat back.

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This is what the rectangle means, it will line up where the back and seat meet and wrap around the back to match the back piece (the first piece of fabric).

Here the seat back piece is turned inside out and attached to the seat fabric for sewing. Line up the edges of the fabric and pin them together to make sewing easier.

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The part where the sides turn to the seat is very difficult to sew. Put the pin in place and take the angle slowly.

How To Make A Cover For A Chair

Once you sew and right side out, this is how the corner should look. It is definitely the hardest part to set up and sew. It took me until the third chair to hang it, but if you make the cover fit, the chair is perfect!

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Now the front corners, turn the quilt inside out so all the seams are showing. Then determine where your corners are and cut off the excess fabric.

Once you’ve sewn the front corners, you’re ready to hit the ground running! First, make sure you cut the bottom part so that it is flush with the bottom side of the seat. Then iron about half an inch for the hem. Here is the back edge of the quilt…

You should now have a seat cover! I’ve done 3 so far, it gets really easy as you go. I have 3 left, then put the print on the back of the chairs!You remember the post I wrote when I started blogging about how I replaced my old chair at home with a fabric one. now it needs a makeover. I covered a chair with a black and white print about 6 years ago.

The back fabric cover held up well – the seat was a very thin fabric that I stapled. It actually did better than I thought it would, but it was time to give it a facelift to match the new color scheme in my craft room… aka my study.

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This black and white check seat cover has served me well for years… but it was a bit faded. Goodbye black and white chair.

Hello summer of fresh colors! I found a woven cotton rug at HomeGoods for $7 and used that to make the back cover. The green fabric at the bottom is from JoAnn’s.

I used cotton fabric on the seat of the chair and cotton fabric on the back of the chair.

How To Make A Cover For A Chair

I even used a colorful beach towel to reupholster an office chair. So don’t feel like you can just use a yard of fabric from the fabric store.

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1. Fold the rug in half, right sides facing each other and sew a seam on each side.

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1. Place the fabric on the work surface right side down. River in the middle of it. Start at the front of the cushion – pull the fabric up and around the seat and then turn the red edge into the flaps. Repeat on each side of the pillow making sure to keep the fabric and the same if there is a pattern on it.

3. Pull the fabric around the corner and then pull, pull pull – fold. Continue working in the corner until you have gathered all the fabric and there are no creases or creases.

If you have a lump – just pull a little and it will go away. If you are working on a square chair, you can fold and then fold the fabric in the style of a corner gift. Cut off the excess fabric and then fold over the raw edges and tuck them down. Repeat on the other corners.

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Attached to the seat. Everything is made – soft and tight, so when you sit on it, the fabric does not move.

If you want to change the color of an office chair, the easiest way is to use a spray.

Since the bottom of my chair was mostly plastic, I used Rust-Oleum spray paint for the plastic. It is very light and I am very happy with how well it holds and covers.

How To Make A Cover For A Chair

I put a drop on my deck and sprayed the seat outside. I left the cushions at first, but then I removed them to get all the cracks of the seat and paint. The springs come out easily with a screwdriver.

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I have used primer first since I had it, but it is for plastic to use if you don’t have a specific color for the plastic. The Rust-oleum Plastic Paint label states that you do not need a primer.

I sprayed a coat of primer and let it dry and then over the course of the day – I added about 4 light coats of paint until the black was completely covered.

Now that my chair is finished, I will move on to other projects that I want to complete in this room – shelves – file drawers – carpet management and electrical cords. I want to introduce them.

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If you want to see the first quilt tutorial I made for the chair, you can find it here:

Lazi Abstract Print

. You can see the white and red office chair. Once it was black and red. I painted the base and covered the seat and back with white and red cowhide fabric. To say that my father lives by the motto: “One man’s treasure is another man’s treasure.” is an understatement. But let’s just say he’s rude. She recently brought me this office chair for my sewing space and it’s a huge improvement over what I was using (iron folding chair), holes and all. I’m sure someone threw it and caught it. Thank you Con Mari 😉

When I walked into my sewing space the other day, completely ready to “work”, I laid eyes on the holes in this chair and then on this beautiful succulent fabric that I bought for a sofa cushion ( which eventually works). space). I could do NO work until I did THAT! By “this” I mean this really cute seat cover! It only takes 30 minutes and less than a yard of fabric and elastic. Let me show you how easy it is to make your own seat cover.

Begin by placing your fabric on the seat. Make sure the fabric hangs enough on two sides to go around and then under the seat about 1″. The other two sides will be longer.

How To Make A Cover For A Chair

Roughly measure and mark the long ends of the fabric so that they overlap the seat by the same amount.

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I didn’t want my pillow to have tons of stuff gathering around it, so I designed my pillow with darts in the corners for a better shape. Fold the excess fabric in one corner downwards (to create a fold) with a pin

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