How To Make A Office Chair Cover

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How To Make A Office Chair Cover – Remember my post when I first started blogging about how I turned my beautiful home office chair into fabric? Well, changing the office chair – now it needs a change I covered the chair with a black and white print about 6 years ago

The back fabric cover has held up well – the seat is a thin fabric that I stapled together It was actually better than I thought it would be, but with the new color scheme of my craft room, it was time for to give it a decorative look.

How To Make A Office Chair Cover

How To Make A Office Chair Cover

This black and white check office chair cover has served me well for many years…but it’s starting to show some wear. Goodbye black and white chairs

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Hello, fresh summer colors! I found a woven cotton rug at HomeGoods for $7 and made it into a patio cover. The green fabric below is from Joanne

I used cotton fabric for the seat of the chair and cotton rug for the back

I also used a colorful beach towel to dress up an office chair. So don’t think you can just use fabric store fabric

1. Cut the quilt in half with right sides facing each other and sew a seam on both sides

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1. Lay the fabric on the work surface, right side up Above this, a center pillow Start at the front of the pillow – pull the fabric up and around the seat, then turn the raw side and clip. Repeat on both sides of the pillow if there are patterns that keep the fabric taut and straight

3. Pull the fabric around the tat and clip, pull the tat – clip. Continue working from corner to corner until all the fabric is stretched and held without creases or folds.

If you have a crease – just pull a little and it will go away If you are working with a square sheet, you can fold the fabric into a corner gift and then staple it. Cut off the excess fabric and then fold the raw edges under Repeat on the other corner

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How To Make A Office Chair Cover

Attach to the chair All finished – smooth and taut so the fabric doesn’t move when you sit on it

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When you want to change the color of your office chairs, the easiest way is to use spray paint.

Since the bottom of my chair is mostly plastic, I used Rust-Oleum spray paint on the plastic. It has a subtle sheen and I’m very happy with how it applies and covers

I put a cloth on the deck and sprayed the chairs I left the cushions in at first but then I removed them to paint all the crevices of the chair. The pads are easily removed with a screwdriver

I’ve been using primer since day one, but really for use on plastic when you don’t have special plastic paint. The Rust-Olumm plastic paint label says it does not require primer

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I sprayed a coat of primer and let it dry and then in the afternoon – I added about 4 coats of lighter paint until the black was completely covered.

Now that my chair is done, I’m moving on to the other projects I want to do in this room – the shelves – the file drawers – the carpet and the electrical cord management. I am eager to start them

I wanted to see the tutorial for the first cover I made for the chair, you can find it here:

How To Make A Office Chair Cover

. You see a white and pink office chair It was black and red I painted the base white and the seat and back in white and pink cowhide fabric. If regular office chairs aren’t your cup of tea, this post is for you! I’m going to show how I replace my boring (but very comfortable) office chair with a custom slipcover and some spray paint.

How To Make An Office Chair More Comfortable

Also, be sure to check out the update below where I show you how the chair looks after two years of use

Last Christmas the in-laws gave Ken and I matching office chairs We only had one and it was pretty beat up

I love it because it’s so (I mean SO) comfortable, actually one of my best My back works great with this chair!

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But everything is dark and leathery, on hot days I feel like I’m stuck in it and it hurts when I wake up 😛

Convert A Car Seat Into The Coolest Office Chair Ever

So the other day I decided to decorate it with polka dot fabric and spray primer and paint.

The initial idea was to make a cover that I could easily remove and wash, because as long as the fabric is there, it gets dirty.

I used velcro on the back and rubber bands on the seat so I can remove them later.

How To Make A Office Chair Cover

The underside of the chair arm was showing some wear, so it was the perfect time to update it a bit.

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I work in a sewing room-craft office, so I’ll show all the pieces I’m working on (I currently have 3 half-finished projects).

Since every chair is different, I will give you all the general instructions if you want to update your chair

For the covers I use about y yard of cotton fabric on the outside (but you need to measure the height of the back and seat – don’t worry about the width) + about 1 yard of velcro and about 1 yard of 1/2/ inch elastic.

First you need to identify the surfaces you are going to paint, in my case it was the plastic part and the metal part

Make A Diy Ergonomic Chair From A

So I bought a metal and plastic spray primer to cover every surface as well as possible.

Whatever tool comes with the tool you need to disassemble the chair, in my case the chair is ready to assemble with a hex wrench.

I separate all the different parts so I can spray depending on the material And make covers for the seat, back and armrests

How To Make A Office Chair Cover

The armrests were the only part that didn’t make it easy to remove the covers (for washing purposes) because I didn’t have any and if I were to add a rubber band like the bottom to the seat, I wouldn’t have it. Space to turn it into a stem

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So I just clip the fabric so when I need to wash it I have to remove the clip and when it’s clean I repeat the process.

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For the seat I put the lining piece on the wrong side of the fabric so I could shape it to fit (I saw the seat as it was finished).

I measured 5″ at the fold from the top edge of the seat (this is the edge with the elastic) (remember the back of the seat).

After that, I made folds in the corners and glued them well (you can see them sewn in the back of the picture below) and then sewed the folds. This greatly improved the waviness of the core (due to the spring).

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After the sides are sewn, you will have a bowl shape so that it rests on the sheet

You need to make a 2 inch seam at the top of the bowl, leave a small opening for the elastic to go through, and sew it up. Make a knot in the rubber band and finish the folding seam

You now have a cover for your seat, but if your chair is anything like mine, you’ll need to drill small holes in the sides (where the screws go).

How To Make A Office Chair Cover

The main difference is that my chair had a fold separating the back from the headrest, that part looked tricky.

Reasons To Use Slipcovers For Office Chairs

So, to avoid sewing the cover to the chair, I attached the velcro with the glue stick and then attached the opposite velcro to the middle of my fabric.

I placed the fabric on the right side of the sheet, as it would look, and then made folds that matched the sides (like a sheet piece).

I sewed on the sides and I also sewed the velcro that I attached at the beginning, I ended up with a bowl, but in this case I couldn’t use the elastic because it would mean that the back part was open.

So I put the fabric on the back but this time wrong side out (so I could turn the fabric inside out) and put the other fabric on the back.

Project Restyle: Office Chair Makeover

Note! Keep this in mind when designing