How To Make A Seat Cover For A Computer Chair

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How To Make A Seat Cover For A Computer Chair – I don’t know about you guys…but I get a little nervous when I take my new baby to the store. Kids are absolute magnets, and I think they drop off everyone’s radar, especially sweet old people. I’ve done it hundreds of times too, so I totally get it… Ha! I know, I know…babies are so sweet and hard to resist touching, but I guess especially since Max was sick for the first few weeks of his life and in the NICU for a while, I was very careful about the germs around him. . , with Max being older than my other kids, I always covered him in a stretchy car seat cover when I was out and about.

Have you seen the stretchy car seat covers?? I’m sure…it’s the same everywhere! It’s a small tube of curved fabric that stretches around the car seat, creating a cocoon-like barrier around your baby. But not only do they work as car seat covers, they also double as nursing covers… yikes!!!

How To Make A Seat Cover For A Computer Chair

How To Make A Seat Cover For A Computer Chair

Oh, and if you look online or in a store to buy one, they can run around $30-$40….which is a little crazy, when you can buy fabric that is soft enough to make your own. can make about $5-$6. . And for that price, you might as well keep a second one as a backup (while you wash one)…because if you’re like me, you’re using it. The. Hour.!!!! Covercraft Carhartt Seatsaver Front Row Custom Fit Seat Cover For Select Ford F 150 Models

I haven’t used one of the old babies, but oh, I wish I had! This is probably one of my favorite “baby products” at the moment! They are lightweight and easy to throw in the diaper bag…

But don’t worry, there’s an opening at the top so you can watch the baby breathe. (

With this opening you can still attach the car seat to carry it.

I especially like this blanket cover, or one of those car seat covers that look like a blanket with straps that attach to the leg of the car seat. These things almost never happen and move. But I also don’t like a heavy blanket on the car seat because I feel like there isn’t enough air circulation, especially when you’re inside but you still want to cover up. I still plan to use this cover even when it’s cold because Max can still breathe. I can put an extra blanket over her lap to keep me warm in the cold outside and then this top layer blocks most of the air…. still allowing her to breathe.

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But now that Max is getting smaller, he thinks it’s some kind of game to kick his legs into the hood and push through the stretchy clothes. It cracks me up to see her little fingers sticking out of the fabric! Yes! 🙂

The pattern is super easy…and can be sewn together in about 15 minutes! Even if you’re not very confident in sewing stitches…it’s a very forgiving technique and once it’s stretched and in place, you won’t even notice any twisted or puckered stitches.

Oh, and I love not having to bring extra nursing covers or blankets to cover Max’s feedings when we go out. And since it is a light fabric, it protects us from the cold with both blankets. (

How To Make A Seat Cover For A Computer Chair

And, because it’s like a tube… it covers your back and sides, if your shirt comes up and you’re trying to hide something. I love using it a trillion times more than a weird blanket!

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*** Sorry for the weird view part of it I took on my cell phone…. but everyone else had school and work and I tried to hold Max with my other hand. And then since it was the “space”, Max wanted to eat it! And then he started drooling, trying to fill his stomach…lol! This baby! 😉

Oh, when I use it as a seat cover and we get somewhere I don’t need to cover it (eg sleep or hold her hands) and I don’t plan to remove her. its seat (for example, if we order, banks, etc.)… I just take the bottom part and wrap it around the spear and pull it up, to do it again later.

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But this summer, I’m totally picking it up when we’re inside in an AC, and laying it on her legs… because it makes a nice little blanket. Every time I do, Max starts kicking his little feet at the cloth, then grabs the lid in his fist and quickly squeezes it into his mouth! (

Another reason I like having two….so I can throw one in the bath and use the other. Totally Covers Hawaiian Print Car Seat Covers: Blue W Flowers

This little guy might just be the happiest baby ever…who is perfectly content with a little car seat cover to chew on! He is a very patient 5th child…. and gets a lot of attention from 4 older siblings who are always shy! And it shook this mother’s heart! 🙂

*** As always, if you need a little help with the basic sewing skills used in this tutorial,

As you can see below, the shape of the car seat cover is basically a square with the top 2 corners turning inwards. Start by cutting a square 28 inches long and 30 inches wide on your sewing machine. Make sure that the largest part of your fabric goes from left to right. (

How To Make A Seat Cover For A Computer Chair

Many woven fabrics have one side that stretches, either left to right or up and down. Some nits spread evenly from left to right, and up and down. Some expand only one way, but not the other. Whatever you have… make sure the main part runs from left to right.

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Now, mark the left and right edges 14 inches from the bottom. Then 2 more marks on the top edge, one 8 inches from the left corner and 8 inches from the right corner. Then starting at the 14 inch mark on one side, slowly start cutting around your fabric, until you meet the 8 inch mark on the top. (

When you reach the top edge of the fabric when cutting your curved edge, stop one inch before you reach the top edge and then cut straight instead of following the curve.

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To make sure both sides are even, cut the curve on one side only, then fold your fabric in half…then cut the other curved edge.

Next, open your fabric and place your knitted fabric (right sides together) and cut the top part, so you have 2 identical pieces of fabric.

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Now, take one of your fabric pieces and fold the top edge down 1/2 inch, then another 1/2 inch (wrong side of the fabric)…then pin it in place.

Here’s how to use a double needle if you’ve never used one. You don’t need a special washing machine…and you’ll love the look, and it still allows your clothes to stretch!

However, you can always skip the double needle and just use the zigzag stitch (which allows your fabric to stretch). Both will work just fine! 🙂

How To Make A Seat Cover For A Computer Chair

If your fabric is a bit dull, use a hot steam iron to clean it. Don’t pull when punching, just lift and push.

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Turn the material right side out and then use your double needle (or single needle with a zigzag needle) on the bottom edge 1/2 inch from the bottom edge. Press evenly with hot iron and steam.

Now, don’t worry if your measurements are off by an inch here or there. With this cover on, you’ll never know the difference.

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