How To Make A Seat Cover For Office Chair

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How To Make A Seat Cover For Office Chair – If generic desk chairs aren’t your cup of tea, this post is for you! I will be sharing how I transformed my boring (but very comfortable) desk chair with a custom cover and some spray paint.

Also, be sure to check out the update below that shares how the chair is holding up more than two years of use.

How To Make A Seat Cover For Office Chair

How To Make A Seat Cover For Office Chair

Last Christmas my father-in-law got Ken and I matching desk chairs. We only had one and it was completely broken. Office Chair Cover, Soft Stretchable Geometric Jacquard Office Computer Chair Square Round Cushion Seat Cover & Back Slipcover, T Matcha Green

I love it because it’s so comfortable (I mean SO), honestly one of the best I’ve ever owned. My back is doing really well with this chair!

But it’s all dark and leather, on hot days I feel like I’m getting stuck in it and it hurts when I get up 😛

So the next day I decided to spruce it up with polka dot fabric and some spray primer.

My main idea was to make covers that I could easily take off and wash because, as long as it’s fabric, it will get dirty.

Office Chair Cover Seat Cover Protector Printed

I used Velcro for the back piece and elastic for the seat so I could remove them later.

The chair had some wear on the rest of the arm so this was the perfect time to give it a little upgrade.

I’m working in the craft sewing room office, so I’ll be showing you all the pieces I’m working on (I currently have 3 more unfinished projects)

How To Make A Seat Cover For Office Chair

As every chair is different I will give you the general tips if you want to upgrade your own chair.

Singes Printed Office Computer Swivel Chair Seat Cover Arm Chair Cover Protector Stretch Removable Rotating Lift Chair Slipcover,small Size

For the covers, I use about 4 yards of outdoor cotton canvas (but you have to measure the height of the back and seat – don’t worry about the width) + about 1 yard of velcro and about 1 yard of 1/2 ″ elastic.

First, you need to identify the surfaces you are going to paint, in my case there were plastic parts and metal parts.

So I bought a spray primer specifically for metal and another for plastic, so that all surfaces were perfectly covered.

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You need to remove your chair using whatever tool you need, in my case this chair came ready assembled with an allen key.

Office/ Gaming Chair Cover

I separated all the different parts so I could spray them depending on the material. And make covers for the seat, the back piece and the arms.

The gloves were the only parts I didn’t make removable covers (for washing purposes) because I didn’t really have room for anything and if I added elastic to the bottom like I did on the seat, there wouldn’t be room I have. to screw it back to the arm piece.

Then I staple the fabric, so when I need to wash it, I have to take the staples and when it’s clean I repeat the process.

How To Make A Seat Cover For Office Chair

For the seat I put the piece that was to be covered on the wrong side of the fabric, so that I can shape it to fit (this way you will see the seat covered.

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I measured 5″ from the top edge of the seat to the fold (that is the edge with the elastic) (remember your seat is reclined).

After that, I made folds in the corners and pinned them firmly (as you can see already sewn for the back piece in the image below) and then sewed them on top of the fold. The pool at the bottom (due to elasticity) did better.

Once the sides are sewn you will have a bowl shape with a seat to stand on.

You will need to make a 2″ fold at the top of your bowl, and sew it leaving a small opening for the elastic to run through. Tie a knot in the elastic and finish the folded seam.

Office Chair Cover Spandex Seat Cover For Computer Chair Cover Slipcover For Armchair Cover Dining Office Chair Case

Now you have a cover for your seat, but if your chair is like mine, you will need to make small holes in the sides (where the screws go).

The main difference is that my chair has a fold to separate the back from the headrest, that part seemed complicated.

To avoid the cover, I used gorilla glue to stick a piece of velcro to the leader and then reversed the piece of velcro to the center of my fabric.

How To Make A Seat Cover For Office Chair

I placed the fabric on the seat with the right side facing out, as seen, and then gathered the edges together to form folds (like a seat piece).

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Hand Made Seat Cover For Herman Miller Sayl Home Office Computer Task Chair Seat Soft And Comfortable Easy Removed And Clean

I sewed the top of the fold and also sewed the piece of velcro that I pinned at the beginning, I’m going back to the bowl shape, but in this case, I couldn’t use the elastic because it would mean that the back be open. .

So I put the fabric on top of my back piece again but this time with the wrong side facing out (so I could cover the inside) and put the second piece of fabric on the back.

Hint! Remember, as long as you shape the top and not the bottom, your slip will come out of the back easily.

I pinned the two pieces together and cut more, then sewed them together and added a 10″ piece of Velcro pointing to the bottom, so I could fold the ends and close the cover on the back seat below.

Computer Office Chair Slipcover Split Protective & Stretch Universal Desk Chair Cover Task Protector Rotating Chair Seat Cover

Like the seat piece, I had to make holes for the screws that go to the hand pieces, I zigzag around them to keep them from breaking when it’s time to put them together.

You can see in the image below how I folded the sides and secured it using pieces of velcro on both sides (top and bottom).

I know it would be a pain to take the arms apart every time the covers need to be washed, but on the other hand, I do that and I can throw them in the washer if they get dirty instead of cleaning on the present. .

How To Make A Seat Cover For Office Chair

No scratches on the paint, although Curly played with my feet a lot and scratched the bottom with his little paws, so that’s good.

How To Make Over An Office Chair

Also, I added an update with more images for the back, so scroll all the way down for that!

I totally recommend making covers that you can wash because for me spot cleaning is just a pain – hehe.

Ken laughs a little at the fact that my chair now screams “I’m Joy’s” but you know I love it!

Hopefully in the future Ken will take up my offer to improve his chair a bit =]

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Add – September 12, 2013 It’s been almost 2 years since I updated this chair, and there are still a lot of nice people! I am adding more pictures of the chair, especially the lower back, as I have received many requests. Here is a picture of the chair a year and a half after I made the cover! I have washed it several times and the paint on the chair is still almost perfect =]

Thank you very much for your help in recovering the chair. I have a few questions about the top of the chair, where you put the velcro. Is it under the padded headrest and above and below the chair? Also, I wanted to know about the folds on the cover. Did you sew them or just velcro and fold them in place after putting the cover on? I was going to make a template and a lot of work and sewing to cover my chair, but I found your site and love your results! You make it so simple! I would love to see a video of you doing this! Thank you again!

I love what you did on that “horrible” chair. Put the chair and the instructions together. Thanks for Sharing. This post may contain affiliate links and/or items submitted for consideration. Affiliate links that do not change your price but will share some commission. See my full disclosure policy for more information.

How To Make A Seat Cover For Office Chair

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