How To Make A Slip Cover For An Office Chair

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How To Make A Slip Cover For An Office Chair – Here are the easy steps to make a chair cover without a pattern. Also the best material to choose for seat covers.

Believe it or not, I picked this chair up at a thrift store for $3. This is a great design and I can’t resist a great store to fix it!

How To Make A Slip Cover For An Office Chair

How To Make A Slip Cover For An Office Chair

The ottoman is still in good shape but I want to make a bedspread because I don’t like the look of it in my living room.

A New Heartsease…

And it’s a shame to sit on a microfiber cloth and leave my bum behind when I wake up!

First I decided to paint the upholstery. But I don’t want a microfiber cloth and I don’t think I want to be done.

So even though I’ve never tried anything like this, I decided to make slippers. And it’s not that hard! But I got traditional help.

A few years ago, my mom gave me a home decor book written in the 1940s. It has many interesting tips, tricks and ideas from the past.

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I never thought I would use anything from this book, but it came in handy when I saw that there was a section on making a zipper cover. (written

I followed the diagrams and instructions in the book and it worked! Basically it’s just a matter of dropping the fabric over the seat and tucking it in where it’s needed. It’s not difficult, just

You want a strong, thick material that can withstand the wear and tear of sitting on it. The fabric should be easy to clean and strong enough to hold the seams together.

How To Make A Slip Cover For An Office Chair

Upholstery materials are made to withstand wear and tear. It is strong enough to hold the seam together even under pressure from a person sitting on the cover. This material is also wider than other materials so you can cover more surfaces.

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Don’t use fancy fabrics that cost a lot from the fabric store. They are small in width and very thin in weight.

I don’t like stripes or any kind of print that you have to compare. This can be very difficult for a beginner upholsterer. You will need to prepare a pattern with each cover you make, and that may leave you with more material.

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Choose something that has no discernible shape, or a shape that is so busy (like a flower) that it doesn’t matter if each part fits or not.

Material side facing out. Thus, after sewing everything and turning, the right side of the material will be on the outside.

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If you like the look of my fireplace pictured below, I did it myself without demolition! Check out my DIY how to improve a fireplace.

1. Place the fabric (right side facing the seat and wrong side facing you) behind the seat. Pin the fabric to the chair itself to hold it in place.

Next, cut the fabric to make the pieces. You’ll want to cut and leave a generous seam allowance. For example, cut about 2 inches wider than the length and length of the chair back on both sides. That way you have more to sew with.

How To Make A Slip Cover For An Office Chair

I attached a long piece of fabric to the chair before I started cutting pieces to cover the back. That way I can cut in a straight line without a lot of material falling off.

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2. Now attach the fabric to the front of the seat. Make sure the wrong side of the fabric is facing you and the right side is facing the seat.

Pin the fabric to the front of the back pattern piece which should still be attached to the back of the seat.

5. You may need to baste a few seams as needed to match the curved sides of the upholstered chair.

6. Now it’s time to make the seat cover part of the seat. Lay the fabric over the seat and fold it to the sides so that it pulls tight and smooth. You need to do this if you have non-removable seat cushions.

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Otherwise, a special seat cushion cover can be made. However, you may still need to follow this step if you want a removable protective pad to be placed on top of this one-piece sliding seat cover. If you can remove the seat cushion, just lay the fabric on the seat and measure and cut the same way.

7. To make the fabric move around the curved sides of the chair, make slits in the corners. You do this by folding the fabric over until you are snug and comfortable.

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8. Now you want to add a length of fabric that will cover the front of the seat. Measure the distance from the seat cushion cover to the bottom of the seat base. For my seat there is a “skirt” or material that extends from under the seat down to the floor. So I measured up to the main seam, no lining and just by the fabric skirt. Remember to allow extra material for seam allowance.

How To Make A Slip Cover For An Office Chair

10. Continue making the pieces for the cover by throwing the fabric over the sleeves and cutting out the pieces. You will need to add some panels, as you did for the seat cushions, if there are bends.

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11. Now it’s time to install the seat covers. Fasten all the pieces together around the seat. Fold and fold as needed to ensure a tight and smooth fit. Make sure all parts are not facing inwards.

12. Now it’s time to sew everything together. Carefully remove the cover from the seat

13. When all seams are sewn, put the slide cover back on the seat. You want the wrong side of the fabric still facing out, with all the stitches facing out. This is your time to make sure everything fits perfectly.

It’s time to start trimming the excess fabric from the hem so it doesn’t bunch up or bunch up under the finished seat cover.

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14. Now it’s time to cut the flounce fabric, or you can also call it a ruffle or a kick disc. Cut a piece of fabric the same width as the fold, but make it a little wider and longer to accommodate the seam. You will want to do this on both sides of the fabric.

Fold the sides of the skirt so that there is exactly the width you want at the waist. Don’t hang around like that.

15. Sew the skirt piece to the quilt cover and the iron. Edges can overlap at corners now.

How To Make A Slip Cover For An Office Chair

16. Now you want to roll up the seat skirt. Put the slide cover back on the seat. You can put the slipper cover on now.

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This duvet cover took 8 hours to make. I spend a lot of time thinking about the shape of the material before I cut it.

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Honestly, I’m really happy that it went as well as the first attempt. Making a protective cover is time consuming but not that difficult.

One of my tricks is to cut the fabric too short in one corner. I had to play with it a bit to get it to work.

But as my mother used to say, “Throw pillows!” And it’s easy to sew matching cushion covers!

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Good job on the first try. All I can say is that if the chair has individual cushions it would look good to make the chair and cushions different. However, today it seems that the chair does not have to come like this. If I have a choice (and I usually don’t) I usually choose furniture with separate or closed cushions. Another reason is that if it is damaged on one side, I can change it. Another thing is that it is easy to slide the cover or re-upholster. Anyway, thanks for providing this information to single women and others who want to do something for themselves, it is possible.

How To Make A Slip Cover For An Office Chair

Great idea for a pillow. This one is attached, but I wouldn’t pass up a $3 chair! Thanks for your advice and inspiration to others! Long before I started my slipper business, I thought the only way to make good slippers was to make a muslin pattern first.

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This very clear approach makes sense to me. It’s a skill I learned in fashion design school. Making the gauze is the first step in turning my design into a suitable shirt so why not use it to match my chairs and sofa? Okay, I’m done

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