How To Make Ikea High Chair Cover

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How To Make Ikea High Chair Cover – Today I am posting something different from what I usually post here. My other Instagram page has similar posts, too. If you don’t follow me there, please do, because once a week I post interesting new things, be it cooking tricks, photo tutorials, decorating ideas, pictures or sometimes cute pictures. This time I am going to post three IKEA hacks and this is the first one.

I’m sure many mothers have the IKEA Antelope high chair for their children. This chair is very attractive because it is cheap, very strong and very easy to wash. I used the same seat for my son Hamad. As for Aisha, I want a wooden chair, I looked for one in Kuwait but I couldn’t find it, so I bought it again.

How To Make Ikea High Chair Cover

How To Make Ikea High Chair Cover

But I wanted the chair to be beautiful and beautiful. So I painted the legs a nice gold color and used floral contact paper on the shelf and finally added my daughter’s first paper to the back seat. What do you think? If this inspires you to do something similar with a high chair, please tag me on my Instagram account or send me a photo. I want to see him. When I was pregnant with Rowan, I bought a beautiful rattan high chair. I had hoped for the best, but once our baby came into the world, I quickly realized that a) baby mobility and b) 1910 safety standards were completely lacking. Enter the IKEA high chair revolution!

Bamboo Pedal Baby Seat Baby Chair Footrest Ergonomic Design Bamboo Footboard Great Gift Baby High Chair Accessories

The IKEA Antilop Highchair is only $20 (less if you use it on the Facebook Market like I did, ) and looks like this. However, all hope is not lost! With just a few simple steps, you can earn a million dollars! It’s very customizable, which I love.

The first thing I did was cover my gray legs, which were very unattractive. The legs are high quality vinyl that I pre-cut on Etsy. It is very easy to use and looks like real wood!

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Then I added the leg position. In my opinion, this is what took the IKEA high chair conversion to the next level. As a bonus, our therapist told us that using the footrest helps kids focus on what they’re doing with their hands while eating, which helps develop motor skills!

It’s time for the fun part – choose a pillow that matches our style and home decor! I ended up going with this sun print, but they have so many great options so I’m putting my favorites down!

Antilop Supporting Cushion, White

The final step is to add a silicone mat for easy cleaning. I have two so we have a spare in case one gets dirty and needs to be washed. It fits snugly in the drawer, so you can pull it out without the high chair falling around!

And voila! The finished product is absolutely gorgeous and I’m glad we have the ability to change pillows and rugs for different holidays or update our dining room. I highly recommend Baby Products who make all the products I linked above and are a small, family friendly business! For more IKEA high chair styling tips, you can head over to their Instagram here.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you order any of these products online, I will pay a small percentage of the purchase price (at no extra cost to you)! I only recommend products that I use and trust. This post is not sponsored.

How To Make Ikea High Chair Cover

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Toddler Swing Hacked From An Ikea High Chair Ikea Hackers

The iconic Ikea high chair is everywhere. You can find them anywhere from restaurants to art schools to your friends’ houses. It’s no secret that Ikea is a great place to shop for affordable baby items, and at $29.99, the Ikea Antilop High Chair is hard to beat. Easy to clean, the legs are removable and if you have too many, you can store them too. But just like the size of an Ikea high chair, it’s quite small – and Ikea fits the accessories that come with it.

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Frustrated with the Antelope’s hard-to-remove shelf, extra-wide seat and the fact that nothing from Ikea matched her home decor, Katie Kruthoff of Ohio decided to upgrade her seat. He designed silicone food safety mats for dishware that fit perfectly into existing trays and are removable for easy cleaning. Next up is the Fabric Pattern Cover for the White Antelope Armchair (sorry, not currently available at Ikea in Canada, but on the US Ikea website for $6) . In 2016, she opened an Etsy shop and began selling items to other Ikea fans. In 2019, he added flexible bamboo, maple and cherry wood legs to give the chair the perfect finish. (FYI, experts say high chairs without footrests can be uncomfortable for babies, making mealtimes difficult.)

Although there are many Antelope hacks on the Internet, Kruithof is one of the most beautiful methods.

All orders have shipped so I can list our other social justice posts! Like last time, 100% of the profits go to @bethebridge, a non-profit organization dedicated to racial healing, reconciliation and equality! It is listed first on our product page for cushion covers. I have to warn you that there are some additional features that can make them go faster. Want to see more of these social media posts in the future? 🍎 August Giveaway 🍎   Comment on August posts to win a free pillowcase ($34 in store). We’ll announce the lucky winner on August 31st! Pictured here: Our Lima Five pillows and pale terracotta placemat 📷: @slambien A post shared by Yeah Baby Goods (@yeahbabygoods) on Aug 19, 2020 at 8:22am PDT.

Ikea Antilop Highchair Cushion Cover And Insert

Before we launched our adjustable board deck last fall, we did a ton of research! One of my favorite resources is @babyledweanteam. 💗 Here’s what Katie from @babyledweanteam shared today:   Did you know the 90 Degree Baby Foot Rest helps stabilize baby’s heart and encourage safe swallowing? 💕 When a mom recently took her twins on a trip, she said, “I noticed a difference in their behavior. They pushed food off the counter more aggressively (they didn’t before) and the backs of their legs were much quieter! No more pulling pillows, no throwing food on the floor.” , no fiddling with chairs. This high chair needs a foot rest and won’t leave the foot strap behind!” 😍    Comments like this make all the work worth it! Pictured here: our Cream Beans on Orange Rust Cushion and Cherry Footrest.

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Holy. Joseph Communications uses cookies to personalize its online advertising and for other purposes. Learn more or change your cookies. By continuing to use our service, you consent to our use of cookies. As far as high chairs go, IKEA’s Antelope is amazing. It’s small, all plastic (yes to easy cleaning!) and slides onto our desk (no shelf) so the kids feel like they’re part of the action. We had a child before and when I didn’t think we would have another child, we left him. I thought I might try another high chair for a non-boy. 2 But it cannot be compared. So… I bought another deer. Luckily, along with all of the other great features of this high chair, it’s also very affordable ($25, including an extra shelf!).

How To Make Ikea High Chair Cover

All plastic is fine, but I think it can be a bit boring – not that the baby is complaining, but as a mother, I can’t express my own feelings on the matter. Before our number 2, I was looking for a pillow pattern and saw this cute one floating around. I’ve bookmarked it too! But when I went to make it, I didn’t like the design and thought a turkey pocket would be a nice addition. So I designed it myself.

Antilop Highchair With Tray, White/silver Colour