How To Measure Fabric For Chair Cover

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How To Measure Fabric For Chair Cover – You don’t need to call an upholsterer to change the color or pattern of your occasional chair or dining room chair. Here’s how to make your own simple chair cover pattern.

Do you have a piece of furniture in your home that you love, but it just needs a little updating? I do this because I love garage sales, estate sales, and generally anything with history (and a low price).

How To Measure Fabric For Chair Cover

How To Measure Fabric For Chair Cover

I found these adorable chairs on Craigslist a few years ago and fell in love as soon as I sat in one. They are probably the most comfortable seats I have ever owned. I love their pretty rose pattern, even though it doesn’t match any of my decor.

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Fast forward a few years and while I still love the original chair trim, I can no longer deny that they need some updating for the rest of my living room.

(This is mainly because my best friend and eagle-eyed designer Gina tells me this when she comes over.)

I reluctantly agreed and we put our inexperienced heads together and made a plan. I didn’t want to just start putting new material on the seats (my usual M.O. involves either a stapler or hot glue) because one day I want to reuse them in their original condition.

So I decided to make them simple slides, which turned out to be easier than I expected.

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This project was relatively easy to work with because my chairs are a classic L shape. The L shape also works for a minister’s dining room chair. If you have a different style that you want to update, you can still use these steps, but the measurements aren’t quite as easy.

Also, if you’re looking for custom clothing that you don’t have to sew yourself, check out this store: August Blues (This is not an affiliate link, I just love her stuff.)

How To Measure Fabric For Chair Cover

Remember, if your fabric has a large pattern (called a “repeat” in design terms), you’ll want to match the lines as much as possible, so you’ll need to buy extra fabric to move your pattern around. needed

Calculating Yardage For Pattern Repeats: Indoor & Outdoor Furniture

I measured from the back of the seat, all the way up and around and down the front. Then I measured the “L” piece on each side. Then I had to figure out how to fit all these parts into one piece of fabric.

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Then you have to choose the clothes. You can use almost anything, but I chose a heavy duty cover material because I wanted them to hold their shape and be worn by children and dogs. I will not say my passionate guests.

Once you have chosen the fabric, choose the appropriate thread pattern. (If using upholstery fabric, use a heavier weight.)

Then make your pattern. It doesn’t have to be technical or intimidating. This is just one way to get your measurements on the fabric. Mark your measurements on the back of the fabric with a pencil or chalk.

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Be sure to mark any lines and designs in your fabric that you want to meet at the seams. There is only a subtle pattern to my fabric which is why I didn’t pick it, but it was very easy to work with. Score!

Remember to leave a few inches at the bottom of the course so you can cut the entire piece.

Now cut your pieces. When you cut out your pattern, be sure to allow an inch of seam allowance around each edge. (This is the edge that ends on the inside and keeps the seals from leaking.)

How To Measure Fabric For Chair Cover

Now place your fabric on your chair. Use a straight pin to attach the fabric pieces around the edges of the chair. Place your pins as close to the seat as possible so you can get a nice fit and use lots of pins (about every few inches).

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Use your sewing machine to sew the entire line you made with your pins, pulling out each pin as you go. Don’t worry about the bottom corner.

Now try to put the cover on the right side of your chair. If there are any areas that seem too tight or loose, dry them again. It’s sad, but it’s really not that bad.

After you have your cover on, you’ll want to cover the bottom of the entire “skirt”. Just fold the fabric twice inside and sew at the bottom.

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This will give you a nice clean edge without any residue. (If you like it more messy, you can add a pretty piece of trim to the bottom to finish it off.)

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Finally, close your cover, fold the extra fabric at the bottom of the back and straighten everything.

And you did! It looks like you have new seats, with only a few meters worth of fabric and no need to look for a pattern.

I love my new chairs, but I felt like they needed a little color, so I threw my easy DIY Placemat pillows on them that were just the right size and shape.

How To Measure Fabric For Chair Cover

Then I added a cute garden chair from HomeGoods that tied the whole vignette together and brought just the right amount of color to the other side of the room.

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After I stole the pillows from the couch, all I needed to do was get a new Ikat pillow from World Market to round it all out.

Now the whole room is a cozy blue color, red and pale pink chairs without breaking the theme. Plus, if I ever change color schemes, I can go back to the rose or just make new covers.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying my new spring theme and hope the weather cooperates soon. Are you ready to try such refreshments in a piece of your furniture?

Let me know if I missed anything in my instructions or if you have any questions along the way.

How To Make Dining Chair Covers (free Pattern!)

Thanks Ruth! I got it from Joann Fabric and Crafts, but it was a few years ago, so I’m not sure if they still have it.

My homeroom teacher used to tell me to press the seams before sewing and see how the pleats appear, then adjust and sew. I have a chair I’ve been eyeing!

Yes, splashing out at first makes a lot of sense! (You can see I never took it home.) That’s a good point, thanks for sharing!

How To Measure Fabric For Chair Cover

It’s not my style of chair, but it gives me some useful ideas. I want to make my outfit in jeans and I’m having a hard time finding good jeans.

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I’m glad it was useful for you! Finding good content can be difficult. I know there are online stores. Maybe you can get someone to send you a sample?

Create a colorful life. Conquer my little world one DIY project at a time. With coffee and chocolate. Albuquerque NM Pinterest ~ Instagram ~ Facebook If you have dining room chairs that are old or still looking old, consider reupholstering your dining room chairs instead of replacing them. Chair covers are also a great solution if you have pets in your home: just slide them on and wash or scratch them! We’ll show you how to make a quilt cover for your kitchen with our easy DIY sewing tutorial and free printable pattern.

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Let’s face it, dining room chairs are expensive! Plus, it’s getting harder to find sturdy, high-quality chairs without spending a ton of money.

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My sister has been decorating her kitchen for a long time. While the seat frames are in good condition, the microfiber seat cushions have stains, water marks and cannot be cleaned.

To give the chairs new life, I made some simple dining room chair covers using 100% cotton fabric from Canvas Etc in a neutral gray color. Canvas and more. There are different colors that will give your kitchen decor a new look! Isn’t this navy blue canvas so pretty?

Keeping with the slipcover style, they look less formal and stuffy and would look great next to the curtains I made last year.

How To Measure Fabric For Chair Cover

If your chair style is similar to these chairs, you can use the free printable fabric pattern (below) to create your own set.

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I recommend making the first doll pattern with the same waste cotton (or 100% cotton muslin) to make sure the slips will match the dress.