How To Put A Chair Cover On A Recliner

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How To Put A Chair Cover On A Recliner – Easy steps to make a seamless chair cover. Also the best fabrics to choose for seat covers.

Believe it or not, I bought this chair at a thrift store for $3. It’s a great sale and I couldn’t resist a great thrift store update!

How To Put A Chair Cover On A Recliner

How To Put A Chair Cover On A Recliner

The chair was still in great shape, but I didn’t like the way it looked in my living room, so I wanted to make a slipcover for it.

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It was so embarrassing to sit on the microfiber cloth and let out a boom when I got up!

At first I thought about painting the upholstery, but I didn’t like the microfiber cloth and I didn’t like the texture.

So I decided to make a one piece slipcover, even though I had never tried anything like this before. And it wasn’t that hard! But I had old help.

Many years ago, my mother gave me a home decorating book written in the 1940s. There are many interesting tips, tricks and ideas from another era.

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I never thought I would use anything from this book, but I found out there was a whole section on making slipcovers, which came in handy. (There is a title

I followed the diagrams and illustrations in this book and they worked! Basically, it’s just a matter of folding the fabric over the seat and securing it as needed. It’s not difficult, it’s simple

You want a thick fabric that is resistant to constant wear and tear. The material should be easy to clean and strong enough to hold the seams together.

How To Put A Chair Cover On A Recliner

Furniture pieces are specially made against wear and tear. It is strong enough to hold seams even under the pressure of people sitting on floors. The material is wider than other fabrics, so you can cover more surfaces.

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Don’t use fancy quilting fabrics that take up most of the fabric store. They are smaller in width and lighter in weight.

I don’t pick stripes or any print you have to match. It will be very difficult for beginners. You will need to match the pattern to each slipcover piece you make, and this may require more fabric.

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Choose something that doesn’t show any pattern, or a pattern that’s so busy (like flowers) that it doesn’t matter if every piece matches.

Fabric side out. That way, after you sew and turn everything, the right side of the fabric will be on the outside.

Chair Covers Linen Chair Seat Cover Slipcover Large Or

If you like the look of my fireplace in the photos below, I did it myself without any damage! Check out my DIY on how to upgrade a fireplace mantel.

1. Place the fabric (right side on the chair, wrong side facing you) on the back of the chair. Pin the fabric to the seat to keep it in place.

Next, cut the fabric to make this part. If you want to cut, leave wide seams. For example, cut about 2 inches wider than the length and height of the back of the chair on each side. So you have enough to sew.

How To Put A Chair Cover On A Recliner

I glued a long piece of fabric to the chair before starting to cut it to cover the back. That way I was able to cut in a straight line without getting too much dust on the floor.

Polyester Folding Chair Cover Gray

2. Now transfer the fabric to the front of the chair. Make sure the wrong side of the fabric is facing you and the right side is facing the chair.

Attach the fabric from the front to the back pattern piece, which should still be attached to the back of the chair.

5. It may be necessary to trim the necessary seams to accommodate the curved edges of the upholstered chair.

6. Now it’s time to prepare the cover for the seat part of the chair. Place the fabric on the seat and press the edges so that it is tight and smooth. You should do this if you have a non-removable seat cushion. Northern Brothers Office Computer Chair Cover, Stretch Rotating Chair Slipcover Universal Desk Rolling Chair Covers Protector(natural)

Otherwise, you can make a separate seat cushion cover. However, if you want a removable seat cushion to sit on top of this one-piece seat cover, you’ll probably still want to take this step. If you can remove the seat cushion, place the fabric on the base and measure and cut the same.

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7. Make folds in the corners so that the fabric goes around the curved edges of the chair. You do this by folding the fabric over itself until you get a smooth and dense look.

8. Now you want to add the length of fabric that will cover the front of the chair. Measure the distance from the seat cushion cover to the bottom of the seat base. For my chair, I had a “skirt” or fabric flounce from the bottom of the chair to the floor. So I only measured the amount for the large seam without the lining and it just went to the fabric skirt. Remember to allow extra fabric for seams.

How To Put A Chair Cover On A Recliner

10. Wrap the fabric around the arms, cut the pieces and continue making the pieces for the slipcover. If there are bends, you will need to add several layers, as you did for the seat cushion.

Curly Willow Chiavari Chair Back Slip Cover

11. Now it’s time to assemble the seat cover. Fasten all parts around the seat. Tighten and straighten the pleats as needed to ensure a tight and smooth fit. Make sure all the pieces are wrong sides together.

12. Now it’s time to sew everything. Carefully remove the slip cover from the seat

13. After all the seams are sewn, put the slide cover on the seat. You want all the seams to be outside, with the wrong side of the fabric still facing out. This is your time to make sure everything fits properly.

Also, this is the time to start trimming so that there is no excess fabric gathering in the seams or lumps under the finished seat cover.

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14. Now it’s time to cut the fabric for the flounce, or you can also call it frill or shock plate. Cut a piece of fabric the width of the fluff, but make it a little wider and taller to accommodate the seams. You’ll want to do this all the way around the fabric skirt.

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Cut the skirt sides to the desired width on the seat. Don’t cut the bottom yet.

15. Sew the meat pieces to the slip cover and iron flat. Now the edges can overlap at the corners.

How To Put A Chair Cover On A Recliner

16. Now you want to sew the skirt of the chair. Place the sliding cover on the seat. Now you can put the cover on the right side.

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This slip cover took me just eight hours to make. I spent a lot of time thinking about how to shape the fabric before I cut it.

I’m honestly surprised it’s as good as the first attempt. Making a slipcover is time-consuming, but not difficult.

My stupidity cut the fabric too short in one of the corners. I had to tweak it a bit to make it work.

But as mom says, “There’s a throw pillow!” And matching pillow covers are easy to sew!

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If you love thrift stores, you’ll want to check out how I restored this distressed wood table.

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You did a great job on your first attempt. Note that if the chair has a separate seat cushion, it looks good to separate the chair and the cushion. But chairs hardly come this way these days. When I have a choice (which is often not) I often choose furniture with separate or separate cushions. One reason is that if one side is damaged, I can turn it over. Another thing is that it is easier to make or redo a slipcover. Anyway, thank you for providing this information for single women and those looking to do something for themselves on the cheap.

How To Put A Chair Cover On A Recliner

Great point about the pillow. Added, but I wasn’t about to pass up a $3 seat! Thanks for your tips and encouraging others!

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