How To Reappolsted A Chair Using A Slip Cover

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How To Reappolsted A Chair Using A Slip Cover – I post sewing and craft tutorials here at Mermaid’s Den. I love making things and sharing them with you so you can too.

In this post, I’ll show you how to upholster an office chair with tufted cushions to give it a new look. Many office chair tutorials only offer flat cushions, so this will help shape your cushions. The method I’m showing you involves a bit of seaming, but you can skip the seams and adjust the fabric a bit less. I’ve included an update at the end of this post to show how the reupholstered office chair has held up in daily use over the past two years.

How To Reappolsted A Chair Using A Slip Cover

How To Reappolsted A Chair Using A Slip Cover

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Evelyn Chair With Pleated Valance Slip Cover

Bonded leather fades over time (see my chair below), and many office chairs are upholstered in leather. I’ve had this chair for about five years, so it has a lot of life left in it, but it’s awesome!

If you already have the tools you need, the fabric, thread and embellishments will only cost $25. If you need tools, it will cost more, but staple guns, pins, and sewing needles can be used for other projects as well. A staple lifter is optional. I think it’s handy to have, but you can use pliers or an office staple remover.

This will vary depending on the type of chair you have, but for my chair, I had to remove four screws from the bottom to remove the wheels. I have the correct size allen keys because I saved them when I first got the chair. I recommend saving all the Allen keys from any furniture assembly project in case you need to take them apart in the future.

Keep your tools and screws in a small container so you don’t lose them. This project took a few days to complete, so it was important to keep them safe.

Slip Cover Upholstery Arm Chair

And a corresponding hole in the seat cushion. My chair had helpful tags on the inside after disassembly so it was easy to put back together. Here you can see the label on the front of the cushion. Even the arms of my chair were tagged. If your chair doesn’t have tags, take lots of pictures before disassembling. It’s easy to forget what it looked like before you took it apart!

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For the arms, I had to remove the decorative screw covers. They come off easily if you scrape your nails under them. There were three screws holding each arm to the seat cushions.

For this project, I didn’t bother removing the backing fabric; I’ve added more above. For the arm cushion, I laid the piece on top of my fabric and added 1 1/2″ on all sides. It doesn’t have to be exact – you just need enough fabric to cover the piece. Then I pulled the fabric on the back of the cushion. After reattaching it to the chair, no one could he will see this side, so it doesn’t have to be perfect. I used pins to hold the fabric in place before I stapled it. The fabric didn’t slide around me. I tend to pull too much fabric on one side and not enough when I get to the other end, so adding the pins was good It helps to make it. It helps to get it out. However, the pins for that need.

How To Reappolsted A Chair Using A Slip Cover

Below, the top mattress is finished and the bottom slat is ready to be anchored and stapled. I used 1/4″ staples for this project. They seem to hold up well, but I could probably use a slightly longer staple.

How To Reupholster A Chair (with Pictures)

The seat cushions were complicated and difficult to re-upholster as they had some shapes. I decided to fold the fabric in four areas defining a rectangle in the center of each cushion. If I had stretched the fabric without removing those stains, I think the fabric would have torn over time because I had to stretch the fabric every time I sat on the chair. I put the fabric on top of each cushion and marked the places I wanted with pins. I used a curved tapestry needle and matching thread to sew in each place.

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Here you can see what it’s like to hold hands. It’s not noticeable, even up close, but it helps stretch the fabric better.

For the lower seat cushion, I pulled the fabric back and pinned it before stapling. For the seat cushions, I roughly traced the outline of each one onto the fabric, then added about 5-6″ to the whole thing. You should have enough fabric to cover the sides and reach the back. It’s best to cut it. very small or very large – after stapling you always have extra fabric can be cut

After pinning a corner it will look like this. I tried to make the fabric the same in each corner. I placed my pins on the back edge so I had enough room to staple the fabric to the back of the chair, and I left the pins in when stapling before I pressed the fabric and pinned.

Upholstering A Windsor Chair Seat With Boxed Pleat Skirt

Each seat cushion has screw holes on one side that I had to cut out after adding the fabric. These cuts don’t need to be very precise as you will be covering the sleeves when you reassemble them.

For the upper seat cushion (or the back cushion), reupholstering was a bit more difficult. The back of this cushion is visible, so you can’t just add a bunch of staples and then hide them. On my chair, most of this section was padded, so the staples come out easily.

I decided to carefully fold my fabric over the edge of the back seam. The backing of this cushion is non-bleachable, so I decided to leave it as is.

How To Reappolsted A Chair Using A Slip Cover

Since the attached leather layers are too thick I sewed the fabric on the back line. In the photo below you can see how I sewed the back stitches to anchor my fabric.

Qotsteos 4pcs Stretch Chair Covers For Dining Room, Non Slip Protective Polar Fleece Washable Chair Slipcover Chair Slipcover For Home Decor, Banquet Upholstery(beige)

Here is what it looks like after sewing. You can probably leave it at that if you want.

I decided to cover my stitches with some decorative nail heads. This special trim comes in five-foot rolls, and you insert an actual nail every five places. I wouldn’t use it to hold your fabric without stapling/stitching it first, as I’m not sure how well it will hold the fabric, but it works great in situations like this. The cutouts are also easy to fit in the corners. If you prefer a no-sew option, you can staple the fabric to the back of the chair; just make sure to stagger the staples so that the five ornaments are between the nails.

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Here’s what the finished back looks like. If you’re really paying attention, you can see that every fifth nail is slightly different, but it’s not noticeable overall. It is a time and money saving alternative to adding decorative nails one by one.

And here’s what the finished chair looks like! When you put it back together, attach each arm and then make sure the seat cushions are wrapped the way you want them. Then tighten everything. Also, getting back together was a breeze!

The Armchair Makeover

This post was very popular, so after using the chair for a few years, I thought I’d update it. Overall, it’s holding up well, but the sleeves are showing more wear. Fortunately, this part is easy to remove and does not require the entire chair to be disassembled again. I loosened the two screws that held the padded arm parts.

I used upholstery leather for the arms this time; it shouldn’t peel like the solid leather I started with the chair and it should be more durable than fabric. I traced around the arm to make a template, again leaving about 1 1/2″ the leather is a bit thicker than the fabric I used before, so I had to mark the edges to make it smaller.

I used clothespins to hold everything in place and make sure everything fit. Then I put everything back in place.

How To Reappolsted A Chair Using A Slip Cover

And here is a recycled chair! I hope these leather sleeves are better than the fabric ones.

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