How To Remove Seat Cover From High Chair

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How To Remove Seat Cover From High Chair – Babies and toddlers tend to get messy at mealtimes, which means high chairs, trays and stools get dirty quickly. Luckily, there are some easy steps to keep your child’s high chair clean!

How to clean high chairs? As with any challenge, consistent efforts pay off. Before your baby’s food gets too sticky, you should wipe down the high chair after use. Set aside some time once a week to install straps, blanks and tricks that need a little extra attention.

How To Remove Seat Cover From High Chair

How To Remove Seat Cover From High Chair

Are you ready to give your high chair a deep clean? Follow each of the instructions below and your child’s high chair will look like new in no time!

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Before you start cleaning, you’ll need a few supplies. Here’s a helpful list of cleaning supplies to prepare before you get started.

However, if you haven’t checked out silicone sponges they are a complete game changer. They don’t absorb odors and you can put them in wood for washing and reuse. How awesome is that?

When it comes to cleaning, it’s important to use a high-pressure cleaner that can remove grease and oil that water doesn’t touch. As your child uses this chair, it is important to use natural cleaners that are not chemically treated. Here are three of my favorites:

Yes, there is always white vinegar and dish soap! Vinegar is a kitchen hack that isn’t just limited to food. White vinegar packs a powerful cleaning punch and can help remove stains from some plastics and fabrics. Add a few tablespoons of vinegar to your soapy water.

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High seat belts are the hardest part of a seat to clean, but don’t let that stop you! Here are some tips to make the job easier:

Each seat has a different height, but for the most part, the straps are removable. If you can find the manual for your high chair, check there for instructions on removing the straps. If you can’t find instructions for your high chair, you need to do some research.

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Follow the straps where the seat connects and see if it bends. If the brackets are attached with screws, you may need a screwdriver to remove them.

How To Remove Seat Cover From High Chair

If you don’t want to wash your high chair by hand, a washing machine is another good option. If you decide to use a washing machine, check the labels on your sofa to see what the manufacturer recommends for their products. Using a laundry bag helps prevent the plastic parts of the straps from breaking in the wash.

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Do not place high seat belts in the dryer, as the high heat will melt the plastic inside the strap.

If you can’t remove your high chairs, you can clean them! Using clean or warm, soapy water, rub the strips until the dried food is removed. Since you can’t soak the bandages, you have to put more effort into cleaning the bandages properly.

Since this is the part of the high chair that your child will touch the most, make sure it is as clean as possible.

Not all high chair racks are dishwasher safe, but some are. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to determine if your rack is dishwasher safe. In general, dishwasher safe dishes are only safe if placed on the top rack of the dishwasher and not run on high heat, remember.

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A clean high chair means no food or debris hiding in the corners of your child’s seat.

While a high chair may seem less likely to tip over than a bench or chair, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Keeping your child’s high chair clean is more than good hygiene. A small study by Microban, an antibacterial products company, found that restaurant high chairs harbored more germs than toilet seats.

How To Remove Seat Cover From High Chair

Even if your high chair at home looks cleaner than a high chair at a restaurant, the message is clear: a clean high chair is important. Any bacteria left on your child’s high chair can go directly into your child’s mouth. If you wash your own dishes after use, you will do the same for your child’s high chair.

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Your child’s high chair should be cleaned after each use. You’ll need a mild soap or scrub, some soapy water, and a sponge or washcloth.

You can clean your baby’s high chair after use. If you’re not using a vacuum cleaner, wipe away any food residue that doesn’t stick to the seat.

Deep clean your child’s high chair once a week for proper cleaning. If you notice any strange smells, stickiness or stains, the cleaner may have run out of steam.

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Join our community to get answers to common parenting questions, guides, deals from our partners, and more! If there was a clean spot in my house, Ryan would find it and god knows what was in there. I told you how much I love our Graco Slim Space High Chair. We have a small house and I love it as a regular high chair (so much safer when Cooper gets up to steal a bite..) but it’s a bit pedestrian when you fold it up to throw it away. . . Ryan is often dirty and puts his curdled hands behind his back and wipes so the cover doesn’t get washed. It has two removable shelves, which I love because let’s be honest, there are definitely times when I don’t clean the top shelf during meals.. Me? Well, it’s a bit awkward. The entire tray pops out so I can collect Ryan’s food after putting him down, click on the tray and drive him crazy.

As much as I love how easy this high chair is to clean, getting a good, deep clean can be a little messy. There are lots of buttons and hooks, if you can’t remember how you got them

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Recovery is stressful. If you’re like me, you lose or throw away the manual within a week of buying something.

How To Remove Seat Cover From High Chair

So I put together this little tutorial on how to properly take a high chair apart and clean it. For some reason, when I googled, I couldn’t find a single tutorial, so I had to wing it.

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First, remove the tray. I wash and wipe several times a day, but eventually the stain shows up after a while. When I do my “deep clean” once a month, I like to fill the box with some water and some dirt and let it soak for a while. Wash thoroughly after use. Next, remove the first washable cover. First you need to loosen the bottom screws near the footrest.

Next, remove the wooden objects from the hands. First you need to place the tray. Then pull the straps and remove the cover.

I throw it in the shower with my regular laundry. Wash with cold water. I usually clean my high chair at night because I don’t want to throw it in the dryer. I did one when my MIL came, I didn’t want a crappy high chair, but I wouldn’t recommend doing it all the time. After washing, hang to dry. If it’s full of really nasty, sticky food, I suggest picking off the corners (where all the food gets) before showering. Next we need to remove the gray line. It doesn’t go in the washer, but it’s easy to clean the base and remove the buttons if we do. First undo the Velcro and the two fasteners on the back of the seat.

Open the corner near the armrest and near the joint tray. Now you can remove the gray line.

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Time to take off the straps. Feel where the anchor line of the straps is. Pull the short end of the anchor into the hole in each arm and leg strap. Then pull the leg strap off the original high chair. Throw these in the shower and let them air dry.

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