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How To Sew A Chair Seat Cover – It is said that my father lived by the words, “One person’s trash is someone else’s treasure.” Confirmation, but let’s say save. He recently brought me this office chair for my sewing and it was a great improvement over what I was using (folding chair), holes and everything. I must have thrown it away and found it. Thanks Kon Mari 😉

As I walked into my sewing room the day before, fully prepared to “work”, I looked at the holes of this chair and then on this beautiful fabric I bought for a sofa cushion (which Finished in vain in the room.) I can not work unless I do this! By “this” I mean the coolest chair ever! It only takes 30 minutes and less than a meter of fabric and glue. Let me show you how easy it is to make a seat cover yourself.

How To Sew A Chair Seat Cover

How To Sew A Chair Seat Cover

Start by pulling the fabric over the seat. Be sure to hang the fabric on both sides so that it wraps around the bottom of the seat about 1 “and the other two sides will be longer. Than.

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Measure and mark the long ends of the fabric so that they attach to the seat by the same amount.

I did not want my cover to have too many lumps around it, so I made my own pillow with stripes on it. Corners to match. Attach the large fabric to the bottom corner (make a seam) and snap it inwards. Repeat for the other three corners.

You will need a piece of paper 1/4 “wide. I just sew the elastic straight to the cushion from the car and cut the excess. Use a sewing needle to sew the foot to where the foot extends as much as possible. As you can sew it to the pillow in a circle. On the stem about 1/2 inch. Cut off excess stems.

The chairs on this style sofa are a little different, but you can use this tutorial for all of them. For a sharp finish, you can sew markers / clutches on each corner. Not bad for an empty chair and another fabric patio, right? And it makes a world of difference in the appearance of space!

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From Shower Curtain To Chair Cushion Cover

Does your sewing chair need beautification? Share your creations with us on Instagram @Stitch_Upon_a_Time with the hashtag #suatchairfacelift Need a quick DIY project to update a room? This is my favorite! I really want to upgrade my office chair. The black wheelchair I bought at Walmart a millennium drove me crazy. We recently renovated our dining room chair with vinyl to protect the fabric chair from small children (read this article here) and I used a dining chair instead of an old wheelchair to work at my desk.

I think it is an easy choice because we have 6 dining chairs, 2 folding chairs and a table next to the dining table. I just stole a chair for my desk and redone it and took it to the dining room if necessary. The chair we have is the Ikea Borje dining chair, they sell for $ 49, but we bought it for $ 10 per seat on Craigslist. We just need fabric. Joanne’s Fabrics almost always has a 50% discount coupon sent to your email. Join their mailing list now via this link so when you are there just download the card on your phone and they can find it from there.

I was brave and sent a busy Budgeter to Joannes to buy some fabric after sending him some of my favorite fabrics. He did well and brought me back this beauty for $ 9.99. One meter includes four seats, so one seat costs $ 2.50.

How To Sew A Chair Seat Cover

Vinyl (we use heavy duty) retails for $ 5.99 / yard. The price per seat is $ 1.50 for a rubber mattress (which I highly recommend if you have children at home!)

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The total cost of this job per seat is $ 4.00 and it takes about 15 minutes of easy work for one chair to complete. I am very happy with the result.

Vinyl (like fabric, you can skip this step if you do not have a baker at home)

2. Remove the fabric cover. I suggest keeping these things. It’s fun to draw or try something new later. If it is not good, just turn it off during the shower.

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3. Sprinkle the fabric on the table (clean) with the design facing down. Put a chair on the fabric, leaving the fabric about 1.5 inches from the corner (you are busy saving a lot of money, but I am smart enough not to criticize freelance work ).

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4. Using scissors, cut the fabric so that the seat bends about an inch and a half.

5. Fold the fabric tightly over the seat and attach it to the backboard. At one corner, fold one end neatly, then the other place a square paper clip in the corner. It will give you a nice clean angle.

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How To Sew A Chair Seat Cover

Disclosure of FTC Material Links: In order for us to maintain this website, some of the links in the above post may be relevant links. However, we only recommend products or services that we personally use and / or believe will add value to our readers. My husband and I recently purchased a set of Ikea Borge chairs for our dining room. The chairs look nice, but I know white canvas chairs will not last long in a home with two small children and frequent evening guests! I did some research online and came across the Harts Fabric website. After checking out their beautiful selection of fabrics and laminated fabrics, I contacted Harts to see if they would be interested in partnering with me for this post. Good luck!

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You can also find a variety of dining room chairs at different prices here on Amazon.

I have tried to cover the chair in two ways, so I will guide you through the process of attaching the fabric directly to the chair or sewing the fabric. These instructions include measurements specifically for Ikea Borge chairs, but can be modified for any seat you have.

Let’s start with simple sewing! I used my heavy steel pistol and 1/4 “nails. For each seat, cut a 22” wide pattern (the width of the fabric is 44 “). “So you can get 2 widths in length 20.5” (this is the measurement at the end of the skirt.) These measurements give 2 ″ to wrap around the back seat and 2 1 / 2 ″ for the other 3 parties.

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To get started, tilt the top of the seat against the wrong side of the fabric. Place the 22-inch side of the fabric behind the screw holes in the back of the seat and place the paper clip in the center. Then place the other 2 stems on one side of the umbilical cord for a total of 5 stems, about 1 1/2 “apart – hammer each hammer together.

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Stretch the fabric to remove the folds and cling to the front of the seat with 5 buttons starting from the center and going to the 2 inch section. From each other. Then stretch each side and make straws on each side, starting from the center and to the sides for a total of 5 staples 1 1/2 ″ break From each other.

At the back of the seat, first fold a piece of fabric tightly to the corner and attach it with a paper clip. Fold another sheet in the corner and snap it down. Then connect the front corners. Then take the triangular string you just created and pull it tight to the center of the seat and secure it with a needle. It will look slightly rounded from the top and will have 1 small end on each side of the corner.

Finally connect the back corners. This is a bit difficult because there is a cut on the back of the seat. From the back of the seat, fold the fabric from the back edge of the seat to the center of the seat and pin. Then fold the fabric from the side of the seat towards the center until it is clean and tidy. Safety in place. Then take the triangle marker you just created, pull it tight, and move the crease in the center of the marker.

How To Sew A Chair Seat Cover