How To Sew A Cushion Cover For Wingback Chair

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How To Sew A Cushion Cover For Wingback Chair – Hello! I’m Susanna, a professional DIYer and mother of two young children. Follow along with my top DIY home improvement, sewing and craft projects, real food recipes, and stress reduction goals.

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How To Sew A Cushion Cover For Wingback Chair

How To Sew A Cushion Cover For Wingback Chair

I started this black slipcover for my old wing chair years ago. For a long time it sat in ruins in the corner of the living room (sorry, man!) But it was terrible, and I did not spend time sitting and finishing it. Maybe it was hard to start over, but I don’t remember because it was so long ago!!

Wingback Chair Slipcover, Microfibra Collection

I bought this vintage wing chair at a Goodwill outlet in 2010 for $5. It had a cover, which was part of the selling point, because I thought I could cut it. And use it as a model when I want to do it. a new one. The cloth was not great but it was neutral, so I washed it and put it back for a few years and use it as it is.

This dress was a beautiful 1940’s dress made of a stone floral fabric with a blue top. Seriously, you can see the blue paint on the top of the legs and where someone stopped painting the side of the chair. It was obviously in very bad shape!, but we put a leather cover on it.

Finally, after a year or so, I had the strength to pull apart the old cover and use it as a sample for a new one. It looked very well done, was done by an experienced home plumber, and is easy to copy. I had to pinch and pull the fabric here and there, but it was a good foundation.

It also took me a while to shop for fabric – tablecloths are expensive and hard to choose! I got these black Nabi Polly things on clearance at Joann’s. (See my first post about this chair.) This is a lot of weight for this type of sewing. I also have a thick pipe cord, with a zipper on one side and a pillow.

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Wingback Chair Make Over: Why An Upholsterer Should Be Your New Bff!

Here is a picture in progress! It sat deep (with a pillow on it) for months while I worked on other things. It really bothers me. I’m so glad I made it to the next step! See…

In a slipcover, that is. I think I might want to redo the legs at some point! And remove that blue paint. Maybe make them dirty and messy, right? Yes, it never occurred to me until now that the cover was a big project. Nothing is better than sanding! 😉

I was nervous about choosing black at first because I didn’t want it to look like a big shadow or black hole in the living room, but unlike the white boards and shelves, I love it now. And it’s perfect with my bright wool blanket and DIY crochet pillow!

How To Sew A Cushion Cover For Wingback Chair

I think it helps to have it on the opposite side of the room/bed from the fireplace. You can see it in the slideshow of our apartment therapy home tour, but here it is. Ha!! Pins are out of the question. (Shhhhhh…)

Wingback Chair Makeover Styled With Urbanladder Cushions!

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By “I” I mean me and a very sweet and wonderful friend, Melissa, who shares my love of jumping, pinking and trail setting. I tell you this because before you say you can’t do it, I say, try. Honestly, we were surprised at how easy it was to do, and we think it’s worth a shot.

We found this back seat that our family calls ‘Dad’s seat’. It was my grandparents, then my parents and my mother passed it down to us. At least as far as I remember I saw it with the pink plaid upholstery work, the burgundy slip cover and then, about 7 years ago, I worked with the grandmother of a good friend to collect it in brown rolls.

Hard furniture. I have a lot of respect for people who do it right and fully understand why the prices are the way they are. This is a difficult task. Well done my friend but I was very relieved to try the slipcover this time.

Slipcovers & Cushions — Sew Nice Creations

The Premier Prints I chose for my cover is Zoey Cove. Cove is the name of the color and it is a taupey brown. There is also ‘mud’ which looks more grey. The hottest

I looked at the ‘yardage chart estimator’ and looked at a few others and ordered 9 yards.

First I wash and dry. I’m really bad at skipping this step when doing small projects. This time was very important because all that work will be wasted if it shrinks after washing it the first time…

How To Sew A Cushion Cover For Wingback Chair

We pull on the seat (bottom right side) so that it almost touches the back floor, touches the seat of the chair and almost goes to the front floor. I cut the necessary width and then cut the length.

How To Reupholster A Wingback Chair: Best Tips & Easy Steps

Then we took a piece cut wide and pulled it down to the floor from the wing seat post. The angles are confusing on the wings but you want to make sure the print sits straight, not diagonal.

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Once we got where we wanted on the wings, I tightened the box around it and cut off the excess material.

Next, I glued where the wing meets the inside edge of the seat.

Tell me to stand here. PIN, PIN, PIN. That’s why I’m your best friend. Make sure you have a group on hand.

A Simple Slipcover Fix For A Complicated Wing Back Chair

Then we shook hands in the same way. From the floor, hands up, to the chair.

I started with a rectangular piece. I used pins and attached it to the arm piece starting at the bottom of the seat and around the arm bar, and down the back.

Fully featured. We carefully pulled her into the chair and I began sewing the lines I had. Its large sliding cover is so full of odd angles that once it was out of shape, it was hard to tell where it went.

How To Sew A Cushion Cover For Wingback Chair

When I got to a place that looked difficult or didn’t make sense, I stopped sewing and moved on to the next part. I understand that this proves that I had no idea what I was doing. Maybe a professional wouldn’t do it. But it also proves that you can do it. Just a lot of guesswork and checking.

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After the first round of sewing, we put the cover back on, and re-pinned any other spots that needed cleaning and more help.

For the inside corners, where we couldn’t insert any pins, we used a colored pencil to mark the line to make sewing easier.

Then sew more. At this point, I had most of the pieces sewn in place, and we could turn it right side out and preview our handiwork.

We had to make a few more adjustments but the hardest part of all was getting the cover on and off.

Home & Garden Narvik Birds Scandinavian Fryetts Scandi Fabric Cushion Cover Ec2772463

Then cut a long thin piece that was the height of the pillow (+ for 2″).