How To Sew A Dining Chair Seat Cover

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How To Sew A Dining Chair Seat Cover – Hi, it’s Katy! Lately, I’ve been working a lot on decorating my dining room. I enjoy being with people for big breakfasts and nice dinners, but we had some issues in our dining room and it got to the point where it was an uncomfortable gathering place. Our old Formica table started to sag a lot in the middle and the top edges were chipping off. The legs of our metal chairs were stripped of their socks, which meant that every time someone got in or out, the floor completely collapsed. When our friends come to visit, we usually sit at the table and talk or play games, so it is important for us that this place is comfortable.

The first thing I did was to choose a simple and affordable chair. These IKEA chairs fit my budget exactly what I was looking for and I shipped them straight to my home. The kids weren’t thrilled with them because they were hard wooden chairs and not the soft chairs we had in the past. The first part of this DIY is solving just that!

How To Sew A Dining Chair Seat Cover

How To Sew A Dining Chair Seat Cover

Step One: Choose your pillow size. I opted for pillow inserts instead of trimming the foam because I wanted it to be softer. Lay out your pillow and decide how much vinyl you need for each pillow. My pillows were 16″ so I cut out 18″ squares for each.

Pc Pu Leather Lace Pattern Short Dining Chair Seat Cover Dark Brown

Step Two: Once you’ve cut your fabric, it’s time to sew it! Lay two pieces of vinyl with the back side facing out and make a 3/4 turn. I gave my pillow a curved edge because I found it to be a bit softer than a very sharp edge. Once you’ve done 3/4 of the way, cut two pieces of canvas 2 inches or more from the corner. Use your machine to sew about 12 inches from the remaining open corners to the center. Be sure to leave a decent sized hole in the middle of this last edge – that’s where we’ll stuff the pillow!

Step Three: If you decide to make the edges curved like I did, after flipping the vinyl it’s time to trim the edges to get a nice angle. After you’ve completed each corner, flip the vinyl right side up and tuck in the cushions. Go ahead and close the hole with a blind stitch and you’re done!

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Use the tarp to tie the pillow to the chair! I chose vinyl for my pillows because I knew they were washable and easy to clean!

To make the dining area feel more comfortable, I wanted to add a softer texture. In my opinion, you can never go wrong with beautiful (faux) fur, so I started making upholstered covers for my chairs.

How To Make A Custom Dining Chair Slipcover

Step One: First, measure your chair and decide how high the cover should be. Once you get your number (mine was 18″ x 44″) trim the fur neatly. Try to stay as close to/under the fur as possible. If you cut it like a normal fabric, you will have fur that looks like it was in a barbershop – all cut up. Cut the cotton fabric to the same size.

Step Two: Now it’s time to pin! Lay out the fur so that the fluffy side is at the top. Place one piece of canvas trim in the top right corner and one piece in the top left corner. Place another 14″ piece of trim (more or less depending on the length of your fabric) on both sides from top to bottom. Lay the cotton over the fur and cut off the bottom. Fasten all edges, leaving a gap in the lower right corner.

Step Three: Sew along the edges, remembering to leave a gap in the bottom corner. Once you straighten it, turn the lid right side out. Sew up the gap and tie it to a chair!

How To Sew A Dining Chair Seat Cover

We have kids so these chair covers are perfect for our family. I can just take the seat cover off when the kid eats something sloppy and put it back on when he’s done!

Ballerina Tie Dining Chair

Our dining room is really starting to look like a great place to hang out with friends and family! Now it’s such a happy, cozy place!

Stay tuned to make this beautiful DIY table! I sent Josh a great table sketch in my head and he did something even better than I could have imagined! Such a talented person! Cathy’s Senior Assistant

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Credits // Author: Cathy Shelton. Photograph: Sarah Rhodes and Kathy Shelton. Photos edited by Imogen of the Folk Collection and Celeste of the Fresh Collection. Carpet, Eat the Rainbow/DIY, Chandelier/Thrifted, from Uncommon Goods. How to Sewing Parson Chair Covers: An Inexpensive Chair Transformation with Drop Fabric Slips You can sew your own slipcovers without a pattern.

Dining chairs are an important part of dining room design. I am making my own Parsons chairs this week by making my own Parsons chairs for them. This is the second week of the One Room Challenge and I’m excited to share what I’m working on as part of my rustic Scandinavian dining room makeover. If you missed the first week, click here to see more inspiration from my design from the beginning.

Printed Stretch Dining Chair Seat Covers 4 Pack Baroque Style

I started by making ten places for Parsons chairs in my dining room. I have loved those black leather Parson chairs for the last ten years. They are comfortable, they are still in good shape, and they are easy to care for because the leather can be wiped down if necessary. I wanted to keep the good details but change them to match our new lighter color palette. I decided that the covers would do me good, they would still be comfortable, cute, and even with removable covers, they would still be easy to care for. Here is the first shot of the room.

I discussed buying berths. But these chairs were purchased from a big store and are no longer available. I couldn’t find the exact cover size I was looking for because those are the smallest sizes. After discussing buying some ready-made pieces and customizing them, I figured I could make them myself if I had to sew anyway.

I originally planned to make longer covers, but when I wanted to buy several, I saw the shorter covers and thought they looked more modern.

How To Sew A Dining Chair Seat Cover

I had some materials, so it was a very low budget project for me. The only thing I had to buy was some more wire and some Velcro that I bought from the dollar store.

Konelia Stretch Printed Dining Chair Seat Covers Removable Antislip Slipcover(set Of 6)

The fabric I used was actually a large piece of fabric from a hardware store. They were used as tablecloths for the ceremony, and instead of throwing them away at the end, I took them off and brought them home. After a good wash, they were ready to go.

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The most difficult part of the project was to start the pattern. I’ve seen a lot of examples online where people just cut and pin the covers to make the covers, but I had to make ten of them.

To make my pattern, I spent some time researching and thinking about how to even sew. I came with back and seat. The only downside to this pattern is that it requires large pieces of fabric, but drapery works great here.

I started by gluing the newspaper to the chair as a slipcover. Then I carefully cut it out of the chair in the places where I wanted the seams. Then he unfolded the newspaper, folded it exactly in half and straightened the edges.

Stretch Elastic Dining Room Chair Seat Covers Universal Removable Washable Chair Seat Cover Protector Cushion Slipcover|chair Cover|

I placed the pattern from the newspaper on thick white paper and circled it. I then added a half inch seam allowance and cut out the pattern from white paper. The white paper allowed me to add seam allowances later, as well as keep the lightweight material from getting soiled with newsprint.

The straight edge of each pattern is a fold line, so the fabric is folded in half and the pattern is placed on top. When everything is cut, you unfold the fabric and lay the whole piece so that both sides match.

After receiving the pattern, I cut out my first cover. I used pins to pin the fabric, adjusting as I went. For my first attempt, I used a disappearing marker along the pin lines to give me an idea of ​​where to sew.

How To Sew A Dining Chair Seat Cover

After each seam, I tried on the bed on the back of the chair and adjusted it if necessary. The first sleepover took the longest, but I knew it would intensify once I figured out the pattern and my path and

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