How To Sew A High Chair Cover

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How To Sew A High Chair Cover – Some baby gear can take a beating, and high-end seats are too high. My mom bought us a high chair at a garage sale and washed it really well. However, over time I got tired of starting from the blue square and getting food stuck on the edge. When I found this beautiful and easy-to-wash fabric for $2 a yard, I knew what to do with it!

***This is another old tutorial – sorry for the bad photos I took with my old camera***

How To Sew A High Chair Cover

How To Sew A High Chair Cover

1. Remove the screen and use it as a template to cut the pieces. If you don’t want to keep the original cover, you can cut it to make it easier to follow. I sewed my new cover on top of the old one, so it was nice and soft.

Diy Boho 1st Birthday Highchair Banner

3. My chair has a small piece of rubber that goes down for a better fit, so I made a little wrap.

6. Draw a big bow on top – this will be enough to hold the curtain over the chair.

7. Cut a hole for the crotch of the highchair to go through. Cut about 1/2 inch shorter than needed, then make the end of each corner. This way you can fold back the raw edge. I also did this on top of the seat b/c my seat has a bit of a gap to reach the adjustment lever.

8. Place the new cover on top of the old one and check that everything is where it should be. Fold the raw edge back and sew.

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For the smaller pieces I made, I folded the pieces back to the wrong side and then sewed them.

And since all luxury furniture is different, here are some tips I’ve learned that will help you with any design:

Amy is the founder and owner of Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop. Wife and mother of three children. Amy enjoys sewing, reading and being outdoors.

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How To Sew A High Chair Cover

Peek-a-Boo Pages is part of several affiliate programs, which means we receive services for certain things mentioned. This Haig chair has been in this house for years and I have to say it is not fun and looks sad. So when I came across a bunch of tarps at Mendel’s on Haight Street, I knew what I had to do. Maybe I should have chosen pretty flowers, but with two boys… it was polka-dotted and blue.

Ikea ‘antilop’ High Chair Cover!

I can’t believe how easy, quick, and cheap it was to make, and I love how fun my kitchen looks.

1.5 yards (I bought oilcloth because it’s easy to clean, but you can buy any strong fabric and run it through the washing machine to clean it)

1. Lay the seat top down and pull it around, leaving an inch or a half for seam allowance (and extra room in my case). Cut two pieces. Cut out the center of the spine.

2. Draw the middle part of the front panel. (see pink dotted line).

High Chair Cushion Pattern Fits Stokke Tripp Trapp Cushion

4. Sew the front and back together, right sides together (the front of the fabric), then sew a half-inch seam. Try the cover and get it if you want it. Trim the edges so that the corners are sharp when you turn it right side out.

6 and 7. Compare the operation of the seat cover. Add extra wide buttons to the straps (reinforce them with extra fabric and satin stitching or whatever) and tuck them in where the highchair needs them. Do you have an IKEA high chair that needs a makeover?! Today I’m sharing our great DIY IKEA furniture and how you can do it too!

When we were looking for a high chair for our daughters, we couldn’t decide what type of high chair to get. The girls were 6 months old and we knew it was time to buy high chairs, so we ran to IKEA and bought two high chairs. They’re only $20 each, so you can’t beat them! We felt that furniture needed a little personality and fun, so we decided to make some DIY furniture!

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How To Sew A High Chair Cover

Today I am happy to share with you a simple DIY IKEA Antilop high chair! We DIY high chair legs, table tops, stools and made funny pillow covers! We’ll show you how to do it again + a free pattern to make your own pillowcase!

Baby High Chair Cushion Cover Kids Children Booster Mats Pads Feeding Chair Cushion Stroller Seat Cushion Pure Cotton Fabric

Do you want to sew? Use fabric glue and Velcro instead of sewing! Cut out the pattern, staple the beautiful sides together, and leave an 18-inch opening at the bottom. Flip the project over to see the beautiful pages. Fold the bottom fabric in at a time so that the opening is 1/4 inch for a nice edge. Place the Velcro on this side. Do the same with the other side and you’re done!

We recommend that you print at 100% magnification on your printer. Some lines may be lost along the edges of the printer, but lining up each sheet with the next maintains size/scale.

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you have a nice day! If you make a DIY Ikea high chair, we want to hear about it! I bought a boy high chair at a garage sale for $12 (here’s a new matching model). It works really well for us, but I don’t care about the style. So I decided to make a new DIY high chair cover. The lids were about $5 so it wasn’t too bad.

1. I took off the old tablecloth, placed it on the new tablecloth and cut it around. Using a rotary knife and rotary cutter makes the job easier.

J.l. Childress Disney Baby Shopping Cart & High Chair Cover For Baby To Toddler, Floral Princess Pattern

2. I took another piece of fabric, drew the outline of the seat cover and cut out the back of the seat cover.

3. I decided that I wanted a pocket on the back of the seat cover to hold more toys, so I bought some fabric, traced the outline of the seat cover and cut out the pocket.

4. To finish the edge, I pinned the edge and sewed a straight thread.

How To Sew A High Chair Cover

5. Then I pressed the pocket to the back of the seat cover and then sewed the edges, so the pocket remained open.

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Mccalls Craft Pattern 5721 Infant Shopping Cart High Chair Covers Un Cut

6. I used a nice thick fleece for the back of the seat cover, so I put the front piece of fabric right side up on top of the fleece and cut around the edges.

7. So I put the front to the side and cut the back (where the pocket is). I placed the pocket square under the right side of the fleece and sewed them together, leaving a small opening so I could pull the inside out.

8. I turned it inside out and then folded it over the edge, leaving a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

9. Then I collect everything. The bottom is fur, the back (with a pocket) in the middle, the front facing down. I pinned them all together and hemmed the edges, leaving a 1/4 inch seam.

Grandpa’s High Chair: How To Refinish And Update An Antique

10. I left a small hole at the bottom of the seat cover so I could pull out the inside. After turning the fold out, I closed the gap at the bottom and pulled it out. Then I put the cover on the upper seat. I wasn’t happy with the sides, so I sewed up the sides of the cover a bit to keep it from flapping to the side and make it a bit nicer.

This isn’t a very clear guide, so I apologize, but I thought, as difficult as it is, it might be useful for someone making a DIY highchair cover.

Obviously you can do a top screen and very differently and maybe better, but this is how I chose to handle the problem. It’s not perfect and I’ll probably tweak it a bit more, but I really like it and I hope you do too.

How To Sew A High Chair Cover

A square of printed fabric on the front and a square of soft white fabric on the back. When it comes to large furniture, IKEA Antilop is the perfect choice. It’s compact, all plastic (hooray for easy cleaning!) and slides right next to our desk (no tray) for baby to hear.

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