How To Sew A Slip Cover For A Wing Chair

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How To Sew A Slip Cover For A Wing Chair – PS I know the curvature of things on the wall. We’re running out of time, but we’ll fix that later. 🙂  I washed it again so it’s still a little wrinkly, but seriously, am I spending hours on my cover? No!

Here is the quilt. I plan on making some more pillows, but I need a sewing break. Alas!

How To Sew A Slip Cover For A Wing Chair

How To Sew A Slip Cover For A Wing Chair

First of all, you need to make the skirt separately. I drew this diagram to help you understand. First, measure the length and height of the sides and front of the bed. The front of my bed is 80 inches and the sides are 40 inches. It was about 9 inches tall. (Height is where your skirt starts from the floor and goes down.)  So I cut four square strips that were 45″ x 12″ long. Then I cut three smaller squares that were 10″ x 12″. (I’m guessing a lot here, not measuring exactly.  I always leave myself extra fabric because it’s easier to cut.)

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These are three small squares. See how jagged and imprecise the bottom is? I stopped it later. I then assembled them as shown in the diagram, all right sides facing down, with the long rectangles touching and the smaller rectangles covering the “brakes”.

This is the front so you can see what it looks like. Then I pinned all the fabrics together. After I did that, I sewed the piping down the top. Then I attached it from the inside of the lid:

Attaching the front was super easy since I didn’t have to measure. Make sure the box covers are in the corners and on the front. Mine got a little worse from not having the right size. That’s my guess.

The sides were tricky because I had to make sure the fall was even. I didn’t do it very precisely and made some mistakes. If I were to do it again, I would shorten the sleeves to the desired length and wear them over the skirt. So be it.

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Then I sewed it up and put it back on the bed and saw a few places where the arms meet the skirt so I took it off and sewed it back on and then sewed it up.

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You can see it’s a little…I wanted it to fit snugly around the tube on the arm like the other side of the box, but the fabric was an inch short. Honestly, you wouldn’t notice unless you compared your cover to the ones in PB magazine (I did.).

Stuttering, I clipped the hem instead of photographing the next part. This helped me draw little dots where the skirt met the floor. I drew dots around the skirt and then it was easy to figure out where the hem should be. I folded it twice. I think it was difficult to sew those edges on my machine. My poor machine really had to make this cover.

How To Sew A Slip Cover For A Wing Chair

On the flip side, if you keep enough length, it can be shortened just as easily as the others. I was silly so I had to add a little skirt (no piping or pleats).

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The last step is to make the Velcro fasteners. I put this on the back corners of the bed. I put the lid on and did a bit of trimming on the top and sides, but left most of the back corner exposed. Then I put all the excess fabric in place and pinned. The key here is to pull it tight to the bed and tuck the fabric together, but leave an inch or so on the arm side for the velcro to overlap.

When sewing the velcro, make sure the loop part (the part on the back of the couch) is sewn on the wrong side of the fabric, facing the bed. Then make sure the other side is sewn to the right side of the fabric.

Then when it turns right, it should look like this. Ignore all my unrelated threads.

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Also, ignore mismatched skirts. The other side is even worse. It was a punishment for my miscalculation. But it’s in the back, so you won’t notice until the bed is against the wall. The best part…now you are done!!!!!

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Learn how to sew a chair cover, perfect for beginners and adding texture to any space. Revive a family heirloom or thrift find. They are easy to clean and perfect for a house full of kids.

The covers can be removed and washed. Over the years I’ve made a few for couches, chairs, Ikea chairs.

How To Sew A Slip Cover For A Wing Chair

I got this chair off Craigslist a few years ago for $20. It is covered with a pink butterfly fabric. I updated it again with this cream and blue fabric.

Diy Slip Covered Ottoman

And it’s been a good few months. I tried cleaning it with Okiclean.

The only reason I’ve kept it this long is because we haven’t gotten around to putting a coffee table in this space yet, and it’s served that purpose for now.

Now I love her again. All that was left was a simple bleached fabric seat cover.

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How To Make A Fabric Slip Cover For A Chair

Fabric – I used bleached fabric. See the notes above when bleaching fabric. I only recommend the brand I linked to.

So, I put bleached fabric on my first chair and cut it to the right size. I wanted it to hang about four inches so I had enough material to attach the handlebars.

Continue cutting until it’s even all the way around. You can see how accurate I am with my measurements.

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How To Sew A Slip Cover For A Wing Chair

Now, if I knew I was going to include the links, I would have done it differently.

Ten June: Diy Footstool / Ottoman Slip Cover With Piping Tutorial

The cap is out. I want them both facing the inside to sew the seams.

This is the part where you have to sew your own ties, not after me!

Fold the ends under, press flat around them, and topstitch to hide the raw edges.

I made them 6 inches wide, but the length depends on the size of the chair. So, if your cover is 180 inches in diameter, your pleat should be 270 inches long.

Wingback Chair Slipcover Tutorial

Turn the gathering seam all the way around, then pin the pleat piece to the main flap piece.

Then cover the underside of the steering wheel to finish the edge and hide the loose wires.

If you don’t have a serger, you have two options: you can use a zigzag stitch (or whatever type of finishing stitch the machine offers) or press button to trim the hem 1/4″. Then another 1/4 inch to hide the raw edge inside. I didn’t want the hem to be too big, which would make the ruffles stand out.

How To Sew A Slip Cover For A Wing Chair

Keep in mind that I didn’t think about adding relationships until later in this tutorial, so some things need to be rearranged. I will guide you to avoid my mistakes, but please be patient. Sewing multiple layers of heavy fabrics on a home sewing machine can be frustrating if not impossible.

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Your machine chokes, thread jams, needle breaks….over and over again. The process of starting and stopping is very interesting. You are ready to stop creating your cover.

Most likely, your machine is not the problem. The culprit is fabric. Most home sewing machines are not strong enough to sew 4-6 layers of heavy denim and canvas.

There is a simple solution. Choose a medium weight fabric for the cover. That means a tightly woven 8-10 oz. Cotton fiber, canvas or denim. They are lighter