How To Use A Blanket As A Chair Cover

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How To Use A Blanket As A Chair Cover – Love a large rug, but are there different types and how do you use them? Well, you’re in luck! I’ve listed a few different ways to use throws as well as some of my favorites below.

I love throwing blankets over chairs, especially when you can see the back of the chair. It’s fun to use a tassel or pom-pom cover to add color and texture. This blanket from Olive & Linen is one of my favorites because it has black tassels in the 4 corners of the blanket, making it fun to switch things up.

How To Use A Blanket As A Chair Cover

How To Use A Blanket As A Chair Cover

My favorite way to use the rug is on a chair. I like to tie it around my arm and then lay it on the floor. No, I don’t leave them like that all the time, mostly to make movies. The plaid is crocheted with a funny fringe at the bottom. I love the textures that add to the space.

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Sometimes I like to fold blankets to make them look neat and tidy. I like to do this with throws that have fun details around the edges.

And the throws are perfect to decorate the corner of my sofa. I like to throw pillows to make getting off the couch easier. It’s a little more casual, but perfect for a family room…just throw it in there and arrange it however you like. With this particular shot, I moved the corners around until I got the black tassels where I wanted them.

On sofas I like to lay blankets on the floor. Notice how the shot moves the eye from the bottom to the center of the photo – great photography tip. And if you’re looking for other ways to throw pillows, you can find them here.

If you want to change the look of a room, adding a blanket is a great way to do so. See how different the sofa looks with a light and dark cover. These 2 throws have different textures and different sizes, which creates a different feel.

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I like to change rooms depending on the time of year, but changing the bedding and all the decorations can be very expensive. However, changing the throw is a great budget way to bring a different style to a room. In the spring, I used this soft pink bedspread and folded it neatly at the end of my bed.

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Every day I like to use the charcoal cover that comes with my bed. And to create an even more expressive look, I like to decorate the corner of my bed with it.

Sometimes I like to paint 2 layers: one on the foot of the bed and one on the corner. Contrasting colors that match the decor are ideal. Brilliant pink throw here Turquoise throw here

How To Use A Blanket As A Chair Cover

You can also add roles to carts. And I love the look of the wide throws, they add texture.

White Chair Beside Bed With White Blanket · Free Stock Photo

Another fun option is to have the design on the throw. I love adding tribal design throws to baskets.

Or add it to a window sill for extra style. I love it here with my patterned pillows. Beautiful and comfortable!

Thank you so much for joining our community, we are so excited to have you! The last step remains, go to the mail and confirm the subscription! 5 Way Wednesday 5 ways to style a blanket for a cozy home. Rugs are great for year-round use to add color or pattern to a room. However, in fall and winter, blankets are also essential to stay warm and cozy.

Here are some ways to style them in your home while still being easily accessible when the weather turns chilly and you need to grab a blanket to keep warm!

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How to use: First press a piece of blanket in the upper corner. Next, run the rug from the stuck area to one side of the couch or chair. Finally, add a decorative pillow on top.

How to use: First fold the wrapper into thirds. Second, place a rug at one end of a bench or couch. Be sure to cover the back of the seat and let it hang over the edge of the seat. Adds color, pattern or texture to a plain sofa. Finally, add some decorative cushions to the seat.

How to use: First fold the wrapper in four. Next, roll up the blankets. Then place the blankets in an open drawer, basket or chest. It’s great for watching TV, a cozy cuddle or as extra space where blankets are needed to keep you warm in a cozy home.

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How To Use A Blanket As A Chair Cover

Where to use the throw: In a large decorative basket. It looks good in a large decorative basket placed on an open console table in the hallway, living room or dining room. You can see more console table design ideas here.

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How to use: First fold the blanket in four lengthwise. Then fold the comforter and tuck the folded side into the basket, allowing the two ends to overlap. Leave one side shorter than the other. Finally, add some pillows to your cart. In particular, pumpkins can be added in the fall!

Where to use the cover: On the bed in the bedroom. Think of a throw as a bed scarf or extra bed cover. Again, depending on the quilt you use, it will add texture, color or pattern to your bed. Besides, more blankets make the house cozier.

How to use it: For this idea, you can fold or wrap the quilt at the end of the bed. If you want an organic feel, I put the blanket over the edge of the bed on one side. For a neater look, fold the blanket and place it at an angle or straight across the bottom of the bed.

Thanks for visiting the Cuter Tudor blog. You’ll see me share 5 ways to style a product every Wednesday on my Instagram stories. For example, last week I designed a large Magnolia Home tray. If you need ideas for styling a wall mounted tobacco basket, click here or ideas for styling decorative glass beads.

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Please save this to your Pinterest board for home decor ideas or share it on Facebook so all your friends can create a cozy home. Good day everyone!

My 3 Favorite Tips for Making My Home Cozy By Joanna Gaines 5 Ways to Decorate a Homemade Magnolia Tray 5 Ways to Decorate Your Home Mantel How to Make Your Home Cozy in Fall Most of us have piles of stuff around the house. We saw them online, or a friend gave us a pair, or we bought them at a yard sale. Now they lie in a pile because we don’t know what to do with them.

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When planning how to display shots, you want to place them where you can actually use them.

How To Use A Blanket As A Chair Cover

Hold the throw steady, then reach the center of the throw and grab it. Let it hang from the center and place this center on the back of the sofa.

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If they have tassels or tassels, fold them so the pompoms or tassels are on one side. Fold the blanket so it’s small enough to slide over a bench and wrap pom-poms or tassels around the sides.

To do this, I usually put 1 or 2 balls in the basket. Then I fold the cute blanket and tie it to the side.

You can personalize it with your initials and it comes in a variety of sizes and styles. You can see it here.

(In general: don’t go overboard with this option. You can throw it a billion times and it will never look perfect or exactly how you want it. That’s fine. You want it to look easy. Throw it on the edge of a chair. And go .)

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Need some color at the end of your bed? Simply fold your quilt or comforter in half (for height and comfort). Then fold the blanket in thirds and place it on top of the folded quilt cover.

Instead of just wrapping it around an arm of the chair, you’re going to break. Place it in the center of the chair and add a pillow on top.

The key to this look is to find the corner of the bed closest to the door. Then lay the flat shot, then reach to the center of the shot and grab it. Hang it in the middle and place the center in the corner of the bed.

How To Use A Blanket As A Chair Cover

Last fall, to add color and texture to an entryway bench, I placed it on the edge.

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I folded it against the wall in the living room