How To Wash Graco High Chair Cover

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How To Wash Graco High Chair Cover – They are JRRONCHLI. If there is a clean spot in my house, Ryan has found it and God knows it. I mentioned how much I love our Graco Slim Spaces chair. We have a really small house and I like that it’s a traditional freestanding high chair (it’s safer when Cooper stands on it and steals), but when you fold it up to take it out, it still leaves a little mark. . The cover is washable, which is great because Ryan often wipes his dirty, yogurt-covered hands behind his back. It has a double removable tray which I love because honestly sometimes I eat lunch and still don’t clean the top tray. Is that me? OK, I’m a little embarrassed. After Ryan walks in, clicks on the tray and lets him go crazy, the whole tray comes out for me to pick up his food.

I love how easy this high chair is to clean, well, deep cleaning. it’s very messy. There are many hooks and hooks and if you don’t remember how you got it

How To Wash Graco High Chair Cover

How To Wash Graco High Chair Cover

It can be difficult to recover. If you’re like me, you lose or throw away the manual within a week of buying something.

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So I put together this little guide on how to take a high chair apart and clean it thoroughly. For some reason, when I googled it, I couldn’t find a single tutorial, so I had to scrap it.

First remove the tray. I wash and wipe several times a day, but in the end, even after that time, it looks like a stain. When I do a “deep clean” once a month, I like to take some water and bleach and let it soak for a while. Then rinse well. Then remove the first cover, rinse. First you need to remove the elastic hooks on the bottom near the footrest.

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Then pull the stick out of your hand. First you need to remove the rest of the disk. Then tighten the belt and remove the cover.

I throw this in the laundry with my regular laundry. Detergent and cold water. I always clean the bedside table because it cannot be thrown in the dryer. I did this once when I had a MIL and didn’t want a hideous high chair, but I wouldn’t recommend doing it every time. After washing, hang it to dry. If it’s really rough and clogged with crumbs, I recommend removing the corners (where all the food will collect) before washing. Next we want to remove the gray line. It’s not washable, but if we go, it’s easy to clean the diaper and remove the tie. First, take the velcro and the two loops on the back of the chair.

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Remove the armrests near the armrest and base joints. Now you can remove the gray line.

Now it’s time to take off your seat belt. Through the liner, feel where the rope anchor is. Pull the short end of the anchor through the hole in each strap and flap. Then pull the belt out of the real high chair. Throw these in the wash and dry.

Now for the fun stuff. Spray it with the cleaner of your choice. Take a toothbrush (I know..) and scrub the area that the sponge can reach. Cooking area. He let out a sigh of relief as he became a white spark.

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How To Wash Graco High Chair Cover

Then wipe off the rest. I cleaned it with Magic Eraser. Without a cover, you can see and go anywhere. Be amazed at how much food you can get in crazy places. Fold the high chair to get to another hidden spot outdoors and clean that too. When you’re done, delete everything.

Graco High Chair

Replace the wire (now clean) on the string and seat while we remove it. Make sure you get them right. As shown in the image below, the shoulder straps should be folded inwards and the hip belt buckles should be facing inwards. Turn the wire the same way we took it out and pull the middle wire through the wire. Now put a dry cloth on it and pull the cable. Place the wooden object first, then place the elastic around the anchor. Put the child in the high chair and confuse him again … .

I hope this little guide is helpful. I absolutely love this high chair and I think you will too. Let me know if you have any questions!

*I was not paid to write this post. Graco doesn’t know I have one, but I absolutely love this high chair!*