Joann Fabric Cream Colored Vinyl Chair Cover

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Joann Fabric Cream Colored Vinyl Chair Cover – I ended up making the last two chairs for my restaurant customers. A total of six vintage dining chairs and I’m glad I’m done. They came out beautiful!

It was repainted with Sherwin-Williams software and flashed in cyberspace. My client chose a cream and gray fabric from Joanns Fabric Store. Finally, add a dark gray braid and finish them off!

Joann Fabric Cream Colored Vinyl Chair Cover

Joann Fabric Cream Colored Vinyl Chair Cover

Have you ever taken on a project and felt like your client trusted you more than you trusted your limits? Talk about stress. I knew I could do it, it’s just… NEW territory. It’s scary, nerve wracking and really scary.

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My client has a beautiful old dining room that she inherited from her mother. I saw the potential, don’t get me wrong! But the question for me was “how am I going to do this?”.

He gave me one of his seats and said, I want to see what you can do. This change is one of my favorites. Maybe because I lost tears, blood and sweat in my work. The result was great satisfaction.

I started by removing the cuff from the holder. We didn’t want it, we wanted a pillow instead. I sanded it and cut wood to replace this area.

Primed, painted and glazed. I could do this in my sleep. It wasn’t until packing and “Why” that I questioned my abilities.

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Each step helped me calm down and see that this was all going to work out

Then I added the club to the back (where your back rests). I pulled off the cloth and started to cry like a mad woman. Finishing the edges with rope gives a professional look.

It was developed by Sherwin-Williams software and flashed into cyberspace. To match the buffet just finished. My client chose a cream and gray fabric from Joanns. Dark gray braid to match and finish!

Joann Fabric Cream Colored Vinyl Chair Cover

I love this little folding chair! It’s very much behind the scenes. My client was walking his dogs and his neighbor saw him throw the chair in the trash. He stopped him and asked if he could take it. He replied “it’s broken, are you sure?”…

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So here we are, fixing your leg and replacing the screws. He used Sherwin-Williams Black Fox again and distressed it a little. I added a new print version chosen by my client. He gave this man a second chance and rescued him from the rubble!

My sweet box dog is taking my pictures, I’ll let it slide because Miss Justice is busy!

These beautiful wooden executive chairs are a dream come true! Refinished in Sherwin-Williams Black Fox, handles and top are brushed oil bronze. Redd brown to match the original brown table. It’s time for my clients Thanksgiving party!!

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Sometimes when customers pick up pieces that I customize, they drop off small decorative items like candle holders, picture frames, mirrors and more. Sometimes I get big things like interior doors, lamps and in this case beautiful garden chairs.

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My client chose his colors and it was a simple request for a solid paint job. The outdoor stools had been used for quite some time and needed to be sanded to remove any grime.

Painted bright yellow and cheerful orange, the girls are ready to not only look good in my client’s garden, but also have a strong finish for outdoor durability.

A few weeks ago I posted about a chair I returned to a customer, click on Dining Chair to read about it! My client was not sure how his dining room would be decorated and I started with a chair to show him. Well, your dining table and chairs are done! After removing the dining room set on Friday, he also gave me a replica skin so I could officially make this set! Keep an eye on this beautiful evolution!

Joann Fabric Cream Colored Vinyl Chair Cover

It was renovated in Sherwin-Williams Greek Villa and painted brown. The tabletop is carved Wood Classics Armoire Hickory. All the handle bars have been reset to black. Reupholster chairs in Joann’s Fabric gray vinyl.

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Sometimes I find the type of client who has a hard time seeing the big picture. Not bad at all, most of us are viewers! I fully understand. But the hardest part is already done – tell me if you want to give your pieces a second chance. This can be intimidating for first-time buyers. I’m here to make the process fun, stress-free, and make your pieces last a lifetime.

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He has a restaurant and a shed that he wants to see finished, but since it was difficult for him to see, I said let me make a chair first so that he can see it at home and he can see that he is pleased with the color. of our consulting options. It also gives him a chance to feel your furniture. Making sure it’s a piece of quality construction, not a slap on the paint.

I’m working on his desk right now, because he’s wondering how his chair is doing. This is the first piece I made for him, a dining chair, that helped him believe!

Remodeled in Sherwin-Williams Greek Villa with light brown glazing. Gray Vinyl Upholstered Seat from Joann Fabric Store.

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The latest creation! I have one last project to share before the new year. I hope you had a great Christmas!

It has been refinished in Sherwin-Williams Languid Blue and white glaze to not only soften this chair, but also enhance it wonderfully.