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Kate Tempest Let Them Eat Chaos Album Cover – To quickly address the elephant in the room: Yes, anyone who can get even a little bit out of Mike Skinner’s production aka The Streets will have a good time with new long-time player Kate Tempest. And that was decided. A South London poet more than deserves to be treated separately from his predecessor. With “Let They Eat Chaos”, he published a 13-point musical novel and lost all comparisons.

In her second album, Kate Tempest brings European discontent to the intimate conditions of London homes and tells a hauntingly visual story of urban loneliness, isolation, helplessness and A night’s sleep in the ant camp we call the big city. At the same time, it does not fall directly into politics, and suggests that the world’s biggest problems can be difficult to contain for a small cog in the machine.

Kate Tempest Let Them Eat Chaos Album Cover

Kate Tempest Let Them Eat Chaos Album Cover

The cities of the continent breathe and breathe as usual, but their stomachs seem to rot. “People die to live / Crooked in the road / But how the road works / The system is too soft to stop working,” he says in “Lost Europe”. Brexit, the threat of terrorism, the growing influence of right-wing populists in Europe and neutral people despite Facebook and Tinder: Tempest deprives the wealthy citizens of the West from the illusion of a perfect world.

Kate Tempest Illustrated

To explain, it takes place from the perspective of seven different people who, however, have one thing in common: not all of them sleep at 4:18 in the morning. There’s Pete, who makes a living as a producer for live shows, but always wastes his paychecks on alcohol. He’s drunk trying to put a key in the door of his father’s house while Bradley is awake in another house wondering why the hell he can’t sleep.

As in his predecessor “Everybody Down” and in his book “What You Can Trust”, the 30-year-old creates a hot film in which he searches with many details it’s so good that you actually think about taking it to a half-dark tent. be blind. .

“Let Them Eat Chaos” sets the alarm clock in terms of storytelling. Tempest shines a different light throughout the album, ultimately bringing each story together in the brilliant finale, “Tunnel Vision.” Going into full details would be a huge spoiler for the current Netflix series, so everyone will have to experience the Lost Souls episode for themselves. From the “perfect coffee” of the same chain to the suburbs, gentrified (“Perfect Coffee”) and unlovable (“Grubby”): Kate Tempest describes the fear and despair of the generation that – always strive to do well in it. condition . , and feel the loss of emotions. .

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In music, Kate Tempest’s music is clear. Again, the rhythm takes your breath away to make room for the music. In the opening “Image A Vacuum,” a spoken word rather than hip hop, Tempest describes the vastness of space where our planet orbits the sun in the sky. His story enters the house of the seven leaders from afar. The unimaginable thing that the person has even a burden.

Kate Tempest:

When the music begins, they usually follow Tempest’s verse in a cold but powerful way. The industrial noise of “Lost Europe” combines the image of a cigarette chimney with an endless delivery service. In contrast, the shimmering synth on “Tunnel Vision” feels almost chaotic. A wake-up call from the daily grind of life.

The production does not stand as an addition to Kate Tempest’s music, but instead reinforces the common thread of British women’s dating. The song “Pictures on the Screen”, which tells the story of Bradley, also explains this. Despite all the benefits in life, he rests in bed. The sound of warm air reflects the mood that arises when you stand by the window at night, looking at the rows of houses filled with dark rooms, only your light remains. bright.

“Let Chaos Eat” is one of those albums that you want, but you might as well name both because it’s the same thing. A lyrically and musically coherent work which, despite all the complexity, comes with a very simple message: “Get up / And love more”.

Kate Tempest Let Them Eat Chaos Album Cover

“Wow!” (Miss D). The one-word quote on the official home page is proof that we are talking about the artist: Everyone who co-created social criticism … Hope betrayed, wasted, Brand New Ancits , Everybody Down, Hold Your Own, The Bricks Who Built the House, let them eat fast

Kate Tempest Let Them Eat Chaos

At the age of 16, Tempest was accepted into the BRIT School of Performing Arts and Technology in Croydon. In 2013, they won the Ted Hughes Award for their work Brand New Ancits.

The last Poem Friends book (titled Let Them Eat Fast) was shortlisted for the Costa Book of the Year in the Poetry category.

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His debut novel The Bricks That Built the House was a Sunday Times bestseller and won the 2017 Books Are My Bag Readers Award for Breakthrough Author. They were nominated for Best Female Solo Artist at the 2018 Brit Awards.

One of five children his father is a media lawyer and his mother is a teacher. Tempest worked in a record store from the age of 14 to 18. They went to Thomas Tallis School, and at 16 they went to study at the BRIT School of Performing Arts and Technology in Croydon, after which they graduated in English literature at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Concert Review: Kate Tempest, Auckland New Zealand, 2020

Tempest first performed at the age of 16, at a mic night at the Real Deal, a small hip-hop shop on Carnaby Street in West London d. They wanted to support acts like John Cooper Clarke, Billy Bragg and Benjamin Zephaniah. Tempest and his band Sound of Rum toured internationally until the band broke up in 2012 before being commissioned to write their first play, Wasted.

In August 2020, Tempest came out as non-binary, started using the pronoun they/them, and changed her name to Kae.

Kae Tempest performs hip hop, specifically her signature piece Eat Chaos, at the 2017 Treefort Music Fest in Boise, Idaho

Kate Tempest Let Them Eat Chaos Album Cover

In 2013, Tempest released his first book of poems Everything He Said in His Own Way, a limited edition published by his own publishing house, Zingaro. At the age of 26, they launched Brand New Ancits Theater at Battersea Arts Center (2012), to critical acclaim.

Tanz Den Vorhöllenlimbo

The project also won the Tempest the Herald Angel and the Ted Hughes Award. Some of Tempest’s influences include Samuel Beckett, James Joyce, WB Yeats, William Blake, WH Aud and the Wu-Tang Clan.

In September 2013, Paines Plow made its play Desperate to debut at Birmingham Rep Theatre.

In 2014 they released the album Everybody Down (Big Dada, Ninja Tune) produced by Dan Carey and nominated for the 2014 Mercury Prize.

In October 2014, their first collection of poems was published for Picador, Hold Yourself. The collection was a commercial and critical success, and its release coincided with Tempest’s name and subsequent generations of poets.

Kate Tempest Announces New Album ‘the Book Of Traps And Lessons’, Shares New Single ‘firesmoke’

In April 2016, his debut novel The Bricks That Built Houses was published by Bloomsbury and became a Sunday Times bestseller. It won the Book is My Bag award for best author.

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In September 2016, it was announced that Tempest would headline Brighton Festival 2017. They released their album Let Them Eat Chaos on 7 October 2016.

It peaked at number 28 in the UK Album Chart and was published in paperback (Picador).

Kate Tempest Let Them Eat Chaos Album Cover

Tempest’s song “People’s Face” was used for the Facebook campaign “We are not lost if we can find each other”, produced by agcy Droga5, released on April 9, 2020.

Who Is Kate Tempest, What Are The Brits 2018 Nominee’s Poems About And What Are The Lyrics To Europe Is Lost?

Paradise, Tempest’s modern adaptation of Sophocles’ Greek classic, Philoctetes, premieres at the National Theater from 4 August to 11 September 2021. An all-female cast, starring Lesley Sharp, directed by Ian Rickson and performed at the Olivier Theatre.

In November 2019, along with other public figures, Tempest signed a letter supporting Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn describing it as “a sign of hope in the fight against the rise of nationalism right-wing, xophobia and racism in many democracies. world” and rejecting it in the UK general election in 2019.

In December 2019, along with 42 other cultural figures, they signed a letter supporting Corbyn’s Labor Party in the 2019 general election. provide a reform system that puts people’s needs and interests first. the planet. above personal gain and the interests of some”.

The Economist commented on the work of Tempest by the Royal Shakespeare Company: “The amazing work of [Kae] Tempest, a poet in London, comes to the screen. It is often necessary for Shakespeare in our language, in the organization of emotions us.” has been shown with such youthful enthusiasm. (Checking should be required for all youth.)”

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The Huffington Post describes them as “Britain’s young artists, playwrights and singers… one of the country’s leading actors – the perfect package of music and performance. [They] are also some of the most exciting young writers working in Britain today.” (2012). The Guardian said of Brand New Ancits, “Suddenly, we felt as if we were not in a theater but in a church…