Kingsley Bate Furniture Cover Chatham Dining Side Chair

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Kingsley Bate Furniture Cover Chatham Dining Side Chair – These replacement chairs are manufactured by Kingsley Bate and designed to match the Kingsley Bate Chatham side dining chair (item #HA14). These comfortable all-weather pillows are filled with urethane foam wrapped in polyester fiber or polyester fiber filled bladder. All cushions are available with Sunbrella fabric. Cushions are sewn using seam stitching for better seam strength and tear resistance. Color-coordinated zippers are standard. Replacement cushions are made to order and all sales are final. For help finding the right pillow, contact our showroom.

More than 40 solution-dyed acrylic fabrics are available for optional all-weather cushions. Customer Owned Material (COM) is accepted. Ask for more details.

Kingsley Bate Furniture Cover Chatham Dining Side Chair

Kingsley Bate Furniture Cover Chatham Dining Side Chair

Browse the Kingsley Bate catalog to view Kingsley Bate’s range of outdoor furniture and accessories. Questions and advice about cleaning furniture can be found in the Kingsley Bate care and maintenance document. Any questions about warranty information can be answered by reviewing the Kingsley Bath warranty.

Kingsley Bate Tivoli Stainless Steel Sling Dining Side

To clean woven furniture, wash the frame with fresh water using a high-pressure hose. Be careful to avoid teak detailing in furniture because high pressure can damage the surface of the wood. Alternatively, you can wash the fabric with mild detergent and warm water with a soft brush. After washing, rinse with fresh water until there are no soap bubbles. Allow the furniture to dry. Avoid using foam products if using special exterior furniture cleaners, as foam cleaners can leave residue in the fabric and attract dirt later. For more details, see the list of frequently asked questions about the care and maintenance of Kingsley Bate.

Kingsley Bate recommends that woven furniture be stored for the winter in climates prone to snow and cold temperatures. Furniture must be stored in an upright position for proper drainage. Storing shrink-wrapped furniture can cause water to collect and freeze inside the frame, causing structural damage. Always clean your furniture before putting it in storage. The best place to store your furniture is a dry garage, garden or basement. You can also store your woven furniture outdoors by using breathable upholstery.

Pillows should be stored for winter in climates exposed to snow and low temperatures. Blankets should be cleaned and air-dried before storage. Pillows should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated place.

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Kingsley Bate rugs are made from Sunbrella or Outdura fabric, 100% acrylic paint. Fabrics should be cleaned regularly before environmental debris such as dirt, etc. is allowed to accumulate.

Kingsley Bate Chatham Dining Armchair Replacement Cushion

Kingsley Bate strongly recommends that you do not remove the filler from the pillow when cleaning the pillowcase. Instead, clean the pillow with a filling instead. Most of the pillows are “stuffed” using a special machine, and it is not always possible to take the pillow yourself and finish it professionally.

To clean the fabric, simply wipe off any loose debris, then rinse with clean water and a mild natural soap (Woolite is acceptable). The water temperature should not exceed 100 degrees F (37 degrees C), as acrylic fibers are sensitive to heat at high temperatures. Do not expose the fabric to high heat, as it will shrink. Do not steam, iron or dry in an electric or gas dryer.

Sunbrella and Outdura fabrics are treated with a fluorocarbon finish that acts as a sealant, making them water and stain resistant. If you use liquid detergent instead of natural soap to clean your pillow, you may need to use a fabric repellant. We recommend using 303 Hi Tech Fabric Guard or a similar product.

Kingsley Bate Furniture Cover Chatham Dining Side Chair

If your pillow is saturated with water, remove it and put it on its edge in a dry, sunny place. The side with the zipper should face down so that water can flow through the opening. Pads usually dry in 24-48 hours depending on the degree of saturation and the weather during the drying process.

Cape Cod Outdoor Furniture

When the cushions are not in use, it can also be a good idea to put them in the frame inside the furniture frame. In this way, you will reduce the surface exposed to the rain and dry it quickly.

Avoid direct contact of the fabric with oily products, which can lead to rapid aging of the fabric. If direct contact with oily products occurs, clean the material immediately.

Upholstery should be cleaned regularly before environmental deposits (dirt, etc.) are allowed to accumulate and become embedded in the fabric. We recommend cleaning the upholstery in place. Start by brushing away any loose dirt/debris, then clean with a sponge, soapy water, and mild soap. Select the cushion fabric to see the final price. Selected prices include cushions made from grade A fabric. Additional fabric qualities are available at a slightly additional cost.

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For a traditional open braid, choose our Chatham collection. The classic design of this collection will brighten up any porch or sunroom. Decorated with classic white. You can’t go wrong with Chatham.

Kingsley Bate Hadley Collection

The classic Chatham sofa can easily seat 3 and comes with cushioned floor and back cushions for maximum comfort.

Our Chatham collection features the natural beauty of wicker furniture made from organic plant fibers without the typical degradation of outdoor use. Our Chatham collection is made from the finest UV resistant fabrics. The collection is resistant to fading, tearing and cracking. It will bring many years of happiness.

The woven fibers in this collection have a matte surface, different textures and tones that result in an incredibly natural, authentic look. These fibers are intricately woven by hand on a rust-resistant powder-coated aluminum frame. The fibers are environmentally friendly and made from non-toxic, recyclable materials. The frame is welded 360˚ to achieve exceptional strength and longevity.

Kingsley Bate Furniture Cover Chatham Dining Side Chair

Our seats are zippered and come in a choice of more than 100 Sunbrella® or Outdura® fabrics that can withstand the sun and the elements.

Kingsley Bate Provence 59

We became a Kingsley Bate stock in 1993 when we opened our first brick and mortar store. We have grown with Kingsley Bate over the years. We are now one of the largest Kingsley Bate dealers in the United States. We have an exceptional depth of product knowledge. We will support your purchase with spare parts and warranty claims. We have skilled designers in house to help you make a decision. This service is free. All items sent to you are free.

All items on this site will be shipped to you free of charge within the 48 contiguous states of the United States. Unlike other online furniture sellers, we do not charge for large items shipped by motor carrier.

Your purchase will be delivered in a box and unloaded from the truck and left in front of your home or business (or delivered to your door in the case of UPS or Fed Ex shipping). You will be responsible for assembling all items that require assembly (see specifications for each product you order – products that require assembly will be clearly marked). You will also be responsible for the disposal of all boxes and packaging materials. .

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Once the item has been shipped, you will receive an email with tracking information. For added security, we may contact you to confirm your delivery address or call to arrange delivery.

Kingsley Bate Chatham Traditional White Wicker Outdoor Sofa

If you order more than one product from the same or different manufacturers, you may receive each item at a different time. Each manufacturer has a unique delivery time for each product. See the delivery time on the product page where you have added the product to your shopping cart. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email with tracking information. That email will contain any products sent. For example, if you order an umbrella, you may receive the umbrella fabric and umbrella frame in a separate shipment.

Any delivery times quoted to you are approximate only. The actual delivery time is always different from that stated. Into the garden will not be responsible for delays in delivery. You will be obligated to accept the goods regardless of the delay in delivery.

Your order confirmation will contain information on how to ship the order. For shipments by car, the delivery company will contact you to arrange the delivery. Most car companies offer an appointment time (usually 2-4 hours) between 08:00-17:00. It is important to have someone here to receive the delivery. If the carrier is forced to reroute due to the missed delivery date, you will be responsible for any additional fees charged by the carrier.

Kingsley Bate Furniture Cover Chatham Dining Side Chair

It is your responsibility to review your order before signing for it. When shipping goods, follow these instructions.

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First, you must confirm that the package number on the bill (receipt) matches the number of packages sent. If there is something missing from the van that is on the bill, mark it clearly on the bill before signing. Call us now at 1-844-451-5125