Making A Slip Cover For A Chair

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Making A Slip Cover For A Chair – Learn how to make a wingback chair cover with painting fabric. I’ve included a video documenting the entire covering process, lots of instructions, and my tips for a great fit.

I have been sewing simple things for years; Clothes for my little girls, pillows, curtains, blankets and even plain slipcovers for our living room couches.

Making A Slip Cover For A Chair

Making A Slip Cover For A Chair

For this slipcover I used painting fabric that I bleached, a process I describe in this post.

Dropcloth And Pleats — August Blues

Must Read Update: I’ve heard from several readers that the brand of towel you buy makes all the difference. I didn’t know this because I only used this brand from Amazon. Other brands are gray and off-white.

Update Part 2: Thanks to Lori, a wonderful reader of my blog, I now know why some other brands don’t turn white. The towels I recommend from Amazon are 100% cotton, so they can be bleached. Some brands are made of 50% polyester, so they are opaque. I knew people had problems with other brands, but now I actually know why!

2. When adding tubes, use the original seat as a guide. Place it where the original chair manufacturer placed it.

This is not a quick process. You want your seat to be close to the sewing machine so you can constantly move back and forth to make sure everything fits correctly.

How To Make A Slipcover: Favorite Books, Dvds And Videos

I use a zipper foot to get the needle as close to the cord as possible without sewing.

I then cut out all the pieces for the top of the chair. (This will make the lock in the video more understandable.) I cut pieces for the outer and inner wing pieces, two back pieces, two arm pieces, two front arm pieces, two outer bottoms, one apron piece, and one for the front seat back Large pieces (if that makes any sense at all).

I started by overlapping the two back pieces and pinning them to the back of the seat (right sides together).

Making A Slip Cover For A Chair

It is really important that the back of the seat is smooth and tight. This will be most visible on the finished case.

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Following the lines and seams of the original chair, I attach the outer parts of the wing to the back and the inner parts of the wing, which I also attach to the front of the chair part.

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You can see how many pins I used in this process. I wanted to make sure they would follow the lines of the chair, providing a nice fit.

Sometimes things can look a little wonky, but if you can pull it tight on the other seam, it can work.

I could tell I wouldn’t have enough bleached cloth to finish my project, so I used bleached cloth for the hidden part under the pillow.

Easy To Make Diy Slipcovers That Add New Style To Old Furniture

Notice in the photo below how all the seams on my cover are along the main seam of the chair.

After the main part of the cover was finished, I added a ruffle and piping to the bottom to finish it off.

To make the pattern, I traced the shape of the pillow onto the fabric, leaving about half an inch on all sides for seam allowance.

Making A Slip Cover For A Chair

For the bottom of the pillow, I cut two overlapping pieces to fit inside each pillow.

How To Make A Custom Dining Chair Slipcover

I also cut a long strip that will go through the middle of the pillow to join the top and bottom, with the edges in between.

If you are interested in giving it a try, I encourage you to do so! As long as you go slow and check the fit often, you can totally do it.

For this slipcover I used painting fabric that I bleached (process you can find on my blog!).

I then cut out all the pieces for the top of the chair. (This will make the latch in the video more understandable.) I cut pieces for the outer and inner wing pieces, two back pieces, two arm pieces, two front arm pieces, two outer bottoms, one apron piece, and one for the front seatback. The big piece (if that makes sense at all) is the sleeper seat. You might know this little armless piece of furniture as an accent chair. I think of it as the ubiquitous chair.

How To Sew Chair Covers

Thanks to its versatile design and small dimensions, the Sleeper Chair has become a favorite for additional seating in living rooms, bedrooms, reading areas, guest rooms, hotel lobbies, waiting rooms and offices.

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And for you DIY home decorators, this is one of the easiest chairs to update with a custom slipcover. Yes, you can do it yourself! Below this post, you’ll find some helpful tutorials to get you started.

Above is a Leyland covered by Ballard Designs. This is a beautiful example of a classic slatted sleeper chair. If your chair has great legs and feet like these, show them off!

Making A Slip Cover For A Chair

Some bedroom chair designs are reminiscent of a bygone era. To fully appreciate this thoughtful case design (above), you need to look at the front image in Twin Fiber. Jessica has done a fantastic job of creating a shape that highlights the unique features of the chair. And he did it all with a drop of fabric!

The Best Sofa Slipcovers Of 2022

I am in awe of Pam Morris’ work. He is a master at making slippers that double as upholstery. This pair of Ikat covers is no exception.

Think of your chunky, narrow sleeper chair as a blank canvas. Just because the profile is shorter/lower than other chairs doesn’t mean you’re limited to a certain color or small print. Try a bold, oversized pattern and make a statement.

The sleeper seat cover can be designed as you wish. Karen at Slipcover by Karen Bean used a cloth towel for this project (above). He created a comfortable fit with as few seams as possible, which puts the focus on the chair’s beautiful lines.

I love her use of the little strip of ribbon cord and the pleat opening in the back corner. Two small details that make a big impact. @slipcoversbykarenbean See more of Karen’s work here.

How To Make A Slipcover Part 2: Slipcover Reveal!

Well, now it’s time to upgrade your sleeper chair again! Below are some case tutorials that I think you’ll enjoy.

Kim Chagnon of Kim’s Upholstery walks you through how to make a chair slipper cover in this DIY YouTube video.

Jane paired her pair of bedroom chairs with curtain panels at Tatertots & Jello. Here’s how she did it. Here are easy steps on how to make a chair cover without a pattern. Also, the best fabric to choose for the seat cover.

Making A Slip Cover For A Chair

Believe it or not, I picked up this chair at a thrift store for $3. This is a great deal and I couldn’t resist a great thrift store makeover!

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The chair was still in great shape, but I wanted to make a cover for it because I didn’t like how it looked in my living room.

And it was awkward to have the butt print sitting on the microfiber towel when I stood up!

First I thought about painting the upholstery. But I didn’t like the microfiber material and I don’t think I liked the texture.

So, even though I’ve never tried anything like this before, I decided to make a fabric cover. And it wasn’t that hard! But I had some old-fashioned help.

Making A Slipcover

A few years ago, my mother gave me a home decorating book written in the 1940s. There are many interesting tips, methods and ideas from another era.

I never thought I would actually use anything from this book, but then I discovered there was a whole section on how to make pillowcases. (That’s the title

I followed the diagrams and descriptions in this book and they worked! It’s basically just draping the fabric over the chair and pinning where needed. It’s not hard, it’s easy

Making A Slip Cover For A Chair

You want a strong, dense material that can withstand the constant wear and tear of sitting on it. The material should be easy to clean and strong enough to hold the seams together.

Dining Chair Covers

The upholstery fabric is specially made for wear and tear resistance. It is strong enough to hold the seams together even under pressure from people sitting on the deck. The material is also wider than other fabrics, so you can cover more surface area.

Don’t use the fancy quilting fabrics that take up most of the fabric store. They are small in width and very thin in weight.

I wouldn’t go for a striped fabric or some kind of print to suit you. It would be very difficult for a novice upholsterer. You will need to line up the pattern with each quilt piece you make and may need more fabric as a result.

Choose something without a visible pattern or a busy pattern (like a flower) so that it doesn’t matter if each piece matches or not.

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With the fabric facing out.