Multi Colored Burgandy Chair Bench Seat Cover

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Multi Colored Burgandy Chair Bench Seat Cover – Are you planning a bulk order with a value of more than 500 euros? Then contact us and we will give you a quantitative discount.

Set of 1 contains 1 seat cover, set of 10 contains 10 seat covers. // German description only.

Multi Colored Burgandy Chair Bench Seat Cover

Multi Colored Burgandy Chair Bench Seat Cover

A beautiful protection for your chairs. Covers for your chairs are the perfect protection for your furniture. Protects your chairs from breaks, scratches and stains. The slipcover not only withstands those setbacks, but also absorbs and strengthens them, dents and scratches (caused by trouser chains or metal-cut trousers).

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Holidays. The cover remains uncompromising in design, because reliable protection does not have to come hand in hand with a loss of appearance. The fine craftsmanship and simple design will compliment any dining table. Simple class shines from your chairs on holidays. Covers can be extended to transform your home in a special way for festive occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, weddings or antelopes, or they can spread a homely and cozy inspiration on your dining table or kitchen table.

Fits any chair. The clamp chair cover is truly expandable and therefore suitable for a variety of chairs, from the typical IKEA chair to homemade furniture.

Easy, tight and fast. With chair covers, you can change the look and style of your chairs easily and quickly. The spandex hem ensures smooth and fast coverage, while the round rubber band ensures a secure stay. So easy, so fast!

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Material and color. Seat covers are available in different colors. It is made of sustainable materials.

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More details. Due to individual monitor settings, 100% color representation and color are not guaranteed. For soft seat surfaces, the fit is a little harder to define due to the lack of grip. So ask to test different models! Since the cut is different, this can lead to different results in the fit.