Office Chair Without Gas Lift Telescopic Cover

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Maintaining a healthy posture while sitting at work is the main concern of office swivel chairs. It conforms to the standard office chair DIN 68877 and proudly displays the GS mark (Safety Guaranteed). You can count on long-term use with two warranties: a 5-year general warranty and a 10-year spare parts warranty.

Office Chair Without Gas Lift Telescopic Cover

Office Chair Without Gas Lift Telescopic Cover

The office swivel chair is designed according to a modular construction system consisting of a star base, a gas-filled telescoping support, an adjustment mechanism, and a seat support consisting of two seat trays. All components are designed for screw or plug connection and can be quickly and individually replaced as needed. Soft wheels are ideal for use on hard floors.

Brobriyo Mj M01hf Ab Ergonor Office Chair With Donati Mechanisms All Black Executive Ergonomics Chair With Telescopic Footrest

The ergonomic design of this office swivel chair allows you to constantly change your sitting position thanks to the so-called “dynamic seat”, that is, an adjustable element, which creates unilateral pressure on the muscles or intervertebral discs. thus decreasing. “Dynamic” adjusts the body weight adjustable backrest to different seating positions, moves with the upper body and provides effective support for the spinal column. Of course, the backrest can be locked in any desired position. In addition, the seat can be adjusted to various inclinations (tilts), which allows you to maintain the optimal starting angle of the body at least 90 ° in any working position. This has the advantage of reducing the load on the upper thigh during work, for example.

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The office folding chair has a unique and simple design that works well as a desk chair for a desk system and can be upgraded by ordering office folding chair cushions.