Outdoor Lounge Chair Cover To Lay On

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Outdoor Lounge Chair Cover To Lay On – NEW: Decorate the sauna, solarium, garden and sofa or floor as a gym mat, yoga mat, shower mat and beach mat! It is made of gel foam or PU foam, with or without a special waterproof outer cover, 5, 7 or 10 cm tall – perfect for enhancing the comfort of many rooms.

* Most suppliers only use gelfoam 30-40 kgs / mÂł – less than gelfoam 20-55 kg per cubic meter, the result is low quality!

Outdoor Lounge Chair Cover To Lay On

Outdoor Lounge Chair Cover To Lay On

The pillow can be used for the bedroom or sauna to increase the comfort of lying, it is suitable for people weighing 10 to 120 kg (gel foam H1 and H2 = soft + medium hardness level) And for them. Heavy .. 50 to 150 kg (medium to firm PU-foam H3 hardness level). The pillow can be rolled up, so it is suitable for travel.

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High density ensures a good visco effect (= soft hand contact to return to its original position / absorption and regeneration of the body and full pressure release (if H1 + H2 gel) is applied, hazardous materials Test for Oeko Tex Standard 100 and LGA. Cover also includes Oeko Tex Standard 100 – Test for hazardous materials (Test-No. 0910055 – Centexbel).

The cover can be used for all types of seats/seats to increase the stability of sitting down and leaving.

Lying can be compared to a water bed or a gel mattress. Thanks to the convenience of gel memory foam, the spinal column is perfectly maintained, even in your garden or at the beach and pool.

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Additional uses: The top can be easily rotated and stored. So it is suitable for traveling or camping. Use the cover only on an empty bed, bed or floor! Use on the ground (eg grass or beach) is only suitable with a washable cover, and we recommend a cloth/pad on the ground to prevent stains! In addition, public parks, hot tubs, spas, health centers, surgeries or saunas can use this top print for the bedroom. Thanks to the special cover that can be closed and is washable with a protective zipper, it is always clean and comfortable for guests.

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You get the stem and cover separately! Just close the cover over the cover and close the zipper.

Note that the price is higher if you buy clothes in the retail industry! We go through the savings by booking and show the room directly to the customer!

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Outdoor Lounge Chair Cover To Lay On

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[Germany] Law on the Sale, Return and Disposal of Environmentally Friendly Electrical and Electronic Equipment (Elektro- und Elektroniggerätegesetz – ElektroG)

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Dispose of used goods as required by the city’s collection point or return them free of charge to a local store. Disposal of household waste is prohibited by law on old equipment! Any device you have received from us can be returned to us free of charge by sending it to the address provided in the Master Information with sufficient postage. Old goods containing hazardous substances are marked with waste. You can also find these symbols in shipping documents and in the manufacturer’s manual.

2. For our mattresses, mattresses, pillows, boards and mattresses, we also offer a comprehensive warranty, which is described below. Of course, this does not affect our customer warranty for damage.

Double Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chair Backyard Patio Garden Furniture Beige

3. We offer a warranty on mattresses, pillows, cushions, frames and mattresses with the following materials:

We offer a 5, 10 or 12 year pro rata warranty for mattresses, pillows and cushions (according to the relevant parts specification) from delivery to the address of purchase specified by the buyer. We offer a 10-year warranty on our sinks for leaks in sinks and drains in drains from the time the technology is shipped until the product is delivered to the shipping address provided by you.

4. The warranty extends to mattresses, mattresses, pillows, boards and mattress cover arrangements. This only applies if mattresses, mattresses, cushions, frames and special basins are used as intended for independent use. In case of use for commercial purposes (e.g. hotel) and non-use (e.g. outdoors), additional guarantees are only possible with an agreement. The warranty does not cover the following: Minor damage to boards or plywood (painted frames) as a result of misuse (eg, use of mattresses without a fully functional frame, such as existing panel frames and boards). 24 panel or steel plate frame), corrosion, stains, mold, loops and impact defects.

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Outdoor Lounge Chair Cover To Lay On

5. If the operation of the equipment is limited during the warranty period, we will make improvements according to our options. However, within the legal guarantee and claim period, of course, you can determine your rights yourself without violating your rights.

Pu Gel Foam Pad In Your Size For Sauna Sun Garden Lounger Lounge Chair Topper For Deck Chair

Please confirm warranty initiation with proof of purchase (order confirmation invoice). Please keep this file in a safe place.

7. This guarantee does not exclude the statutory rights of the buyer, in particular the rights guaranteed under Section 37437 of the German Constitution (BGB). The buyer is entitled to them in any case without any warranty claim or warranty being imposed.

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