Oxo Tot Sprout Chair With Tray Cover

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Oxo Tot Sprout Chair With Tray Cover – I get asked about my highchair more than anything else these days on Instagram. How times have changed! It’s all about nail polish color and clothing tips. Highchairs are a big purchase and there is a lot of conflicting advice out there, so I decided to write a full review of our Oxo Tot Sprout Highchair.

When we booked the baby shower, for some reason I didn’t have a high chair in mind. The thought of my baby eating solid food was far-fetched. Then I blinked and he needed somewhere to eat. My grandma wanted to buy me a highchair for Christmas and it ended up being perfect so I started researching.

Oxo Tot Sprout Chair With Tray Cover

Oxo Tot Sprout Chair With Tray Cover

Based on what I read and advice from friends and fans, the Stokke Tripp Trapp was our first choice. It was expensive, but a lot of people liked it and it was so beautiful that we were sold. Then a friend told me that she learned in a CPR class that babies are hard to pull out when they’re choking. I don’t know how true that is, I know a lot of people who have and love it, but I can’t get the thought out of my head and I know it will haunt me forever if we go down this road.

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So I went with the second recommended chair: the Oxo Tote Sprout, which was available in white and navy because it went so well with our kitchen decor. So far we like it, but it has a downside. Hope these pros and cons help you decide!

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I love the look of this chair. It is very clean and beautiful and does not look childish. I understand that this may seem like a superficial reason to want a high chair, but it is at the heart of our home, so design is very important to me. I love how you can customize both the wood and the color of the pillow.

If I want to hold Amalia in the chair with one hand, it’s easy to pull the tray in with one hand. The pads are easy to use and make the whole process stress-free.

The chair itself is lightweight, making it easy to move around the kitchen depending on where I need to be.

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You can start using it at 5-6 months and it will grow until your child is 5 years old by removing the cool plate and straps.

I have read many reviews that if you put the tray in water, it is disgusting and dangerous for the baby. I use Honest Baby Multi-Surface Spray for this and it works like a charm. I use the same spray on mattresses. Obviously if there is mold we will contact the company and return it, but so far we have had no problems and have used it every day for two months.

This is my biggest problem with the seat, but the suction toys and trays don’t stick to the tray. If anyone has any tips and got a job, let me know! Now it hurts him that he keeps dropping his toys.

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Oxo Tot Sprout Chair With Tray Cover

Issues aside, I still love the Oxo Todd Sprout because of how easy it is to get in and out and how it looks. If I had to choose again, I might choose something else because of the absorption problem. I’ve heard good reviews about the mother of four seat, but it has suction issues, although you can buy special plates that attach to it. I’m not sure there is a right answer to the big chair debate!

Oxo Booster Seat

If you have an Oxo Sprout, I’d love to know your thoughts on it, or if you’d like, share your reasons below!

Disclaimer: I’m having trouble with comments right now, so I’m copying and pasting all the existing comments into this post so they all look like they’re from me!

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