Pattern To Make A High Chair Cover

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Pattern To Make A High Chair Cover – I bought the boy’s chair at a garage sale for $12 (here is a similar newer version). It works extremely well for us, but I don’t care about the style. So I decided to make a new DIY highchair cover. The fabric of the cover was about $5 so not a bad deal overall.

1. I removed the old cover, laid it over the new material and cut around it. Using a rotary cutter and a rotary cutting mat makes this task so much easier.

Pattern To Make A High Chair Cover

Pattern To Make A High Chair Cover

2. I bought another fabric, outlined the chair cover and cut out the back of the chair cover

Giving Our Favorite Budget High Chair A Makeover

3. I decided I wanted a pocket on the back of the high chair cover to hold toys, so I bought extra fabric, laid the outline of the high chair cover over it and cut out the pocket.

4. For the finished hem, I sewed the hem and sewed a straight seam through.

5. I then attached the pocket to the back of the highchair cover and sewed around the edges, leaving the pocket open.

6. I used a nice chunky fleece for the back of the chair cover so I placed the front of the fabric right side down on top of the fleece and cut around the edges.

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7. So I left the front to one side and cut a back for the back (pocket). I placed the piece right side down on the fleece and sewed the two together leaving a small opening so I could turn it out.

8. I turned it inside out and then glued the edges, leaving a 1/4 inch seam.

9. Then I put everything together. The bottom layer of fleece, the back (including the pocket) in the middle and the front down. I stapled it all together and sewed around the edges, leaving a 1/4 inch seam.

Pattern To Make A High Chair Cover

10. I left a small opening at the bottom of the high chair cover so I could flip it out. After turning the flap inside out, I closed the gap at the bottom with stitches. Then I put the cover on the high chair. I wasn’t happy with the sides so I sewed the sides of the cape a little more to keep it from sliding to the side and to make it look a little bigger.

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Diy High Chair Revamp

These aren’t the simplest of instructions, so I apologize, but I thought, as complicated as they are, they might be useful for someone trying to make a highchair cover.

Obviously you can make a cover for a high chair and there is a completely different and possibly even better way to do it, but this is how I chose to tackle this challenge. It’s not perfect and I could tweak it a bit, but I really like it and I hope you do too.

One yard of printed fabric for the front and one yard of softer white fabric for the back. Do you have an IKEA high chair that needs a makeover?! Today I’m sharing our girls IKEA Highchair DIY and how you can do it too!

When we were looking for a high chair for our daughters, we couldn’t decide which high chair to buy. The girls were almost 6 months old and we knew it was time to get a high chair so we ended up running to IKEA and getting two high chairs. They’re only $20 each, so you can’t beat it! We felt the chairs needed some personality and fun, so we decided to give the chairs a little DIY!

High Chair Cover Sewing Pattern

Today I’m so excited to share with you an easy DIY for an IKEA Antelope chair! We made our own high chair legs, table top, added footrests and made fun pillow cases! We’ll show you how you can do it too + a free pattern to make your own pillowcase!

Want a free version? Use fabric glue and sticky velcro instead of sewing! Cut out the pattern, pin the pretty sides together, leaving an 18-inch opening at the bottom. Flip the project over to see the beautiful pages. Fold the bottom fabric over from one side at a time leaving a 1/4 inch opening so you have a nice clean edge. Apply adhesive velcro to this end. Do the same on the other side and you’re done!

We recommend that you print at 100% scale on your printer. Some lines may be lost at the edges of the printer, but if you line up each paper with its neighbor, the correct size/scale of the pattern will be maintained.

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Pattern To Make A High Chair Cover

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you had a wonderful day! If you make an Ikea high chair yourself, we’d love to hear about it! When it comes to highchairs, the IKEA Antilop is amazing. It’s compact, all plastic (for easy cleaning!) and slides perfectly onto our desk (minus the tray) so baby feels like they’re part of the action. We had one for our first child and when I thought there wouldn’t be another, we gave it to her. I thought about trying another highchair for son no. 2, but it just didn’t compare. So… I bought another antelope. Luckily, in addition to all the great features this highchair has, it’s also incredibly inexpensive ($25, including the optional tray!).

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All the plastic is great, but I think it must be a little uncomfortable – not that the little one complains, but as a mother I can’t help but project my feelings on it. Even before I had my second, I was looking for a pillow pattern and found this lovely one floating around. I even bookmarked it! But when I started making it, I didn’t like the design and thought a bib pocket at the back would be a nice addition. So I designed my own. I made mine with laminated cotton so it’s easy to wipe down, but if you go for regular cotton, the pads can be removed to wash the cover.

Print and assemble the pattern pieces, match the numbers. After assembly, there should be four parts: backrest, blanket pocket, seat back and seat base. Cut the fabric for the back and pocket with a flap. Mark the center point on the top edge of the support piece. For the seat back and seat base, cut two of the fabric, but cut ONE at the _ _ _ line. Mark the shortest part of each FRONT (the side that sticks out when you sit in the child seat). Mark the unlined seat backs and seat bottoms as BACK. 1/4″ hem along the uncut straight edge of the seat back and seat base (BACK only). Mark the center point on the top edge of the FRONT and BACK seat backs. Then, after you cut the fabric, cut a paper pattern on the _._ line and cut the foam pieces.

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Step 2: Place the FOE with a wide zigzag stitch on the top edge of the protective pocket (against the arrows) and spread the folds evenly as you sew.

Step 3: Lay the back of your right arm down on your work table and attach the leaf pocket right side down to the top of the back, lining up with large circles. Pin the bottom edge and sew.

Shopping Cart Cover For Baby And High Chair Cover

Step 4: Turn the pocket inside out. The back and right side of the pocket with the flap should also be facing you. If you use laminated cotton, DO NOT iron the fabric! Just press the song with your fingers. I put it aside, ignore it.

Step 5: With right sides together, sew together the bottom (FRONT) pieces of the seat back and seat (where you cut the dashed line (_ _ _)). Toe press and topstitch to hold back.

Step 6: Cut two 9-inch pieces of ribbon. Attach the other right side to the seam between the seat back and the seat base, matching the short edge of the rubber to the edge of the fabric. Do the same with the rest of the strip on the other side.

Pattern To Make A High Chair Cover

The picture below shows the assembled seat back and seat base (FRONT) with tape (NOTE: the picture shows the tape (actually elastic) inside).

Reversible High Chair Cover With Storage Pocket Tutorial For Ikea Blames High Chair

Step 7: With right sides together, attach the bottom of the seat (BACK) to the bottom of the seat (FRONT) with the right side facing the right side. Be sure to turn the strips inside out. Sew along all edges except the hem. This is left open to insert the pads.

Step 8: Cut the seam allowance close to the seam. You may want to square the corners (see image below), but it is not absolutely necessary.

Step 9: Reinstall the seat (FRONT)