Power Chair Joystick Protective Hard Shell Cover

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Power Chair Joystick Protective Hard Shell Cover – Longtime smartphone case maker OtterBox has teamed up with Xbox to enter the gaming space, launching several products aimed at console and mobile gamers. The main product is a controller case for the Xbox controller (there are versions for both the X Series and Xbox One controllers) to prevent drops (or damage in a storm).

Other products include a clip that holds your smartphone while you play, a thermal phone case, a cover carrier controller, and a smartphone screen that doubles as a personal shield. The Mobile Gamepad attaches to Xbox controllers with or without a protective case and collapses into a relatively compact size when not in use. At the same time, Game Glass Privacy adds protection to your phone’s screen and from scratched eyes. Privacy Glass lets you see everything clearly when you’re looking directly at it, but hides the screen from anyone peeking around the corner.

Power Chair Joystick Protective Hard Shell Cover

Power Chair Joystick Protective Hard Shell Cover

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Power Chair Joystick Protective Hard Shell Cover

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