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Sara Bareilles Amidst The Chaos Album Cover – Sara Bareilles has been one of my favorite songwriters since I first heard her hit “Love Song” in 2007. Her ability to capture emotions with her words and music makes me a great songwriter. In fact, her song Light from the album Kaleidoscope Heart is one of my favorite songs, so when I saw she had a new album out, I pre-ordered it.

After leaving Inside: Songs from a Waitress on Broadway, I’m eager to get back into shape. Although I enjoyed the last album, it’s not exactly what comes to mind when I think of Sara Bareilles. Between the Choas is a great way to get back to a song I love, and the vinyl packaging is cool too.

Sara Bareilles Amidst The Chaos Album Cover

Sara Bareilles Amidst The Chaos Album Cover

The album comes in a well-designed matte cover that not only looks cool, but also cool. It feels different than a vintage vinyl album cover. I think this composition is great and makes the album stand out. Inside the cage are two beautiful pictures of the singer, and on the back of the cover are the song titles and another beautiful photo of Sara.

Sara Bareilles Announces New Single,

Albums come in a unique paper sleeve with a photo on one side and lyrics on the other. As always, I removed the discs from the fingers and placed them safely in a poly sleeve for protection. The vinyl is pressed on a very nice standard black vinyl. Each side has a different color label, although the A and D sides have the same color, but the artist name and album title have color options.

Sonically, the album sounds great. There is little noise during the quieter parts, and the music and lyrics blend well. The album was produced by T Bone Burnett and mixed by Mike Piersante. Some of my favorite songs so far are “Arms”, “Eyes On You”, “Wicked Love” and “If I Can’t Find You”. I really enjoy different songs, so my favorites can change every time I listen to an album.

Overall, I think the album packaging is top notch. You get great photos, a cool, well-designed cover, and an amazing album. The only thing I would change is to put the photos in the sleeve, the information in a book or sheet, and the notes in the paper or lined sleeves. This is a personal preference, but it protects the vinyl from static electricity and possible damage when you peel it back and put it back on the sleeve. If you’re a fan of Sara Bareilles, and you should be, I suggest picking up Amidst The Choason on vinyl at your local record store. You will not be disappointed.

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As always, check out the gallery below for more images of the album packaging. Thanks again for reading and keep spinning vinyl lovers.

Sara Bareilles Is Going On A Mini Tour

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Not because Sara Bareilles hasn’t been on stage in a few years – far from it. That is, until a recent night at the Troubadour, he often performed with someone else’s voice.

A regular presence since her 2007 hit “Love Song” — about how she “didn’t text you” “because you asked” — Bareilles dismissed the pop star’s confession of that “Waitress,” which he co-wrote (and which he joined his team for a spell in 2017).

Sara Bareilles Amidst The Chaos Album Cover

Following her Tony-nominated Broadway success, the singer starred as Ariel in the concert production of “The Little Mermaid” at the Hollywood Bowl. Then there was Mary Magdalene on NBC’s live “Jesus Christ Superstar.”

Sara Bareilles Releases New Album, Amidst The Chaos

So you can understand why Bareilles seemed eager to share stories about the songs from her new album as she entertained large crowds in West Hollywood last month.

For the first time in a while, their stories are stories – stories about the hope he found in new love and the despair that came after the 2016 presidential election, when he felt like “‘ Mom and Dad left the shelter,” he made the audience laugh.

But if “Amidst Chaos” marks Bareilles’ return to pop songwriting — the follow-up to 2013’s “The Blessed Unrest,” which earned a Grammy nomination for album of the year — the record also shows that she change the artist mode. . . whose early work shows his reliance on gloss and economy.

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On Friday, “Amidst the Chaos” is down, and it’s down, with solid arrangements that suggest the musicians are in the room with the clear sound of 2013’s “Brave” (which was heavily compared and Katy Perry’s Roar). ).

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And Bareilles, 39, is taking on more serious topics than ever before, including her own experience with depression and her deep doubts about President Trump’s leadership.

In an interview the day before the Troubadour performance, the singer called the 2017 Women’s March a “pivot moment” that led to a “personal awakening.”

Sara Bareilles Amidst The Chaos Album Cover

“It made me realize that it’s my job – my calling as an artist – to talk about these things,” he said at the famous Village recording studio in West Los Angeles, where he once recorded Amidst the Chaos under one roof. home to the likes of Bob Dylan and Fleetwood Mac.

Sara Bareilles Albums: Songs, Discography, Biography, And Listening Guide

“Watching my family and friends and peers go through what seems like the world is on fire, it’s like, How do you survive? How do you put one foot in front of the other?”

The album born of these questions came together in a new way for Bareilles, whose first efforts were neither fish nor birds: too catchy for a singer-songwriter, too warm for a conductor true pop.

Here, on the other hand, you find the right mix of style and material in songs like “love”, “nothing like that” and “safe place in the country”, a song with John Legend about the separation of families of South America. . border.

“Sara has a real emotional connection to Chaos,” said Legend, who played opposite Bareilles in “Jesus Christ Superstar.” “I was immediately moved when I heard that.”

Sara Bareilles Amidst The Chaos 全新cd

To realize his vision, Bareilles enlisted T Bone Burnett, a veteran record producer known for his work with Elvis Costello and Brandi Carlile, among others. The singer said he had been fascinated by Burnett since childhood, when he added his name to a list of dream actors he kept in the Yellow Pages for his role in Counting Crows’ 1993 debut, “August and Everything Behind.” .

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I’m sitting in a small control room in the city, it’s the smell of old weed – “Can’t you smell inspiration?” he asked – Bareilles explained that something “relaxed” about him recently prepared him to report like Burnett, not afraid of unscripted accents or imperfections.

He said: “I went back and listened to my first recordings and I felt like I was difficult. This time he sang in the studio with professional players such as singer guitarist Marc Ribot and drummer Jay Bellerose.

Sara Bareilles Amidst The Chaos Album Cover

Burnett says her goal was an “unworked record” that would capture “what Sara does, because she’s good at what she does.” And indeed, for the first time, you can feel his talent, not only as a creator of catchy hooks, but also as a singer and storyteller.

Music Amidst The Chaos: My Top Albums Of 2019

When asked what inspired this recreation, Bareilles credits his experience in the world of collaborative theater for teaching him “not to be critical” of his identity. He also said that when he returned to pop, he found the music more “processed” than it had been.

“Sometimes I can’t make out the words,” says the singer, who moved to New York in 2013 after more than a decade in Los Angeles. Instead of joining, “it seemed interesting to go the other way.” He underestimated.

“It’s true that I’m not in my 20s anymore. But I don’t feel the need to compete in anything.”

Somehow, no: None of the album’s new singles charted on the Billboard Hot 100, let alone the top 40, like “Love Song” and “Brave.”

Amidst The Chaos Sara Bareilles Delivers ‘saint Honesty’

But with the low level of business, the willingness to put “people” at risk has increased

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