Silver Stretch Chair Cover Square Back Banquet

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Silver Stretch Chair Cover Square Back Banquet – New white, black or ivory spandex party covers. Sparkles custom fabric chair covers add elegance to your wedding, event, party or reception by providing a stretchy and tight, wrinkle-free edge.

Dimensions: Backrest 37 inches long x 16 inches wide. Chair seat measures 15 inches long x 15 inches wide. Chair leg length is 18 inches.

Silver Stretch Chair Cover Square Back Banquet

Silver Stretch Chair Cover Square Back Banquet

Sparkles makes custom spandex banquet chair covers, also known as wedding chair covers or fitted chair covers, popular chair covers to decorate any event chosen by event planners for their elegance and durability. , and affordable price. Made of 100% brand new, first-generation, crease-resistant elastane, these wedding chair covers are specially designed to slide easily over standard high or round banquet chairs, not over folding chairs. The spandex fabric stretches without tearing and includes sewn leg pockets to house the stretch material, reduce setup time, provide a sleek, low-arch design, and eliminate excess fabric and loose seat cover creases. You can combine our banquet chair covers with the colorful and textured covers in our satin and organza chair covers, or you can combine them with our tablecloths for a complete and harmonious design. Whether it’s a formal, elegant or casual affair, Sparkles Make It Special has your event (and your seats) covered.

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Always wash spandex seat covers on the delicate or delicate cycle and, if possible, use a front-load washer or non-rigid washer. Seat covers can go around the trigger and put extra pressure on the fabric (and put extra pressure on yourself when you try to unwind it from the washing machine).

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Wash seat covers of the same color to protect against unexpected discoloration. Be sure to wash only spandex seat covers together (ie no zippers, no buttons) to avoid snagging. Also wash greasy food in cold water if not contaminated. Then, before treating with dish soap.

Our spandex seat covers are not dry cleaning safe. Also, chlorine bleach destroys elastane fibers. If you must use bleach, use an oxygen-based bleach such as Oxi-Clean or Clorox 2.

Never put spandex seat covers in the dryer. Heat can damage or completely destroy the material. Instead, hang your spandex seat covers out of direct sunlight to dry or lay flat to dry. If quick drying is important, use only a very low temperature in the tumble dryer and check the clothes regularly.

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Never use fabric softener or dryer sheets with spandex seat covers because they leave behind a residue that dulls the finish and attracts bacteria.

Your spandex seat cover will not wrinkle and heat will damage the spandex fibers. Do not iron your spandex seat covers.

A little TLC when storing your seat covers will save you time and keep them looking the next time you need to use them.

Silver Stretch Chair Cover Square Back Banquet

Use dry cleaning hangers (cardboard supports for pants) to reduce wrinkles. Very gently fold your seat cover in half or in thirds and hang it over the suspension strap. Use the seat cover for the hanger.

Stretch Spandex Banquet Chair Cover Teal

If you choose to store your seat covers folded, make sure they are completely dry before folding them. Durable and high quality, our gray spandex chair cover is designed to fit a standard banquet chair with a round top. Crafted from premium four-way elastane material, our gray spandex jumpsuits offer a contemporary look and elegant elegance. We have been supplying these gray chair covers to rental companies, restaurants, wedding venue owners, hoteliers and catering businesses for years. These types of chair slipcovers style the banquet chairs stylishly by giving them a classy and formal look. Your Chair Covers Gray Spandex Chair Covers have deep elastic leg pockets, require no ironing and can be washed multiple times. If you are planning a stylish event, chair covers from Your Chair Covers are an excellent choice as our wholesale table cover and chair cover company is known for maintaining quality standards for hotel and restaurant products.

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Care instructions: Machine wash with warm water on gentle cycle. Use regular soap. Bleach is not recommended for this color. Do not wash with other substances. Like colors wash together. Dry on low heat. Avoid overloading and make sure the washer and dryer are in good working order. Dry gradually in the dryer to avoid heat shock.

Please use the size chart below for assistance on how to determine the correct size banquet chair cover. For more information about our wholesale chair covers and complimentary table linens, please call us at 877-450-8383.

Note: There are lesser versions of these seat covers available in the market today. Because there is a huge difference in quality between spandex banquet chair covers available for sale online and in physical stores, we recommend purchasing a sample from our website before placing a large order.

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*Spandex is a stain and wrinkle resistant fabric. In other words, the absorption of stains is reduced and the formation of wrinkles can be reduced.