Slip Cover For 1970s High Back Chair

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I know my house is usually clean and tidy from the pictures I share here and on social media. I admit I’m a bit biased. In general, I like to clean and I like to have a clean, tidy, uncluttered house. But life happens here. He has high school students, a dog, two cats, and a wife who can handle messes better than me. Trust me, there are parts of our house that are untouched!

Slip Cover For 1970s High Back Chair

Slip Cover For 1970s High Back Chair

One of the most visible areas is the seat of the chairs behind our kitchen table. These are very popular and well used chairs and look very rugged. I was even a little embarrassed because they saw so many people. But that’s my stupidity. I doubt you really care.

Ikea’s Memphis Inspired Vintage Collection Is Here

The seats are in great shape, so seat covers are the perfect solution. These seats will fall apart again, so it’s important to wash them. Tutorials on how to make a cover like this can be found below…

First of all, I love working with this fabric. It has a great texture and is a great weight for quilting and light decorating. The best part is that I was able to purchase it for $6.50/yard. I need 2.5 meters/seat, so it’s less than $35 for two seats.

Another great thing about laundry is that it dries quickly. If there is a spill, I can wipe it with a wet cloth and it will dry in an hour. I can wash the cover as a whole, but I like to clean the area between washes.

The design of this seat makes it difficult to keep the cover in a tight spot, especially with the boys sitting on it. Most covers stay in place with the seat and back cushions and the hands help, but this is a large L that moves a little easier. They stay, but I have to adjust them here and there. The wings are so small that the fabric does not fit as well as a larger chair. I’m happy with how they turned out, given the seat shape challenges.

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Convenient Furniture Upholstery Near You Serving Nj, De & Philadelphia

Yes, cats love this relationship! They climbed up behind the seats and came down again. The fabric is working well so far! It helps to have a bumpy texture to blend any extra lines.

Another project checked this list! I have two more seat covers and started making them over the weekend. He helps me make all the parts (pipes, etc.) so I just have to assemble them. Breaking down a big project into smaller parts doesn’t scare me too much.

It goes against my can-do personality, but I end up with better quality work because I don’t rush when I’m bored.

Slip Cover For 1970s High Back Chair

I am Marian, aka Miss Mustard Seed, wife, mother, color lover, home lover and entrepreneur, writer, artist, designer, freelance writer and photographer. To learn more about me, my blog and my work, read more… We understand that our delivery times are longer than usual, due to the unprecedented increase in demand for tools. Thank you for your patience. Click here for more information

Parsons Chair Linen Slipcover Reveal

Here at Parker Knoll, we are very fortunate to have a rich heritage of over 148 years of furniture making experience. Since 1869, we have been known for quality and craftsmanship in the manufacture of sofas and chairs.

We often find loyal customers who hold vintage Parker Knoll sofas or chairs close to their hearts because of the breathtaking design of a particular manuscript and the growing trend of refinement.

This week’s blog pays tribute to the many designs that families still love and appreciate.

Some are still made in our factory in Nottingham, so browse our collection pages to find your perfect accent chair and design a family heirloom!

Stuhl Hyeres Grün

One of Parker Knoll’s most popular wing chairs, the Penshurst Wing Chair has been in production since the early 1970s.

Poor Cow Gear did a great job dressing this classic in a vibrant yellow that brings sunshine to the midnight blue hallway.

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Why not design your own Penshurst sofa using our Parker Knoll tool and find the perfect contemporary style for your home.

Slip Cover For 1970s High Back Chair

Introduced in the mid-1970s, the Ashby Wing sofa in peach is a perfect addition to a retro scheme. The famous signature Parker Knoll wing is combined with an exposed wood frame to create outdoor furniture.

Stories About Iconic 1970s Ikea Products

Bold patchwork brings colorful life to the solid mahogany frame of this Orleans Rocker, restored by Kelly Swallow. We can imagine relaxing on this peaceful balcony on a beautiful holiday Sunday!

The Wingfield chair has been a classic since 1961 and has been given new life in a soothing blue check fabric courtesy of Charles Lloyd.

Does this chair look familiar? The characteristics of the Wingfield chair have been updated in the design of the Adele chair available in the Maison collection.

Russel’s orthopedic chair is a true innovation in the world of furniture! This chair was developed after six years of research and development by Parker Knoll and leading industrial designer and ergoist Russell Manoy.

Scandinavian Cantilever Armchair ⋆ Neef Louis Design Amsterdam

Reimagined at Mick Sheridan Clothing, this Camira wool blue denim is right on trend in 2017 and the perfect piece to match a Scandi-inspired scheme.

If a Parker Knoll classic has been passed down through the generations, or if you have a sofa or chair that started life just like you, we want to hear from you! Remember the quilts covered this time last year? I made a pair of silk to cover the dirty end chairs for our kitchen table…

When I washed them, the ends swelled and the seams came apart in several places. I’ve never had that happen to me, but I also don’t use laundry detergent and I don’t wash covers very often! Since they are used all the time, men often sit and eat on these chairs and cats like to sleep on them, I wash them every month or two.

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Slip Cover For 1970s High Back Chair

I just bring the quilts into the sewing room and do the space, so it’s not much, but I wouldn’t use this fabric for quilts that need to be washed often. But it was cheap ($6.00/yard on sale), so I had to try it! I’ll make a little hole in the dirty seats! But if you ever make a veil, especially something with a bunch of lace on the back, sides, and hem, you know you really don’t want more than one if you can help it! I have to redo them eventually.

Skirted Furniture Is Having A Moment

I used the same fabric (in a different color) in our bedroom and it was perfect. Since this chair is only used occasionally, there is no need to wash it. Sebastian likes to sleep in this chair, but I put a blanket on him so he can sleep.

The solution is a light quilt (7.1 or 4C22 from a fabric store) if the pieces of furniture are not used much and the cover does not need to be washed often. I also wouldn’t recommend using this laundry weight for accessories. It is not enough to withstand long-term use.

The great thing about using 7.1oz fabric for canvas covers is that you can sew them on a regular heavy duty sewing machine like the TA. If you’re using heavier fabrics, you’ll need to use a sewing machine or your needles will keep breaking, which can be frustrating. With gathers and shells, you can work on 5-6 layers of fabric that would take a standard sewing machine.

If you have the ability to sew with heavier fabrics, I recommend using canvas weight (11 – 16.5 oz.) linen or hemp. But I chose to use vintage hemp sheets. I used to sell them so there was a large supply. But you can find them on Etsy here and they are a great price for around $60-$70 each. If you need to buy more items, I suggest you email the seller and ask about buying in bulk. You can get a discount if you buy more.

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I used hemp