Slip Cover For Chair With Slim Arms

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Slip Cover For Chair With Slim Arms – What? Do you have an old chair or set with wooden details that needs a new look? You may think that the only way to improve the piece you wear and that you love is to restore it, and give the plant its true beauty.

This will definitely work. And if you’re thinking of remodeling with a charming French country or old farmhouse style, I say go with the deck and paint the wood!

Slip Cover For Chair With Slim Arms

Slip Cover For Chair With Slim Arms

In today’s post, I’m sharing some matching skirts I made with an exposed wooden bench. They are designed in different ways to show hands, feet, upper body – just everywhere has a beautiful painting.

Swivel Chair Aeris Numo With Glider Base In Black

And, I want to show you some pieces of wood that Cindy Rust, owner of Reinvented Delaware, has repurposed. She shares her painting techniques and other great resources on her blog for transforming furniture and home decor. It’s so exciting!

Most of the woodwork I’ve exposed to sliding doors are arm-hole chairs like this one, so-called “French chairs”. It is supported on the seat, inside and back by the arms. Wooden legs, arms and other areas such as wooden posts and top rails are available.

When creating a cover for these types of seats, you have to think about the areas that will be covered to make the cover work, what areas will be good and what type of closure is needed to keep the cover in place.

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For this old French chair, I made a simple, rectangular slipcover that fits the contour of the chair and can be easily removed for washing. For my client: no ties, strings, buttons, zippers or welts. Just hidden Velcro closure.

Evan Slipcovered Swivel Chair

What you won’t find here is a beautiful wooden top rail. It is hidden under a thin boxing ring. Why didn’t I release the details? Because batting is necessary to connect the inside and back when chains or ropes are not an option.

This is another arrangement of the French chair. This has a back cover and seat, which are attached. There is no visible corner gap or gap between the upper back and the seat. The only exposed wood is the arms and legs, which are factory colored.

I created a cover piece with button holes on the back and front sleeves for easy on and off. A deep groove where the backrest and seat meet helps prevent the raw material from shifting during use.

Slip Cover For Chair With Slim Arms

French chairs are not the only type of furniture that has exposed wood details. The club chairman below is a good example.

Verellen Charlotte Wing Chair

I ended up treating the areas as if I were creating hand details on a shirt. This is the motivation for something small, which makes the space clear. Take a closer look below.

My client, Sarah, inherited this beautiful, black, vintage French chair (below) and was determined to make it match her home decor.

He painted and made every part of the exposed wood, and I trusted him to make the style of the apron.

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Can you believe the change?! I think Sarah told me that she mixed 2 or 3 colors and played with different distressing techniques to get this beautiful result.

The Dune Chair And A Half

To show the fine details and color work, it is important to make an apron cover. This type of cover uses straps and cords that are placed in the structure to make the cover cover without covering much of the wood.

I’ve painted a lot of furniture over the years and I don’t know enough about techniques and types of paint, finishes and tools to give you useful tips. But I know someone who can.

Cindy at Reinvented Delaware salvages vintage furniture and brings it back to life using a variety of restoration and manufacturing techniques including a variety of colors, finishes and intricate techniques.

Slip Cover For Chair With Slim Arms

This girl knows how to paint with a brush! I really like the changes it creates using milk paint.

White Canvas Thin Arm Loveseat

This beautiful barrel chair is one of Cindy’s projects. It is a great example of how exposed wood can look when lightly painted to emphasize the fine carving details.

See her before and after and read how she did it. Your color will drop when you see the first image.

Just an FYI – this type of chair would look great in France with a cover that is attached with a few ropes or straps to the wooden arms in front and attached to the bottom rail.

You can dramatically change the look of an old piece even if the exposed wood is a leg. Cindy covered the set (below) in a cotton towel and painted the legs to coordinate with the print.

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Diy Upholstery Is Easier Than You Think

Not ready to paint your desk but want to get rid of those ugly dark spots?

Check out the carved rail on this vintage Victorian chair. Cindy sanded it to remove the original dirt and get the original wood as beautiful as it is.

Dots that cannot be removed from the carved areas make good details. There is no color for this chair. Very nice pan with hemp oil finish.

Slip Cover For Chair With Slim Arms

I hope this post inspires creative ideas for your own work. The possibilities are endless! And, as always, thank you so much for following along!

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