Solid Cotton Dining Room Chair Cover Walmart

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Solid Cotton Dining Room Chair Cover Walmart – To avoid surface scratches and the sound of the chair legs rubbing against the floor, with FIXA adhesive protectors, sold separately.

Thanks to new research and new technology, this upholstered chair offers you optimal seating comfort. Change the style at any time by replacing the seat cover with a different color or pattern.

Solid Cotton Dining Room Chair Cover Walmart

Solid Cotton Dining Room Chair Cover Walmart

The seat upholstery is made of straight polyester fibers with short distances between them – providing comfortable elasticity and better ventilation so you can enjoy a pleasant temperature when sitting.

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The bowl-shaped seat bottom is adapted to your bones and those of the majority of the world’s population. And with innovative technique, the seat cushion is shaped to maximize your comfort.

The back has integrated lumbar support and the angle between the seat and the back is perfectly adjusted to make it comfortable for a little longer at the table.

You decide the style of your chair. BERGMUND is available in white, black and oak chair legs and matching covers are available in many different designs, colors and materials.

This cover is made of 100% cotton INSEROS material. It has plain fabric with a smooth surface texture.

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The seat cover comes in one piece and snaps into place with hooks and eyes so it’s easy to remove and reinstall.

After a hearty meal, it’s nice to know that you can easily remove the seat cover and wash it in the machine.

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Planner Plan it yourself Combine maximum style with comfort during meals. Try a developer Customize it

Solid Cotton Dining Room Chair Cover Walmart

The BERGMUND chair is designed so that you can sit longer and enjoy pleasant evenings – without your legs starting to cramp or your back hurting. To succeed, we immersed ourselves in new research on the human body, which led us to develop a new technique to achieve a truly comfortable chair.

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Sitting may not seem like active movement, but it actually involves everything from the body’s bones and muscles to tendons, cartilage and joints. “To sit comfortably for longer periods of time, it is important that the body enjoys the right support in the right place,” explains hardware developer Anders Bergner.

With BERGMUND, Anders and the team studied new research to develop the shape of the chair and find the optimal angle between the seat and the back. This has led to some interesting ideas about the human body – for example, that all people’s bones are actually very similar. “This is true whether one is 6 feet tall or much shorter. So the bottom of the bowl-shaped seat has a geometry that fits 99% of the world’s population.”

The polyester in the seat and back pad consists of small vertical fibers that provide better elasticity compared to fibers that are more tangled. Anders and his team then developed an innovative technique to further increase seat comfort by shaping the seat cushion. “It’s like making a waffle. The polyester fibers are fed into a special tool where the correct shape is fixed.” After several years of development, Anders hopes that BERGMUND helps people enjoy pleasant comfort and even better moments together. “When everyone around the table feels comfortable, they can relax and focus more on each other.”

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“When we designed the BERGMUND chairs, we wanted to create chairs for many people, every day of the year. And as life changes, so do the covers – depending on the season, special occasion or your mood – you can choose between different colors and lengths. The only thing that doesn’t change is the soft, squishy comfort and tapered legs that allow the cover to drop smoothly into the frame. We hope these chairs will allow you and your friends to relax and feel comfortable for a while longer.”

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