Step By Step How O Create Armless Chair Slip Cover

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Step By Step How O Create Armless Chair Slip Cover

Step By Step How O Create Armless Chair Slip Cover

Swatches are shipped directly via UPS Ground. Fabric swatches are 2×2 inch color swatches. Leather, wood and solid surfaces are printed representations and may differ from the actual product.

Winny Linen Look Fabric Modular Armless Chair

The Nexus modular collection is based on a pair of seating units (chair and stool) that can be combined in countless ways to create a sofa or sectional designed for your space. With its low-profile silhouette and chunky piping details, the Nexus balances clean minimalism with a relaxed, bohemian vibe. The beauty of this simple, modular system is that the components can be easily reconfigured or arranged independently, allowing the design to adapt to different interior layouts. Kiln-dried hardwood frames and block legs are made from FSC® certified hardwood to support responsible forest management. Nexus uses a pure, ultra-soft, long-filament fill that provides the comfort and feel of a traditional waterfall. The material is produced using a process that benefits the environment: for every Nexus chair we make, 315 plastic bottles are diverted from landfills, waterways and oceans. You don’t need to call an upholsterer if you want to change the color or pattern of your occasional chairs or dining chairs. Here’s how to make your own pattern for making a simple chair cover.

Do you have a piece of furniture in your home that you love the most but just needs a little update? I do it because I love garage sales, estate sales, and generally anything with a bit of history (and a low price).

I found these cute chairs on Craigslist a few years ago and fell in love as soon as I sat in them. These are probably my most comfortable chairs. I loved their whimsical rose pattern even though it didn’t match any of my decor.

Fast forward a few years, and while I still love the original upholstery on the chairs, I can’t deny that they need a little updating to fit the rest of my living room.

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Modular Outdoor Acacia Armless Chair In Brown

(This is mainly because my best friend and eagle-eyed designer, Jana, tells me this every time.)

I reluctantly agreed and we put our sloppy heads together and came up with a plan. I didn’t want to start adding new materials to the chairs (my usual M.O. is either staples or hot glue) because one day I want to reuse them in their original state.

So I decided to make them into simple slippers, which turned out to be easier than I expected.

Step By Step How O Create Armless Chair Slip Cover

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Upholstered Slipper Accent Armless Chair Bedroom Living Room, Charcoal Sunflower

This project is relatively easy since my chairs are a classic L shape, and the L shape works great for parsonage style dining chairs. If you’re trying to update a different style, you can still use these steps, but the measurements may not be as easy.

Also, if you’re looking for unique covers that don’t require DIY, try this shop: August Blues (This is not an affiliate link, I just love their stuff.)

Remember that if your fabric has a large pattern (called a “repeat” in design) you’ll want to line it up as well as possible, so you’ll need to buy extra fabric to turn the pattern around. about about

I measured from the bottom of the back of the chair, up and around, and down the front. I then measured the “L” pieces on both sides. Then I had to figure out how to fit all the pieces onto one fabric.

Knoll Richard Schultz 1966 Collection® Armless Dining Chair

Next, you need to choose the fabric. You can use almost anything, but I chose a durable upholstery fabric because I wanted them to hold their shape and withstand the wear and tear of kids and dogs. Not to mention my angry guests.

Once you’ve chosen your fabric, get the right spool of thread. (If using upholstery fabric, use heavy duty.)

Then create a pattern. It doesn’t have to be technical or intimidating. It’s just a way to shape your content. Mark your measurements on the back of the fabric with a pencil or chalk.

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Step By Step How O Create Armless Chair Slip Cover

Remember that you want to trace the lines and patterns in your fabric along the edges. My fabric only has a subtle pattern, which is why I didn’t pick it, but it’s very easy to work with. Result!

Marcus Grey Armless Chair

Don’t forget to leave a few inches at the bottom of the chair so you can line the entire piece.

Now cut your pieces. When cutting the pattern, be sure to leave about an inch of seam allowance on each edge. (This is the edge that ends on the inside and keeps the stitches from unraveling.)

Now place the fabric upside down on the chair. Use straight pins to secure pieces of fabric around the edges of the chair. For a snug fit, place the pins as close to the chair as possible and use plenty of pins (about every few inches).

Use your sewing machine to sew the entire row of needles together, pulling out each needle as you go. Don’t worry about the bottom wind just yet.

Rachel Ashwell X Cloth & Co Armless Chair In Blush Linen

Now try to place the cover on the right side of the chair. If there are any areas that look too tight or loose, you need to adjust them. It sounds boring, but it’s actually not that bad.

If the cover fits well, lining the bottom of the entire “skirt” will be fine. Just fold the fabric twice inside and sew the bottom.

It gives a nice clean edge without too much noise. (If you want more fuss, you can add a pretty trim to the bottom to finish it off.)

Step By Step How O Create Armless Chair Slip Cover

Finally, put the cover on, pull back the excess fabric on the bottom of the seat and align everything.

Aspen Left Arm Sitting Reclining Chaise

And done! It looks like you have brand new chairs for just a few yards of fabric without looking for a pattern.

I love my new chairs, but I thought they needed a little paint, so I put my Easy DIY Placemat Cushions on them, which are the perfect shape and size.

Then I added a beautiful patio chair from HomeGoods that tied the whole decal together and brought just the right amount of color to that side of the room.

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Then, since I stole the pillows from the couch, I wanted to get a new ikat pillow from World Market just to round things out.

Lena Modular Slope Arm Slipcover 1 Seat Armless Chair Esl66031sbisq

Now the whole room has a calm blue feel without the red and yellow pink chairs breaking the theme. Plus, if I ever change the color scheme, I can go back to roses or just make new slippers.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying the new spring theme and hope the weather cooperates soon. and you Are you ready to try such a refresh on a piece of furniture?

Let me know if I missed anything in my instructions or if you have any questions along the way.

Step By Step How O Create Armless Chair Slip Cover

Thanks Ruth! I got it from Joanne Fabric and Crafts but it was a few years ago so I’m not sure if they still have it.

Restore Vegan Leather Sectional Sofa Armless Chair — Lexmod

The ec teacher at my house would say clean the seams before you sew and see how the covers fit, then cut and sew. What to do with the chair, I am thinking!

Yes, the first breakdown makes a lot of sense! (You know I never took it home, etc.) That’s a good point, thanks for sharing!

This is not my chair shape, but gives some useful ideas. I love to make mine out of denim and have a hard time finding great jeans.

Glad it helped you! Finding good fabric can be a challenge. I know there are online stores. Maybe you can find someone who can send you samples?

Rachel Ashwell X Cloth & Co Armless Chair In White Twill

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Step By Step How O Create Armless Chair Slip Cover