Texas County Gop Chair Claims Covid-19 Is Democratic Hoax

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Texas County Gop Chair Claims Covid-19 Is Democratic Hoax – San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg said Saturday that the COVID-19 protocols have nothing to do with politics and to protect public health.

He was responding to Bexar County Republican Party Chairwoman Cynthia Brech’s remarks at a press conference Friday that Democrats are using the COVID-19 crisis to undermine President Donald Trump.

Texas County Gop Chair Claims Covid-19 Is Democratic Hoax

Texas County Gop Chair Claims Covid-19 Is Democratic Hoax

“Democrats have announced all of this to negate all the good things President Trump has done for our country, and they’re worried,” he said of the COVID-19 crisis and the administration’s response.

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“So take off your masks, exercise your constitutional rights, stand up, speak up and vote Republican,” Brehm said.

Of course. The Bexar County GOP chairman tells people to take off their masks, then everyone hugs, a trick created by coronavirus Democrats. pic.twitter.com/1XOFeswMiO — Timothy Burke (@bubbaprog) May 22, 2020

In a statement issued by the mayor’s office on Saturday, Nirenberg said: “There are political leaders in all political parties who should wear a mask if they can’t get the science right. This is not a partisan issue. We need to look beyond politics and trust our experts.”

“Texas is number one in the country for the spread of the coronavirus,” he said. “In short, comments like Chairman Brech’s will kill many Techs. Encouraging Techs to take off their masks and ignore the deadly consequences of this epidemic threatens the health and well-being of all of us.

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On Saturday night, Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolf responded to Brech’s comments with humor. His comments are reminiscent of advice he received from the late County Commissioner Paul Elizando, he said.

“Paulo said, ‘We have to run again,’ and I said, ‘Paulo, why do we want to do that?’ You know you’re getting a little old. They say, “Lots of crazy people run for office. This is an example. Good.”

On Saturday night, Nirenberg held up a mask and said he was showing respect for the health of others by wearing it.

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Texas County Gop Chair Claims Covid-19 Is Democratic Hoax

“It’s protecting your neighbors, protecting your loved ones, protecting other people from the spread of the virus,” he said, “so … if we’re going to respect others, that’s one way to do it. This is a pandemic.”

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The exchange of comments came after the government reported on Friday that unemployment there had risen to 13.7%, after state and local laws forced many businesses to close and lay off workers.

Both Nirenberg and Wolff expressed their support for economic reform, but advocated a trial-and-error approach to avoid too much.

The main goal of the executive order is to reduce court lines and a shortage of hospital beds and ventilators, which can leave health care providers in a difficult position to make life-or-death decisions.

He urged everyone to wear face masks while conducting important business, but governor’s officials are refusing to let those who don’t do so be harmed.

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Nirenberg said the demand for hospital beds has increased and needs to be monitored closely. At least 66 people have died and more than 2,400 have been infected with COVID-19, according to Metro Health.

A state of emergency requiring people to stay at home remains in effect until June 4, but the governor-general has reopened restaurants, cinemas, bars, parks, rivers, lakes and other places, encouraging many to visit. comes out outside

Brahm is running for GOP county chairman and will face John Austin in the July 14 election.

Texas County Gop Chair Claims Covid-19 Is Democratic Hoax

Joey Palacios contributed to this report. Brian Kirkpatrick can be reached at @bryan and on Twitter @bryan.

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They are founded and supported by our community. If you value our commitment to reliable journalism and can afford it, please consider supporting us today. Colonel. Allen West welcomes and greets Life Center sponsors during a VIP meet and greet at the Horse Pavilion on November 9, 2017. James Durbin/The Reporter-Telegraph James Durbin/James Durbin

Texas Republicans elected a new party leader at last month’s state convention, supporting Army Lt. Col. Colonel. Allen West, former member of the United States. House in Florida, with James Dickey as chairman.

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West called the state’s actions an attempt to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the state when he spoke to delegates in Congress — a criticism he has made on the radio since his election.

In an appearance on a North Texas radio station on July 27, West talked about the state’s response to and recovery from the COVID-19 outbreak caused by the coronavirus.

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“When I look at a state like Texas with 29 million people, we’re approaching 300,000 or so cases of COVID-19 — the question is what does a positive case mean — and unfortunately, we’ve lost 3,900 Techs,” West said. . “That’s only .01% of our population. If you want to look at the facts and know that the resurgence of COVID-19 is affecting everyone, we’re also seeing more tests, positive cases, but our death rate is 99.9%.

“99.9% of technicians can recover from COVID-19,” West said in a Dallas television interview on Sunday.

Is that true? The West’s statistics on positive cases and deaths are out of date, and its recovery rate is inaccurate.

Texas County Gop Chair Claims Covid-19 Is Democratic Hoax

“The claim that there is a ‘99.9% recovery rate’ for COVID-19 is false,” said Corey Ziegler, professor of statistics and information sciences and women’s health at the University of Texas.

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At the time West reported on July 27, Texas had reported 385,923 positive results for COVID-19 from molecular tests and 5,713 deaths related to the coronavirus. On July 27, the government revised the death toll to 5,489.

West said the numbers he used in his calculations were from mid-July. When asked about the recovery rate — the method he uses to calculate recovery relative to a state’s population — he said it should show how the virus has affected the state.

“I chose the comparative method because we use the same method because we see how any disease affects the most people,” he said in a statement (later posted on the Texas Republican Party’s Facebook page).

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Ziegler said calculating the recovery rate involves counting the number of people with COVID-19 and the number of those who have recovered — people who, by Western definition, have not died. The latest figures put this figure closer to 98.7%

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Food & Culture Food Houston’s 100 Best Restaurants Alison Cook, Greg Morago, Bao Ong, Jodi Schmal, J.J. He tested positive for COVID-19 on Sunday and was hospitalized but said he was “doing well.”

“No complaints. I’m resting,” West told The Associated Press in a brief phone interview from a Dallas hospital near Plano. in the morning

West and his wife, Angela West, contracted the virus last week after visiting the Packed House in Seabrook, Texas. He said on Saturday that “we are postponing special events until further notice”.

Texas County Gop Chair Claims Covid-19 Is Democratic Hoax

The Wests were both treated with monoclonal antibodies for COVID-19 and Angela, who received the virus vaccine, was sent home, Allen West said on Twitter. The Republican spokeswoman said on Saturday that he had not been vaccinated against the coronavirus and that doctors were concerned that his blood was not getting enough oxygen.

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West said on Twitter Sunday that he will fight pro-vaccination in Texas as a candidate for governor.

West is a former chairman of the Texas Republican Party and a Florida Congressman. He announced in July that he would run against Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, who is seeking a third term and has been endorsed by Donald Trump.

West in 2010 in the United States. Florida. He won a House seat and quickly became a tea party and lightning rod, at one point accusing Democrats of having 80 communists in his house. He failed to win the elections in 2012.

He then moved to Texas and stayed out of the spotlight until becoming the state GOP chairman last year.

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West has since begun criticizing both Republicans and Democrats, calling the Texas House GOP speaker a “terrorist.”