The First Years Miswivel Feeding Chair Cover

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The First Years Miswivel Feeding Chair Cover – Hello! I am sharing this because I wish I had known about this car seat earlier and I am so thankful that we came across this (latest series) while browsing infant car seats at Toy’r’us. This is a very safe and useful product for children aged 0 to 4 years that doubles as a high chair when attached to their regular seats!

The chair hunt started because I wanted Kayla to have her own little chair so she could learn to sit because she would slide to the side or slouch when I propped her up with a pillow. And since he is getting interested in toys, I thought it would be nice to have a study corner for him, a small table where I can put toys.

The First Years Miswivel Feeding Chair Cover

The First Years Miswivel Feeding Chair Cover

But at the time there were so many horror stories on the internet about babies falling over that I decided against it. Lucky for us, we have our first dining room chair! It’s a little more expensive at $139, but it’s worth it!

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This chair has 2 height adjustments and 5 different sitting positions (the 2 sitting positions in these pictures are examples), so even small children can sit comfortably in it! It also has 5 points for safety which I like when shopping for baby. In addition to these attachment points, it can be turned sideways and locked into 7 different positions!

Kayla loves sitting in this chair, she sat in it for the first time on day 2, she giggled. So we sit down and put some toys on the table.

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D and I felt it was a great purchase and would recommend it to all new parents ♥︎