Ultimate 40 In W Patio Chair Cover

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When the night ends and the temperature drops, it’s time to retire the garden furniture until the warm season arrives.

Ultimate 40 In W Patio Chair Cover

Ultimate 40 In W Patio Chair Cover

Outdoor furniture protects your garden seating and garden furniture from the harsh elements during the winter months.

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Below, we’ve selected winter gear covers for a variety of outdoor sets. Some covers are designed for specific pieces such as sofas and L-shaped patio umbrellas. Others can be adjusted to fit chairs, tables and other outdoor furniture as needed.

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This waterproof coating protects gear from the elements, but is also breathable, allowing excess moisture to escape. The pull allows the cover to loosen or tighten and comes in different sizes depending on the equipment set. A protective cover is included for the warmer months when not needed.

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This garden furniture is a garden bistro set consisting of a small table and two chairs. The cover is UV resistant and will protect your gear from the weather as well as bird droppings, tree leaves and other debris that can cover it during the winter months.

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This outdoor furniture cover is specially designed for those with an L-shaped patio sofa. The breathable coating has UV protection to prevent fading and should keep your seat clean and dry even in the worst weather. The drawstring allows for a smooth fit and helps keep the app in place.

Perfect for those with a large dining set, this cover should fit an outdoor table that seats up to six. The cover will protect your kit from the elements and is guaranteed for one year. If necessary, you can easily wipe it with a damp cloth.

Ultimate 40 In W Patio Chair Cover

Most outdoor furniture covers recommend removing the cushions and storing them inside. This pillow is perfect for those who don’t have space in their bag or who like to keep everything together. The bag is waterproof with taped seams and has full UV protection to keep it clean and dry when not in use. The bag is guaranteed for seven years.

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This waterproof garden furniture will protect against moisture during storms and even winter snows. The multi-purpose cover is designed for a variety of rectangular outdoor furniture, garden dining table, chair, bench, etc. The cap has double bonded ends to prevent tearing and has a UV resistant coating. Storage bag stows away when not in use.

Protect your perfect garden umbrella from damage during the winter with this specially designed outdoor furniture cover. It’s waterproof and breathable, and the rust-resistant zipper on the side makes it easy to get on and off. It is also windproof and can be zipped up with just one zip.

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Perfect for those with garden chairs, this cover is UV, rain, tear and fade resistant. It has hooded vents for breathability and four straps to secure the cover over the seat. It also comes with a storage bag during the warmer months when the chairs will be used.

This outdoor furniture cover is specially designed for garden swing areas. A cover covers the entire structure and protects it from the elements. With a waterproof finish, the cover is easy to clean and the double stitching ensures it is secure and durable.

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Available in a variety of sizes, this airtight outdoor furniture cover can be used to store garden kit to suit your needs. Ideal for patio seating, patio tables and even BBQs, the lid can be tightened using a string threaded through the brackets.

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Ultimate 40 In W Patio Chair Cover