What Fabric Should I Use To Cover A Chair

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What Fabric Should I Use To Cover A Chair – In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to cover a box with cloth and how to make a very useful and beautiful cloth box.

Our store offers decorative boxes in a variety of sizes, colors and styles. However, the cost of fabric storage he bins isn’t always budget-friendly. With a little effort and imagination, anyone can create their own fabric storage box. Especially if you want to use it not only for storing various things, but also for simple home decoration.

What Fabric Should I Use To Cover A Chair

What Fabric Should I Use To Cover A Chair

Check out how to turn an ordinary 100-yen box into a beautiful fabric box.

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For this I will be using cork fabric, a special fabric that is not very common.I am new to using this material and wanted to make a quick project to see how it works. .

What is “cork fabric”? A very thin layer of cork fuses into a tough fabric. The fusing agent is polyurethane. In my case, the cork was painted with gold, which gives the fabric a very beautiful look, as the cork has natural cracks and small holes that allow the golden layer to show through.

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I’m not really concerned with the actual material of the fabric underneath, as I use the cork fabric to cover the box, not to sew the clothes on, but in my case it’s cotton.Cork without the underlying fabric. I’ve seen fabrics (fabric.com sells similar ones). However, the one I purchased is better in my opinion as it makes the material more resistant and prevents tearing.

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In my case, the original box was roughly cubic, slightly less tall than wide, but the same width/length, so the base was square. This makes the process a little easier since we have four identical side panels.

Below is how the fabric for the outside of the storage box should be cut.

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The length of this long panel (covering all sides of the box) is four times the width of the box. In my example, the box is 9 inches wide, so multiply by 4 to get 36 inches. There is no need to add seam allowances to this drawing. I’ll explain why later in this tutorial.

What Fabric Should I Use To Cover A Chair

In my case, the box was 8 inches tall, so I added a 3/8 seam allowance. The cork fabric does not fray, so the seam allowance should be about 3/8.

White Fabric Blind Curtain Texture Background Can Use Backdrop Cover Stock Photo By ©yayimages 263271940

I also cut out a square on the bottom of the box. The bottom of the 100 yen shop box is 9 by 9 inches, so you’ll need to add a 3/8 seam allowance, and you’ll need to sew the bottom onto the box, so you’ll need to cut a 9 ⅜ long square. did.

I want to decorate cork fabric with nice embroidery. This definitely adds a nice touch to the finished box, but I’d also like to see how this cork fabric works when embroidered.

Since the design I want to use is large, I need a large hoop. I carefully placed the fabric on the embroidery hoop, making sure the embroidery panel was centered in the hoop.

Place a layer of stabilizer on the hoop under the fabric and also put a layer of sticky stabilizer on the back side of the cork fabric.The cork fabric can be damaged by the hoop and the cut panel will not fit into the hoop. Therefore, invisible tape was used to secure the material to the stabilizer.

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To prevent the embroidery thread from digging into the cork, layer a water-soluble clear stabilizer on top of the fabric. The process is similar to embroidering on leather, but the material is actually leather. After finishing the embroidery, remove the film.

The design selected for embroidery is large and the fabric is easy to move, so before embroidering it is sewn in a square with a basting needle to prevent movement. These pins secure the material to the stabilizer. After that, the temporary tape became irrelevant, but I didn’t remove it until the end.

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Back to the square basting: usually it should be removed. However, this cork fabric has rows of holes that are clearly visible when the stitches are removed. So is leather. So, to get around this problem, I decided to frame the embroidery and sew a few rows of regular stitches over the basting.

What Fabric Should I Use To Cover A Chair

As expected, the embroidery process is similar to leather embroidery, nothing special.Once finished, I removed the top film and removed the stabilizer.

Fabric Blind Curtain Texture Background Can Use For Backdrop Or Cover Stock Photo

After marking the panels, I cut a large piece of fabric so I didn’t cut it and just sewed a decorative stitch to fold the material later – it will be the corner of the fabric box. There are 3 of these stitches and they are tight zigzag stitches 7mm long.

However, when I stitched like this, I didn’t sew them to the end, leaving a third stitch.

On the 4th side, we only have one thread to join the sides, so we use the same decorative zigzag stitch we used in the previous step. The dough is thick and stiff, so you have to be careful, but it’s not too difficult.

I slowed down the machine to get better control over the movement of the fabric, but make sure to sew again ⅜ minutes before the end.

White Fabric Blind Curtain Texture Background Can Use For Backdrop Or Cover Stock Photo

Now we have a tube with 4 future corners clearly visible, and a central embroidered panel.

Be aware that the cork material and polyurethane can get the needles a little dirty and should be cleaned from time to time.

Sew the bottom plate of the box. Glue the bottom and side panels to the right side using magic clips. In the corners it should look like the image below. Don’t forget to use decorative pins to match each corner.

What Fabric Should I Use To Cover A Chair

I started sewing in a straight line and sewed all four corners in one long stitch before reaching the same point where I started.It should look like this on all four corners.

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Now prepare the lining for the inside of the box. There are also two pieces here, the bottom and the sides, using the same technique to cut the long side panels and squares on the bottom.

I added a seam allowance of 5/8 for the width of the lining and 2 for the height of the lining.For the bottom, add 2 inches on each side.

In my case, the bottom panel of the box was pre-made and needed to be lined around it.Use this fabric glue.

The lining is then sewn together on both sides using a regular stitch, resulting in a continuous lining tube that attaches to the inside of the box.

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Next, lining the four inner corners (one of which is stitched).

So a storage box has 4 elements: the outside (made of cork fabric), the box itself, what came out of the store, the bottom covering, and the inner liner. Let’s put them together, hope you measured and cut them well. Yes, the pieces fit together!

Let’s finish the raw edge of the lining top. This should run as shown. The bottom edge will be hidden under the bottom carton, but it is not necessary.

What Fabric Should I Use To Cover A Chair

Now I glue the dollar store box to the cork cover. I do this with the June Taylor Pattern Stick Temporary Adhesive Spray. This works great for my purpose of gluing the outer layer to the inside of the box!

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The next step is to place the inside and line the liner, making sure the binding on the top of the box is the same size.

I used fabric glue to glue the top of the liner to the box.It took a few seconds to work with the glue, but I had to glue each side separately to keep the glue from drying. had.

After finishing the top edge, fold the liner and