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Will Insurance Cover Massage Chair For Herniated Disk – The video titled “Low Back Pain and Massage Chairs” [text: Low Back Pain and Massage Chairs] Alan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner of ”and today I want to talk about how to use a massage chair. can help with back pain. Now, many people use massage chairs for back pain, usually two muscle groups are affected by the rollers. [Screen Notes: Subscribe to our YouTube channel and get notified of every new chair video! ] Alan: Of course, as you know, the massage chair rollers go around the back of the back and touch all sides of the back, from the neck to the back, now, in an L shape , under the back. buttocks We talked about sciatica in another video about sciatica and other lower back problems, but when it comes to the lower back, there are two muscle groups to consider. The first is the paraspinal muscles, which are the muscles that run along one side of the spine, on both sides. Up and down the spine, these muscles help with movement and posture, and maintain the body’s position in relation to gravity. These muscles can become very tight, and some people, maybe you, have muscles so tight that when you have a massage therapist, or when your spouse tries to massage these muscles with their fingers, it feels like a guitar. like rubbers, hard rubbers, they are very hard, you can feel it, if you have back pain and those muscles are affected, you feel like they are tight, and sometimes you stay for a long time. , Even if you stay a long time. That’s a lot of bags. [computer text: ” 888-259-5380] Alan: Another group of muscles that are affected by massage chairs is what we call the quadratus lumborum, and it’s called the quadratus lumborum because it comes from the four vertebrae from the back, it’s racing. diagonally across the top of the buttocks. So they start here, from the lumbar spine to the top of the pelvis, these muscles encourage rotation and other movements. You know, turning back and forth, those muscles can be really tight as well, and sometimes you can jump up to your hip bone, or someone will stop and you feel like jumping off the table, well. , if you are at a psychiatrist or chiropractor. Therefore, these muscles can benefit greatly from massage chair rollers. Now, if your pain is caused by problems in these muscles such as muscle adhesions or scars in these areas – if you have had an operation or an injury there – you will also have a scar, the massage wheel will do you a Miracle. There are also seats with lumbar airbags that wrap around you from side to side, which also help relax your muscles a bit, especially if you’re leaning back in zero gravity or in a reclined position. But I would also say that if you have other reasons for your back pain, like, for example, you have a herniated disc, severe nerve damage, or you have cancer, or some kind of tumor or growth, those things may not be helped directly by the massage chair. [computer voice: ” 888-259-5380] Alan: A massage chair helps with muscle tension and muscle tension, problems secondary to them, for example, if you have a herniated disc, rollers will not help a lot yes It can cause movement in the part of the vertebra where the disc is, but it doesn’t, and probably not much. Or, if you have crippling arthritis in your back, exercise may help a little, but with all of the above, it often has a negative effect on your muscles. So if you have a herniated disc and the disc is hot, as we say in the clinic or in chiropractic work, if the disc is hot, the muscles around it will start to explode and spasm to protect the area. Yes, these are muscle spasms, muscle instability can lead to scar tissue and inflamed muscles over time, and rollers help with that, they help with relaxation. So, for the waist, there are many, but most importantly, the rollers help with muscle problems. That’s for sure. You can be sure. It won’t cure the source of muscle tension, such as disc or severe arthritis, but it can help move your lower back. It helps relax the muscles, it will break up some scar tissue and spasms, and the massage chair is good for that. [Image: ” 888-259-5380] Alan: And one little note, can I mention the waist, some people, some of us have a very distinct curved waist, like yours. sticking to that side, hips sticking out that way, you have a lot of forward bending power, and with some chairs, the rollers don’t go far enough to engage those muscles. Some people have a flat hip, maybe too set on the hips, tight hips, stretching the pelvis, the abs can be a little better, a little tighter, so the back is smooth, and then the rollers will be able to hit these muscles. easily This is why sitting in the chair is so important. If you sit in a chair and you feel that the rollers do not touch your back, lower back, you do not feel the rollers hit, or the rollers are not deep enough for your back, or you are forced, really hip flexion and rollers are out of range. So sitting in a chair helps determine if the guy can hit a certain part of the back muscles and rollers. [Text on screen: Please “up” like this video! ] Alan: So, I hope this helps, I hope you understand, I hope it makes sense. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 888-259-5380 and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can of course contact us via any of our social media channels, chat on our website, email or otherwise and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. If you found this video helpful, please feel free to give us a like on our YouTube channel, and of course, help us spread the word about massage chairs by sharing this video on your social networks, be it LinkedIn or Google Plus, or Facebook, or Twitter, Instagram. Thanks for helping us spread the word. I am Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ and we’ll see each other again in the next video. Bye. Can this nursing chair help me by clicking the link below? Videos on our YouTube channel.

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Will Insurance Cover Massage Chair For Herniated Disk

Will Insurance Cover Massage Chair For Herniated Disk

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